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Yellow Topaz's radiant hues and inherent charm have captivated civilizations throughout history. Also known as Golden Topaz or Imperial Topaz, the crystal brings spiritual balance and harmony to your life.

From the depth of folklore to the realms of alternative healing, people revere it for its unique qualities, symbolic significance, and breathtaking beauty.

The benefits of Yellow Topaz are visible in its symbolism as a protection crystal by Romans and Greeks. Apart from Egyptians treating Yellow Topaz as a symbol of their God Ra, mythological records suggest that Topaz was present in Aaron’s Breastplate.

Yellow Topaz (called Tapas in Sanskrit) embodies Surya(Sun) in Vedic culture. Like Sun, Yellow Topaz radiates positivity and life-giving energy.

These multi-religious references are a glimpse into the power this crystal holds. What are the other benefits of Topaz stone? Let’s find out.

List of Benefits of Wearing Yellow Topaz Stone: 

The Golden and Brown hues of the Yellow Topaz symbolize the elements of nature: Sun, Soil, Grain, etc.

The stone captures the beauty of nature in a single piece and so is an excellent stone for grounding. Also, Yellow Topaz benefits in the following ways:

1. Health Benefits of Yellow Topaz

  •  It benefits in curing digestive issues like diarrhea & vomiting.
  •  If you struggle with overeating and lethargy or suffer from bulimia nervosa (periodic episodes of binge eating and puking to avoid weight gain), Yellow Topaz can help you.
  •  The benefits of Topaz stone extend to people who struggle with sleep. If you’re an insomniac, wearing Yellow Topaz can calm your mind and help you sleep sound like you’ve always wanted.
  •  If you frequently suffer from a cold, cough, or other respiratory issues, Yellow Topaz benefits you in easy breathing and strengthening your immune system.
  •  It strengthens your willpower to fight addictions that ruin your life.

2. Emotional Benefits of Yellow Topaz

  •  If you talk about the half-empty cup, i.e., are always pessimistic, the brightness of Yellow Topaz can illuminate the half-full cup in your life.
  •  It calms your outlook toward life if you lose your temper over petty things. This also influences your relationships.
  •  It makes you more grateful for life and is a lucky gift for the 4th and 23rd wedding anniversaries.
  •  Its fiery presence reflects a traditional fireplace where families gathered to celebrate their love. The benefits of wearing a Yellow Topaz are the increased love and affection for the people who matter to you.
  •  Even though it isn’t a substitute for medical treatment, Topaz stone benefits in keeping your anxiety and stress levels in check. You can also use it as a catalyst for improving the efficacy of your therapy sessions.
  •  It also tames your mind & heart to be more confident and assured in situations that otherwise make you nervous.

3. Metaphysical Benefits of Yellow Topaz

  •  Greek and Roman cultures believed in Topaz being a protector from evil spirits and negative energy. Wearing Yellow Topaz will benefit you if you feel heavy and eyed uncomfortably by envious souls.
  •  It removes the fogginess in your thoughts to help you manifest & heal quicker than you otherwise would. Your psychic gifts- intuition and telepathy, become stronger than usual.
  •  It is one of the best stones for grounding and connecting with your roots. This connection with the Earth helps you find peace in the chaos and navigate life without feeling overwhelmed.
  •  Meditating with Yellow Topaz cleanses your aura of stagnant energies that force you to look at the dark side of life.
  •  Your throat and solar plexus chakra illuminate in the presence of Yellow Topaz. This makes manifestations and communication easier.
  •  It opens up your heart and spirit to receive guidance from ascended masters and loved ones who’ve passed to the higher realm.
  •  According to the principles of Feng Shui, Yellow Topaz can activate Tai Qi or the Health Corner with positive spillover to career and well-being. It is also a valuable crystal to keep in your bedroom to promote relaxation and physical intimacy with your partner.

4. Financial Benefits of Yellow Topaz

  •  Yellow Topaz rules Jupiter and improves your professional ethics- honesty and commitment, making you a star in your boss’s eyes.
  •  The boost to your self-confidence post wearing the crystal translates into powerful leadership qualities and better performance.
  •  The stone also helps in creative and intellectual expansion leading to a worthy professional output.


Every healer, reiki practitioner, gemstone believer, and sage recommends Yellow Topaz for its vibrant presence and healing vibrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which zodiac signs can wear Yellow Topaz?

According to Vedic Astrology, Yellow Topaz benefits Sagittarius and Pisces. As per Tropical Astrology, the benefits of wearing Yellow Topaz are the highest for Aries, Cancer, and Leo.

Is Yellow Topaz lucky?

Yellow Topaz is a lucky stone that brings harmony, peace, warmth, love, and abundance into your life.

Does Topaz attract money?

Topaz is an abundance stone that brings you the right opportunities at the right time. So, yes, Yellow Topaz is a money crystal.

Are there any side effects of Yellow Topaz?

Even though Yellow Topaz is a lucky stone, people with Aquarius, Capricorn, and Taurus placements should avoid wearing it. Also, if you have a sensitive stomach, the side effects of Yellow Topaz might be more destructive. You should always consult a professional astrologer to check the compatibility of Yellow Topaz with your birth chart.