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Monthly Archives: July 2023

Astrological Benefits of Opal Stone

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Astrological Benefits of Gomed Stone

Hessonite, called Gomed stone in Hindi, is considered a powerful stone, especially in Hindu culture. According to Indian mythology, gomed stone is formed from Vala’s fingernails, a notorious demon in the spiritual universe. 

It also created the perception that gomed stone benefits the wearer from the harmful energy of Rahu. Hessonite Garnet is a vital component of navratna and represents Rahu.

The fiery color and high refractive index have given it the name of a cinnamon stone. The benefits of gomed stone are multifaceted, be it acting as a shield against evil energy, bringing opportunities for success to your doorstep, or giving you the confidence to pursue your dreams.  

Let’s dig deeper. 

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How to Identify Real or fake Blue Sapphire?

How to Identify Real or Fake Blue Sapphire 

Blue Sapphire, also known as Indraneelam stone, occupies a special place in every culture. Persians are in awe of its sky-like Blue color, Buddhists consider it a stepping stone to enlightenment, while Hindus use them to worship their deities and receive blessings. This has made it one of the most demanded gemstones.

But some dealers misuse the stone’s popularity to sell

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