Hessonite, called Gomed stone in Hindi, is considered a powerful stone, especially in Hindu culture. According to Indian mythology, gomed stone is formed from Vala’s fingernails, a notorious demon in the spiritual universe. 

It also created the perception that gomed stone benefits the wearer from the harmful energy of Rahu. Hessonite Garnet is a vital component of navratna and represents Rahu.

The fiery color and high refractive index have given it the name of a cinnamon stone. The benefits of gomed stone are multifaceted, be it acting as a shield against evil energy, bringing opportunities for success to your doorstep, or giving you the confidence to pursue your dreams.  

Let’s dig deeper. 

Astrological Benefits of Gomed Stone

Hessonite stone benefits the wearer by accelerating the healing process, i.e., it is a healing stone. It works on physical, mental, and spiritual levels to make you a force to be reckoned with. 

1. Physical Healing Benefits of Gomed Stone

  •  It controls the sacral chakra of the body. This chakra lies below the navel and is responsible for sexual health and fertility. Gomed stone regulates hormone production and improves fertility. It also increases your libido,  directly impacting physical intimacy with your partner. 
  •  Gomed gemstone benefits in restoring your metabolism to optimum levels so you are energized if you’ve been feeling lazy and unmotivated, with little or no energy to carry on. 
  •  It also works to help your body to recover from liver toxification and gastric issues. 
  •  Gomed gemstone benefits the immune & respiratory systems. It also protects against allergies, asthma, or infections and prevents inflammation. 
  •  Hessonite stone benefits you by purifying your blood and improving your overall well-being.   

2. Mental Healing Benefits of Gomed Stone

  •  It brings clarity to your life by helping your mind get rid of any confusion and dilemmas responsible for delaying success in your life. 
  •  You become more capable of controlling your thoughts and can consciously change them from being negative and self-sabotaging to optimistic ones. 
  •  You become more confident and ready to handle uncertainty in life. 
  •  Gomed benefits in healthy processing of fear and anxiety that are the consequences of severe stress. 
  •  It enables you to be ambitious yet realistic by giving you the opportunities and confidence to make life-changing bold decisions but also helping you see the rational side of every desire. 
  •  If you’re facing a creative block, gomed stone benefits you by opening your mind to new possibilities and allowing you to explore and enhance your creative potential.    
  •  Even though hessonite’s root word means “inferior”, the gemstone works miraculously to help you become confident in yourself and get rid of any inferiority complex that hinders your happiness. 

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3. Spiritual Healing Benefits of Gomed Stone

  •  Gomed controls the energy of Rahu, and any gemstone associated with the ascending lunar node is bound to be highly spiritual in nature. 
  •  If you suffer from Kal Sarp Dosha or Mahadasha & Antardasha of Rahu, Gomed benefits in reducing its impact and making you courageous enough to face difficult times. 
  •  It also strengthens your intuition, helping you to listen to your true desires that are untainted by the external world and follow the path to your highest good. 
  •  In addition to the sacral chakra, Hessonite also balances the root chakra. This helps you stay grounded and in harmony with nature.  
    Since ancient times, gomed stone was considered a protector against the evil eye. So, if you’re starting something new and important, the gemstone can shield you from people who might not wish the best for you. 
  •  If you’re a regular meditation practitioner, doing so with this stone helps to balance your mental, physical, and spiritual self and be in tune with the higher powers. It also accelerates crown chakra activation. 
  •  Hessonite is not just a blood cleanser but also an aura cleanser. This is why you feel more optimistic, energized, and focused. Hessonite protects you from any spiritual attacks or negative energy. 


The healing Gomed stone benefits help you attract a life of financial abundance, happiness, and peace. If you want to transform your life, head over to Dhanshree Gems to buy 100% original gomed stone today.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of gomed stone for marriage? 

Hessonite Stone, or Gomed stone in Hindi, benefits married couples by strengthening physical and emotional bonding, promoting fidelity and partnership, and, most importantly, encouraging self-love and awareness to be your best self so you become a better partner. 

What are the benefits of gomed in ring finger? 

Wearing gomed on the ring finger benefits in harnessing Rahu’s energy as the finger is associated with the planet according to Vedic astrology. It helps you take advantage of Rahu’s attributes like heightened intuition and intelligence and regulates its evil effects by making you courageous.