How to Identify Real or Fake Blue Sapphire 

Blue Sapphire, also known as Indraneelam stone, occupies a special place in every culture. Persians are in awe of its sky-like Blue color, Buddhists consider it a stepping stone to enlightenment, while Hindus use them to worship their deities and receive blessings. This has made it one of the most demanded gemstones.

But some dealers misuse the stone’s popularity to sell fake or damaged pieces, which do more harm than good. 

This article will guide you on 2 questions 

  •  How to examine the stone’s authenticity? 
  •  How to check if Blue Sapphire suits you? 

A Natural Blue Sapphire stone bestows the wearer with good fortune, happiness, love, and spiritual growth. It opens up your third eye chakra, making you more receptive to divine guidance and becoming decisive so that you are more in tune with your true desires.   

Therefore, it is vital to identify an original Sapphire stone compatible with your birth chart so you can derive maximum benefits without any harm. 

How to Identify Real or Fake Blue Sapphire? 

The quality of a Blue Sapphire stone depends on its color, clarity, cut, and carat. The most popular and powerful Blue Sapphire variety is the one with a vivid Blue hue with medium saturation. Generally, a round or oval cut with minimal inclusions brings out the best of the stone. 

If you want a natural Sapphire stone but are worried about getting duped, we’ve compiled a list of simple tests to check if your purchase is authentic. 

1. Reflection Test 

Stand with your Blue Sapphire stone in a dark, unlit room and shine a flashlight on it. An original Sapphire stone will reflect Blue light, but a rainbow reflection proves the stone is fake. These days, many fake Sapphire stones are stuffed with Blue lead glass, which appears like an original stone but is not. This glass is why reflection in a dark room is of multiple colors. 

2. Inclusion Test

Contrary to popular belief, the presence of minor inclusions like cavities is proof of the stone’s natural origins. So, carefully examine the Sapphire’s surface for these inclusions. If you find any, the stone is original. 

By this, we don’t mean all inclusion-free and smooth surface stones are fake. But even if they exist, they’re rare, expensive, and inaccessible to commoners. A clear Blue Sapphire in the market is a fake stone made of glass and chemically treated to look like a natural Blue Sapphire. 

3. Presence of Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are a category of inclusions. Their presence indicates the stone is a fake. These bubbles form on the gemstone if it is made of glass and treated in a lab. These air bubbles in your Blue Sapphire stone mean it isn’t an original one. 

4. Breath Test 

Breathe on the surface of your Blue Sapphire stone till it is foggy. Once done, count to 10. As an original Blue Sapphire stone is a good conductor of heat, the fog will dissipate from the surface in less than 3 seconds. But if the stone is fake, it will take longer. 

5. Heat Test 

You cannot do this test instantly, but if your Blue Sapphire stone breaks due to high temperature or stays in the sunlight for long, remember that a natural Sapphire stone can handle a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius. 

6. Hardness Test 

An original Sapphire stone’s hardness is comparable to a Diamond. So, rub your Sapphire stone with a coin, another Sapphire, or any other hard item. If the scratches appear on the surface, your stone is a fake. A natural Sapphire stone doesn’t scratch unless rubbed with something with a higher hardness unless it’s a piece of glass. 

As an extra layer of protection, ask your gemstone dealer for authenticity certification to secure your purchase. 

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How to check if Blue Sapphire suits you? 

Indraneelam stone harnesses the energy of Saturn. If you’re an astrology nerd, you would be familiar that Saturn’s placement indicates if your life will be full of struggles, delays, and lessons or if you will find unexpected and exponential success. 

A gemstone that rules a powerful planet like Saturn is bound to be more impactful than other astrological gemstones. If you wear Blue Sapphire according to your birth chart’s compatibility, your life will transform, and your dream life will become a reality. 

But if you fail to follow proper professional guidance and wear the stone anyways, your existing life will take a turn for the worst. 

You can experience the effects of this stone pretty quickly. 

So, the best way to check if Blue Sapphire suits you is to wait for 72 hours and analyze the changes in your life. 

  •  If you dream about physical intimacy,
  •  Or receive positive financial news, 
  •  Or your health improves, 
  •  Or nothing happens, 

The Blue Sapphire has adjusted to your body. 

Are there any Side Effects of Blue Sapphire Stone? 

Yes, if the stone is incompatible with your birth chart, 

  •  You might injure yourself or get in a fatal accident
  •  Your dreams become violent and scary 
  •  Your temper becomes unmanageable
  •  You face severe financial losses
  •  Your eyes turn sore

These consequences are merely a tip of the destruction the stone can unleash if it doesn’t suit you. So, you should consult a professional astrologer or try a gemstone recommendation tool for your birth chart analysis. 


Blue Sapphire has the potential to change your life. If you’re compatible with the stone and fed up with your circumstances, it is time to step up and get some Blue Sapphire jewelry. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which zodiac signs should not wear Blue Sapphire? 

If Sun, Moon, or Mars rule your prominent zodiac placements, Blue Sapphire can repa trouble for you because Saturn is incompatible with these three planets. Scorpio and Leo zodiac ascendants should refrain from wearing the Indra Neelam stone. 

How to check Blue Sapphire Stone? 

These 3 signs will help you identify an original Sapphire stone. If the stone, 

→ Reflects multiple colors when you shine a flashlight on it in a dark room

→ Has air bubbles or is inclusion-free

→ Cracks or scratches easily 

It is a fake Blue Sapphire. 

How to Check if Blue Sapphire Suits You? 

Check the effects of your Blue Sapphire stone for 72 hours. Blue Sapphire is compatible with you if you receive positive financial news, feel confident and healthy, see physical intimacy dreams, or simply experience nothing.