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Powerful Gemstones to Make Rahu and Ketu Strong

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The notorious shadow planets Rahu and Ketu bring mixed emotions to the surface. You can hate them. You can cry over them. But you can’t ignore them. 

The potent energies of the mystical celestial entities are often associated with destiny, karmic patterns, and transformations. The Rahu Ketu stones

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Role Of Rahu And Ketu In Astrology

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Whenever you hear about the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, there's a sense of dread and fear. Even without physical presence, their energies can drastically alter your life's course. From being tempted to bathe in the luxuries of life that lead you toward self-destruction to encountering hurdles and delays at every step as a test of patience and inner resolve, these energies are complicated yet intriguing. 

Read this blog until the end to get answers to every Rahu Ketu question.

Myth Behind Rahu And Ketu In Astrology

The myth or story of Rahu and Ketu in astrology is present in ancient texts. According to them, a horrible war led to the cooperation between Gods and Demons to churn the galactic material. The process created an immortality nectar, Amrita. It was exclusively for the Gods, but the Asuras (Demons) stole it. Lord Vishnu, the protector of the Universe,

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How to Choose Right Gemstone for Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you feeling lost in life? 

Are you facing the brunt of failure despite giving your best? 

Is mental chaos due to life’s turbulence forcing you to give up? 

It will not make you feel better, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our growth journey is lined with hurdles to make us comfortable with change. Sometimes, you need external support to navigate those changes.  

And gemstones can be your ideal partner. 

Before you shop for random crystals, read this blog till the end to answer the most common question- “Which stone should I wear?” and learn how to choose the right gemstone for your zodiac sign. 

You might ask, “Is the zodiac sign important for gemstones to work?” 

Our answer is yes. The compatibility of your birth chart with the gemstone is essential to harness only positive energies. Even though we recommend you consult

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Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye Stone

If you ask us to summarize the astrological benefits of a Cats Eye stone in one line, we’ll use the most common statement passed down through generations:  

Amidst the accelerated pace of technological innovations, a part of the world still thrives on tradition. And this stone occupies a special place in many traditions. The Cat's Eye Stone, or "Lehsunia" in Hindi, is a gem that has captivated hearts for centuries with its charm and power. 

Apart from being considered a mystic powerhouse, this gem is also known for its unique chatoyancy, a striking "cat's eye" effect that dances across its surface when it catches the light. This makes the stone a fashion statement that the world appreciates. 

If you’re here, we’re assuming your interest is in the benefits of

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Benefits of Wearing Yellow Topaz Stone

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Yellow Topaz's radiant hues and inherent charm have captivated civilizations throughout history. Also known as Golden Topaz or Imperial Topaz, the crystal brings spiritual balance and harmony to your life.

From the depth of folklore to the realms of alternative healing, people revere it for its unique qualities, symbolic significance, and breathtaking beauty.

The benefits of Yellow Topaz are visible in its symbolism as a protection crystal by Romans and Greeks. Apart from Egyptians treating Yellow Topaz as a symbol of their God Ra, mythological records suggest that Topaz was present in Aaron’s Breastplate.

Yellow Topaz (called Tapas in Sanskrit) embodies Surya(Sun) in Vedic culture. Like Sun, Yellow Topaz radiates positivity and life-giving energy.

These multi-religious references are a glimpse

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Astrological Benefits of Opal Stone

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Astrological Benefits of Gomed Stone

Hessonite, called Gomed stone in Hindi, is considered a powerful stone, especially in Hindu culture. According to Indian mythology, gomed stone is formed from Vala’s fingernails, a notorious demon in the spiritual universe. 

It also created the perception that gomed stone benefits the wearer from the harmful energy of Rahu. Hessonite Garnet is a vital component of navratna and represents Rahu.

The fiery color and high refractive index have given it the name of a cinnamon stone. The benefits of gomed stone are multifaceted, be it acting as a shield against evil energy, bringing opportunities for success to your doorstep, or giving you the confidence to pursue your dreams.  

Let’s dig deeper. 

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