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What’s the one zodiac sign that loves stability and is ready to hustle to achieve the same but can’t handle the moment they lose a bit of control over the situation? 

It’s Taurus or Vrishabha Rashi. Born between April 21 and May 21, Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus. This blog gives you our best picks for a Vrishabha Rashi stone that can strengthen the effect of Venus if it is afflicted and help you use an already beneficial placement so you can bring your desired life to fruition. 

But before revealing the top 5 gemstones, let’s understand Taurean personality. 

Characteristics of Taurus Zodiac Sign

The governing element of Taurus is Earth, meaning the zodiac sign is essentially rooted in practicality. The sign’s primary need is stability, making it thrive on control. However, this need for control makes them rebellious towards authority figures, especially the ones they haven’t chosen. 

They are borderline obsessed with the material world (the basis for a stable life for them), which can make many of them insensitive to others needs. Their perfectionist tendencies contribute to their insecurities and low esteem in relationships and careers. And even if someone objects to their behaviour, they refuse to process the criticism or change due to their stubbornness. 

Taurus is one of the most reliable zodiac signs that you can trust in the toughest storms. Using the Vrishabha Rashi gemstone we mention here, it can embrace the ruling planet Venus’s energy of self-love among other benefits. 

5 Lucky Stones for Vrishabha (Tauras) Rashi:

1. Emerald

Let’s begin with the Taurus birthstone, Emerald. The primary reason for being a perfect Taurus stone is their planetary ruler, Venus. Harnessing the planet’s energy of love, beauty, and prosperity, Emerald infuses positivity and an abundance mindset in the wearer of this zodiac sign, which can often go missing if they experience any setback. The Vrishabha Rashi stone color, in this case, green, complements the earthen quality of the zodiac sign, aiding their grounding journey.  

Secondly, Tauruses are known to have strong opinions, which can be a hurdle in their relationships. This Vrishabha Rashi stone helps them become more considerate of other’s points of view, harmonizing their relationships and professional lives.

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Thirdly, Taurus’s obsession with material things makes them oblivious to the entire spiritual realm or things they can’t see or touch. Their ignorance can deprive them of spiritual insights while making a decision. The gemstone for Taurus rashi helps them pay attention to details they may have dismissed as unimportant or abstract by working on their anxiety, thus sharpening their decision-making and attuning it to their desires.

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2. Diamond

Commitment, Love, and Stability- The symbolism of a Diamond looks like a mantra for Taurus. Being another Venus-ruled sign, Diamond is one of the top choices for a Taurus lucky stone. The stone stands true to the Taurus’s love for luxury and material prosperity, adding a touch of regality to every outfit they wear.

Secondly, being a Venus-ruled stone, the Vrishabha Rashi lucky stone also enhances the beauty of the zodiac sign, helping them find confidence within their beautiful self. This confidence helps them conquer self-esteem issues in their personal and professional lives. The hardness of the crystal is a testament to its endurance for handling any condition without cracking. The wearers of this stone feel that energy, and someone like a Taurus, who breaks if they lose control, benefits immensely from this quality.

Lastly, Tauruses are loyal beings. Be it their professional passion or relationships, if they want something, they’ll do everything in their power to achieve it. This Taurus lucky stone, a symbol of loyalty and devotion, catalyzes this innate ability of the zodiac, helping them conquer their insecurities and become more committed in life.

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3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, the crystal of love, is an excellent gemstone for Taurus woman. Its gentle energy helps the zodiac sign to work on its stubborn nature and become more accommodating to criticism and other perspectives. The soothing energy makes Taureses treat themselves with love and compassion even when they can’t achieve their targets. This energy helps them become more grounded, improving their connection with themselves and rose quartz bracelet image

Secondly, Rose Quartz Bracelet is a crystal of acceptance. For Tauruses who struggle to be completely transparent in relationships or open up to their partner, the crystal encourages them to embrace the flaws that make them human. The quality enables them to strengthen and deepen bonds with others.

Taurus is a sign that wants calm around them. They hate disturbance that threatens to disrupt their state of mind. The Taurus gemstone translates their desire into reality and puts them in calming situations that bring out their best version.

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4. Sapphire

Sapphire and the Taurus zodiac sign have a common motto- Discipline, Hard Work, and Serenity. Sapphire is a lucky stone for Vrishabha Rashi. They can wear any Sapphire and reap benefits in their transformation journey. For starters, Sapphire has an innate regal touch based on its historical use and rarity. The aura complements Taurus’s preference for exquisite possessions.

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Taurus is an intelligent zodiac sign. Their analytical and logical thinking in every situation justifies their meticulous life. However, this approach also makes them prone to restlessness and anxiety, making them lose focus and touch with their inner self. Sapphire restores their focus and brings clarity into their life, helping their decision-making and grounding them to stay calm.

Sapphire is a stone of spiritual prowess. It encourages you to see beyond the physical. And Taurus, obsessed with the material world, finds solace in this Vrish Rashi stone that helps them see the world in all its glory instead of fixating upon what they can see. A wholesome living experience makes Tauruses more aware of themselves instead of getting lost in the chaos.

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5. Opal

Our final pick for a Taurus gemstone for men is Opal. Ruled by Venus, the healing energies of the stone are a must-have for Taurus, making it a lucky stone for Vrishabha Rashi. The area where Opal benefits Taurus the most is their creative endeavors. It encourages the sign to explore their playful and creative side and chase their passions instead of becoming slaves to rules (which they hate!).

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The healing energy of this Vrishabha Rashi Ratna brings emotional balance to the life of a Taurus, who often struggles with expressing themselves clearly and stays fixated on the practical aspect of life, neglecting their emotions. This emotional harmony aids their relationships as well.

Lastly, Opal is a symbol of luxury, which one can attract by connecting to their inner self. And as Tauruses struggle with that, the crystal helps them listen to their inner voice and hone their intuition to make decisions that help them create a fancy, stable, and spiritually rich life without overtly depending on external factors.

Final Thoughts

Taurus is a powerful zodiac sign. And the 5 Taurus stone choices mentioned above are the perfect companion to its power. Head to Dhanshree Gems today, to buy lucky stones for Taurus zodiac sign!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which stone is good for Taurus?

Emerald and Diamond are considered to be beneficial for Taurus. 

2. Which is the best stone for Taurus man?

The best stone for Taurus Man is Emerald. 

3. Which stone is suitable for Vrishabha Rashi?

Emerald (Panna) and Diamond are suitable for Vrishabha Rashi. In addition to these 2 stones, Rose Quartz and Sapphire can benefit them immensely.