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About us


We, at Dhanshree Gemstone, are very enthusiastic and passionate regarding gems plus jewellery. We consider that the gemstone is an astonishing and glorious gift of God to humankind. Dhanshree Gems trades 100% original, untreated plus excellent quality natural gemstone and designer jewellery.
Established in 1992 and the venerable Mr Amit Gupta is the founder of this prestigious company, Dhanshree Gemstone started with an offline enterprise of coloured gemstone in the physical market and later also in large order in the domestic plus international market. Dhanshree Gemstone has the delight to give high-quality plus natural astrological gems in India and the international market.

Providing authentic and natural gemstones to our customers is our main duty. Our central focus is to maintain the quality, reliability, plus strength of every gemstone for you. We work hard to provide you with natural and, high-quality gemstone. Our every gemstone are high in quality plus natural certified by advanced authority laboratories. Our gemstones are non-heated plus untreated and are excellent to use for astrology purposes. Dhanshree Gemstone is grateful for these long-standing relationships, which include many of the world's most superfine jewellery stores, designers, artists, suppliers, resellers and astrologers too.

Our Mission

The Spark of Lineage Since 1992

To give those with natural gemstone stones astrologically fit plus elegantly and beautifully crafted at wholesale price. We help our customers to increase their quality of life with the help of natural valuable gemstones that based upon Vedic charts. Furthermore, we want to spread knowledge among the people who don't know about the power plus real quality of gems. Also, to bring real natural, high-quality, precise gems to our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a worldwide company for the supply of astrological gems and planetary gems. We aim to be a presenter to millions of people who will be able to work in their areas with the help of a carefully chosen and crafted gemstone coordinating their birth profile. We aspire to build any network of sellers and associates for our customers. We try to make our product available not only in India but also worldwide so that we can get an appreciation of globally.

Our Values

The Spark of Lineage Since 1992

Customer satisfaction increases with quality remains. We serve you best quality which in turn gives the best value to our customers and, as a result, benefits them by achieving their aims. This different determinant helps us stalemate in this frequently competitive market environment. Assurance of originality is our central focus, and we are against any malfeasance as we follow advanced standards of certification.

Trust is the core value that makes us stick to the greatest privacy criteria. Copies and false gems can be recognised in certified lab tests easily that not be possible to identify up by the naked eye. We Dhanshree gem's approach is to spread awareness among people about the value of valuable gemstones. Also, to build a suitable site for an efficient, natural and high-quality gemstone. With a great team atmosphere and collaborative work are factors for a team.

The strength of a team to establish a general aim and achieve to it through personal commitment is an indication of the success of that team. We completely believe in great teamwork plus comforting employee satisfaction.