Neelam Stone Benefits

People wear different gemstones for sorting out different troubles in their lives. There are many gemstones on earth and each of them is considered helpful for us based on our horoscope and planets. One of the most valuable gemstones is ‘Blue Sapphire’, also known as ‘Neelam Stone '.

There are several benefits of Neelam stone, let’s have a look at that along with who should wear it. 

Neelam Stone is advised for those with the zodiac signs of Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh) according to Indian Vedic astrology. It is crucial to remember, while a gemstone can help us gain perspective, it can also cause a decline in health for others, thus, making sure you wear the right one for you is very important.

Major benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire:

1. Financial Growth 

One of the major Neelam stone benefits is that it is reputed to always be in your favor. Thus, you can be better directed and put in more effort to achieve your desired level of financial success. Success is thus guaranteed to come your way. This gemstone works wonders in helping the wearer grow .

This lovely birthstone for September operates in a mysterious way to grant you wealth and good fortune that favors you in any challenging circumstance. As long as you wear Neelam according to the blue sapphire wearing protocol, it will always bring you good fortune.

2. Your armor 

The world that we live in is not a kind place like we are told and often we suffer at the hands of others, rather than our own mistakes. The Blue Sapphire stone benefits can be seen in every aspect of life but this one is rather more protective than others as Neelam gemstone serves as a powerful deterrent to all evil eye effects.

It is important to protect ourselves when worry, fear, negativity, and insecurities surround us and those around us. People often tend to harm you when jealous of your progress. Blue Sapphire, protects you and keeps you hustling. This gemstone works to keep the wearer focused on their life goal while also enveloping them in a protective aura. 

3. Improves decisiveness 

If you are someone who has trouble making decisions, choosing the best option and often letting go of opportunities because you were unable to decide, Blue Sapphire (if recommended- according to your horoscope) is the solution for you.

Neelam Stone benefits the wearer by providing them more clarity and helping them achieve decisiveness that might not be present in one’s nature otherwise. 

4. Help with physical health 

Your body's innate ability to repair itself is amplified and channeled when the Neelam stone is worn properly. The benefits of Neelam stone include helping your body become a healthier one. This gemstone helps in protecting your pituitary gland.

This gland helps in growth and proper development. Blue Sapphire helps with  neurological and nervous system-related health issues. You can also benefit from blue sapphire in issues related to sinus, headaches, and other sleeping problems as well.

5. Reveal more about personality 

We all have many talents that might surface in due time. So many of us go about life thinking there is nothing special about us, but that is not true. Neelam stone can help you reveal many tricks up your sleeve.

Blue sapphire stone benefits are seen as a blessing, particularly for those involved in intellectual and artistic professions like singing, dancing, medicine, and scientific study. This particular gemstone helps in opening your Ajna Chakra, which helps creativity. Given that this gemstone acts the fastest, the wearer immediately notices profoundly positive changes in his or her work life after wearing it.

6. Strong fame game 

Name, fame, fortune, and wealth are bestowed upon the wearer of blue sapphire, as another benefit of Neelam stone. The person can aspire to rise to a high position in society. Therefore, this is particularly helpful to politicians and other individuals who rely on popular support. 


There are multiple benefits of Neelam stone, if it is the gemstone for your horoscope and once you get a real blue sapphire in your life, things will change for good. You can get natural blue sapphire from Dhanshree Gems, with an expert astrologer to help you with all the dos and don’ts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Planet Has a Connection to Blue Sapphire? 

The powerful god Saturn (Shani) rules over the blue sapphire stone, which can instantly improve the wearer's life. In astrology, it is the most potent stone. It bestows success, money, fame, and well-being upon the individual.

2. Can I give my loved ones a blue sapphire as a gift?

Of course, giving a real blue sapphire as a present should only be done after careful discussion with a professional astrologer, as doing otherwise could have disastrous effects on the recipient's life. Dhanshree Gems can help connect to an expert astrologer and then decide on a gemstone for your loved ones. 

3. How do I recharge my Neelam stone?

There is a specific way of recharging the blue sapphire stone:

  • Take some Ganga Jal or unboiled milk.
  • Immerse your Neelam stone in it, this will help the stone remove any impurities present.
  • Namah Shivaya Om Shan Sanischaray’, chant this mantra while burning five incense sticks and circling the stone five times.

4. On which finger can I wear Neelam stone?

Blue Sapphire is usually on the middle finger for determination and fortune on the professional front. Ladies can wear it in any hand, whereas men should wear it in their right hand. 

5. How do I know if my Neelam gemstone is working?

The blue sapphire compliments you and is emphatically working with your Mooladhara chakra if you feel firm or ordinary. You can receive something extremely beneficial, money, or encouraging news indicating that you've started to reap the benefits of the gemstone. 

6. When should I wear blue sapphire?

Wear your Neelam stone on Saturday evenings between 5 and 7 pm for positive astrological results.

Dhanshree Gems is the solution if you are looking to get the right gemstone for yourself. We offer free gemstone recommendations as well, so you always have your planets by your side.

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