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Monthly Archives: June 2023

How To Wear Ruby Stone?

how to wear ruby stone

You cannot call yourself a lover of gemstone jewelry if you have not heard of Ruby, the gemstone that screams love! 

In Sanskrit, Ruby Stone (or Manik Stone) is called “Ratnaraj”, i.e., “King of gemstones”, as it harnesses the energy of the almighty Sun, often seen as the solar system's king. Rubies have been a royal favorite for ages. In fact, many legends say that Chinese emperor Kublai Khan traded a city for a large Ruby stone. 

Like every other gemstone, you can enjoy Ruby’s power only when worn correctly. If you’re wondering how to wear Ruby Stone to take advantage of its complete potential, you’re at the right place. 

But what is so special about Kempu Stone (As Ruby is called in Telugu)? 

We know you’re thinking,

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Astrological Benefits of Pearl Stone

benefits of pearl stone image

Pearls always have a special place in every age group’s wardrobe, be it your89-year-old grandma or 25-year-old daughter. 

But if you think Pearls are just another gem compatible with every outfit, then you’re wrong. The benefits of pearl stone (also known as Moti stone) are more than being a piece of perfect complementary jewelry. The pearl stone benefits extend to physical and mental health, relationships, finances, and spiritual journeys. 

The meaning of pearl Stone is about innocence, purity, and calm and is associated with the Moon and Venus, both responsible for your emotional well-being. It is also the birthstone for people born in June.  

Let’s talk about the benefits in more detail. 


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Astrological Benefits of Pukhraj Stone (Yellow Sapphire)


benefits of pukhraj stone image

Yellow Sapphire is a part of the coveted navratna, a collection of 9 powerful gemstones. It imbibes the yellow color's energy, optimism, and warmth and enlightens you by opening your mind to new possibilities. 

Yellow Sapphire is also known as the Pukhraj stone, Kanakapushyaragam

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