substitute of neelam stone

Blue Sapphire isn’t an ordinary gem. Also called Neelam Stone in Hindi, Blue Sapphire’s aura, power, and magnificence have been a topic of interest for centuries. From compounding your wealth by unexplainable numbers to making you a magnet for good luck, this blue gemstone lures many powerful pople, most of whom credit it for their power. 

However, the stone is not all about roses and sunshine. The Saturn-ruled gemstone can bring transformation or devastation, depending on how well your birth chart complements its energy. 

And this is one of the reasons why you can opt for a substitute of Neelam stone. Secondly, the stone is undoubtedly a treasure, but premium quality costs enough to burn a hole in your pocket. You might choose a substitute for Blue Sapphire because of its exorbitant pricing. 

But a bigger question is, “Do gemstone substitutes work?”

And the answer is both Yes and No. No gemstone can replace another crystal’s effects in its entirety. Every crystal comes with its unique set of powers that transform you. With that said, a worthy gemstone substitute is a good idea to feel the similar energies of the original stone while reaping the benefits of the substitute’s qualities without letting it affect you financially or otherwise.  

We’ve picked the top 4 Blue Sapphire substitutes for you to choose from as per your budget and needs.

List of 4 Best Neelam Stone Substitute:

1. Iolite

iolite substitute of neelam stone

Iolite Stone, commonly called a “Water Sapphire” or “Vikings’ Compass,” is the best substitute of Neelam stone. Its deep bluish-violet color competes with the sophistication level of a Sapphire. Other reasons why Iolite is a substitute of Neelam stone are: 

  • Blue Sapphire is renowned for stimulating your third eye chakra and sharpening your intuition. Iolite, too, works on honing your crown chakra to receive spiritual downloads and makes you recognize how you can work around those insights to create a better life. 
  • Like Neelam, Iolite improves your focus and helps you navigate the mental fog that derails you from your goals. 
  • The stone also helps you find peace in chaos and make well-thought-out decisions instead of being impulsive. 
  • And a bonus with Iolite? It shows pleochroism, i.e., it reflects different colors from different angles, making it a must-have in your collection. 
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2. Amethyst

amethyst stones image

No amount of words will suffice the beauty and magnificence of Amethyst. The violet-colored stone, which people believed prevented intoxication in ancient times, is a spiritual journey encased in a small piece. And this is what makes it a top Blue Sapphire substitute. Some other reasons include: 

  • Like Blue Sapphire, Amethyst is a stone of peace. Anytime you look at the stone, you feel calm and focused on pursuing your goals without worrying about distractions or insecurities bogging you down. 
  • Both stones protect you from harmful situations and people by strengthening your psychic abilities and rationality to make better choices and listen to your gut that warns you about danger. 
  • Amethyst believes in holistic health and wellness like Blue Sapphire. It does this by getting rid of headaches and dizziness and detoxifying the body emotionally and physically. 

3. Tanzanite

tanzanite stone image

Discovered relatively recently, Tanzanite has become one of the top choices for a Blue Sapphire substitute for its rarity and stunning blue-violet color. Commercially, it is significantly produced in Tanzania(as is evident in its name). And like Iolite, Tanzanite is pleochroic and exhibits different hues at varied angles. Here are some reasons why it’s a worthy Blue Sapphire substitute:

  • The aesthetic appeal of both stones exhibits royalty and sophistication, which is rare. When you wear both stones, you envelope yourself in a regal overcoat, attracting more luxury and comfort. 
  • Both stones are ardent supporters of spiritual alignment and wisdom. They work on your crown and third eye chakra to facilitate more informed decision-making. 
  • Sapphire offers an elegant experience, while Tanzanite adds a tinge of uniqueness to that elegance. So, if you prefer an X-factor at a lower price, Tanzanite is a good choice substitute for Blue Sapphire. 
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4. Blue Topaz

Blue topaz stone image

Blue Topaz is another powerful gemstone to add to the collection of Neelam substitutes. The blue hues, the rippling positivity, and the divine presence can potentially alter your reality to fit your dream instead of the other way around. Let’s see why Blue Topaz makes the cut: 

  • Like Neelam, Blue Topaz works on your throat chakra. This improves your communication skills and self-expression, benefiting your career and relationships. 
  • Blue Topaz harnesses the energy of both Jupiter and Saturn, the latter of whom controls Sapphire too. So, an inexpensive stone to control the malefic effects of Saturn makes Blue Topaz a worthy Neelam stone substitute. 
  • The blue hue of the stone, though not as vivid as Sapphire, is a sight to get rid of fatigue and mental fog so that you can ground yourself in the present moment. 

Final Thoughts 

The charm and aura of an original stone is unbeatable. However, some substitutes can make your life easy by bringing the same energy as an original stone. Likewise, every substitute of Neelam stone mentioned above aims to transform your life by recreating the magic of Blue Sapphire without being a burden on your pocket or birth chart.