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Monthly Archives: August 2023

Benefits of Wearing Pitambari Neelam

benefits of wearing pitmabari neelam image

What if we tell you you can reap the benefits of both- the biggest and the most powerful planet in the solar system using just 1 stone? 

Believe us because it’s true. 

Pitambari Neelam is a rare gemstone that harnesses Saturn's power, symbolizing judgment, and Jupiter that highlights growth & expansion. It is aesthetically pleasing, making it a favorite of the masses. 

It’s a bi-color sapphire and is called “Yellow-Blue Sapphire”. Rarely it also has a tinge of white. Even though its origination is Ceylonese and Burmese, Pitambari Neelam Stone is present in various parts of Asia.  

The benefits of Pitambari Neelam aren’t for the crowd. Like its presence, only a few people can reap Pitambari Neelam benefits without ruining their lives. This gemstone can benefit you if your

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5 Most Powerful Stones to Attract Money

most powerful stone to attract money

If you’ve opened this article, you’re definitely interested in increasing your wealth. Before we talk about the 5 most powerful stones to attract money, it is important to note that crystals for money aren’t a substitute for hard work but act as catalysts to bring favorable opportunities and higher success rates. 

So, what are the top 5 stones that attract money? 

List of 5 Most Powerful Stones to Attract Money   

1. Citrine

citrine stone for money

Citrine is one of the most powerful stones to attract money. Popularly called ‘The

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How to Wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam Gemstone)

how to wear blue sapphire image

If there’s one stone that can turn your life into a dreamy fantasy and a living nightmare, it is Blue Sapphire (also known as Neelam). 

This underlines the importance of knowing how to wear Blue Sapphire so it leads you toward the dream rather than the nightmare. Being an exclusive gemstone that suits only a few, it is equally vital to highlight who can wear Blue Sapphire to avoid the destruction that comes in case of the stone’s incompatibility with your birth chart.

Saturn governs the Neelam stone. It brings insane riches that turn you from a rag doll to a boss lady in no time. Wearing a Blue Sapphire ring can be a game changer if you crave better financial opportunities, top ranks in the leadership hierarchy, or a presence that makes heads turn.  

How to Wear Blue Sapphire 

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Benefits of Wearing Yellow Topaz Stone

benefits of yellow topaz stone image

Yellow Topaz's radiant hues and inherent charm have captivated civilizations throughout history. Also known as Golden Topaz or Imperial Topaz, the crystal brings spiritual balance and harmony to your life.

From the depth of folklore to the realms of alternative healing, people revere it for its unique qualities, symbolic significance, and breathtaking beauty.

The benefits of Yellow Topaz are visible in its symbolism as a protection crystal by Romans and Greeks. Apart from Egyptians treating Yellow Topaz as a symbol of their God Ra, mythological records suggest that Topaz was present in Aaron’s Breastplate.

Yellow Topaz (called Tapas in Sanskrit) embodies Surya(Sun) in Vedic culture. Like Sun, Yellow Topaz radiates positivity and life-giving energy.

These multi-religious references are a glimpse

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