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The notorious shadow planets Rahu and Ketu bring mixed emotions to the surface. You can hate them. You can cry over them. But you can’t ignore them. 

The potent energies of the mystical celestial entities are often associated with destiny, karmic patterns, and transformations. The Rahu Ketu stones help you reap every benefit without losing yourself. The Rahu stone resists your temptation of getting overwhelmed by material desires, while the Ketu stone protects you on your spiritual journey. 

Benefits of Gemstones for Rahu and Ketu 

There’s a reason people dread Rahu and Ketu. And that reason is the potential chaos that can turn your life from a dream to a nightmare with a snap. You can’t stop Rahu and Ketu from impacting your life. But you can strengthen your defenses to fight without agitating them. And Rahu Ketu gemstones can help you achieve that. 

Balance Energies & Gain Clarity

The polarity of Rahu and Ketu can shut down your brain and confuse you, creating a breeding ground for reckless, ill-informed decisions. Gemstones help you maintain your sanity and balance Rahu’s material pursuit tendencies with Ketu’s need for spiritual advancement. 

Boost Confidence & Creativity 

The energies of these shadow planets can create a strong sense of self-doubt that limits your creative potential and discourages you from pursuing your dreams. Gemstones help open up the creative tunnel to navigate the chaotic period confidently and clearly. 

Dispel Fear & Refine Spiritual Gifts 

The unpredictability of the energies of both planets can make you fearful of the future. Gemstones help you stay grounded and focused on the present. You become more tuned with your inner calling rather than falling for the material rewards. 

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Gemstones for Rahu

1. Hessonite 

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Hessonite or Gomed is the most preferred Rahu stone that handles the shadow planet’s energies and shields you from chaos. Firstly, the brownish-orange Rahu Gomed stone stabilizes you in the wake of erratic and unpredictable events by grounding you in the present moment. 

Secondly, Gomed stops your mind from spiraling into the material world of riches by channeling the energy into creative and fulfilling avenues. It is a perfect stone for Rahu dasha that strengthens you to resist the tendency of Rahu to lead you to a path of self-destruction. 

Lastly, Hessonite heightens your sense of purpose, aligns you with your true desires, and gives you a better understanding of the path to fulfillment. 

2. Sunstone

Sunstone, a fiery gemstone for Rahu, is a perfect company for the planet’s troubled nature. The energies of the North Node make marching with hope and confidence tough. You’re bound to succumb to self-sabotage and mindless chase to feel satisfied. Sunstone helps renew that hope by planting a seed of optimism that outgrows the despair of Rahu-induced events. 

It also allows you to explore your creative potential and feel worthy of the recognition and opportunities Rahu bestows upon you. The heightened self-expression also enables you to understand yourself amidst the mess. By doing this, Sunstone keeps you grounded, sane, and rooted in the present.

3. Tiger’s Eye

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The gorgeous Tiger’s Eye gemstone is the next Rahu stone that can help you get accustomed to the planet’s energy. The earthy hues of the stone help in grounding and stabilizing you when you feel the urge to lose yourself in North Node’s mayhem. It brings calm in the chaos and ensures you stand your ground.

The crystal shields you from unworthy distractions to stay true to your goals and persevere. The shield makes you confident to face your fears instead of cowering to the unknown. The strength and determination unleash an inner transformation that strengthens you to walk the path to self-discovery without worry.

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Gemstones for Ketu

1. Cat’s Eye

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Cat’s Eye, or Lehsunia, is the primary Ketu stone that enables the wearer to have an invisible anchor in the eye of the storm. The chatoyancy effect of the Tiger’s Eye resembles the mystery behind the South Node. 

The unknown paths to spiritual advancement that Ketu wants you to walk on can be tricky and overwhelming. The Cat’s Eye is the compass that will keep you headed toward the North instead of letting the puzzles consume you. The crystal calms your wits to be rational, clear, and intuitive. 

The Ketu stone was used as protection against evil eye and psychic attacks for centuries. The similar property enables the wearers to shield themselves against the illusive nature of Ketu and accept spiritual lessons and insights to a brighter tomorrow.

2. Smoky Quartz

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Smoky Quartz is a calming and grounding gemstone for Ketu that complements the meditation routines of many people. For people with a tough Ketu, Smoky Quartz plays the same role. The Ketu gemstone allows the wearer to control the heightened emotional intensity due to the South Node and make rational decisions.

It keeps you sane and stable in the most unstable and rocky times, making you capable of seeing the bigger picture rather than fixating on immediate shortcomings and hurdles. The smoky and earthy hue of the Quartz also releases tension and stress from unexpected events and brings a sense of clarity to your decision-making abilities. 

3. Chrysoberyl

If we need to choose one Ketu gemstone that beautifully complements the wisdom the shadow planet intends to impart, it would be Chrysoberyl. Apart from the energetic alignment and grounding tendencies like other gemstones, the quality that distinguishes Chrysoberyl is its ability to sharpen psychic qualities, more importantly, your intuition, and encourage you to embrace the lessons your circumstances want to teach you. 

Some people also believe Chrysoberyl acts as a conduit to higher realms of consciousness that expose you to more wisdom, assisting your transformation and shedding old patterns. It allows you to sync with Ketu’s purpose and pass the test with flying colors! 

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Final Thoughts 

Even though the end goal of Rahu and Ketu is to help your transformation to become a more fulfilled and peaceful version, you shouldn’t take both planets lightly. The Rahu Ketu stones help you keep your focus yet not get intimidated by the energies to make rash decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which finger for Ketu stone? 

The Middle and Ring fingers for the Ketu stone are perfect for receiving protection and strength.  

Which finger for Rahu stone?

The Middle finger of the dominant hand for the Rahu stone helps you find inner fulfillment when all Rahu wants is for you to indulge in material happiness.