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Pearl (Moti)

Astrological Benefits of Pearl Stone

Pearls always have a special place in every age group’s wardrobe, be it your89-year-old grandma or 25-year-old daughter. 

But if you think Pearls are just another gem compatible with every outfit, then you’re wrong. The benefits of pearl stone (also known as Moti stone) are more than being a piece of perfect complementary jewelry. The pearl stone benefits extend to physical and mental health, relationships, finances, and spiritual journeys. 

The meaning of pearl Stone is about innocence, purity, and calm and is associated with the Moon and Venus, both responsible for your emotional well-being. It is also the birthstone for people born in June.  

Let’s talk about the benefits in more detail. 

List of Benefits of Pearl Stone

Pearl has been a royal favorite since ancient times for its elite appearance and power to create a desired life. Some benefits of pearl are: 

Health benefits of Pearl Stone

  •  Legends say that Charles VI of France treated his mental issues by consuming crushed pearls. Many ancient believers used pearls to treat mental and physical illnesses. 
  •  The white color of the gem symbolizes peace and tranquility and helps you keep your anxiety and stress levels in check. 
  •  They help in stomach-related issues as they work on the solar plexus chakra associated with your gut.  
  •  Less stress, better digestion, and a healthier gut lead to better skin. In fact, many leading cosmetic companies add pearl extracts for their proven ability to make your skin radiant. 
  •  It also works on the issues of ears, kidneys, and lungs and aids in recovery from tuberculosis and asthma. 
  •  Pearl stone
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Pearl stones and its Types

Types of Pearl Stones

Pearl Stone is a beautiful white gemstone, and it represents Queen in astrology. Pearl Stone is also known as Queen of Sea. The best thing about Pear stone benefits is that it does not give malefic effect to the wearer.

Pearl is commonly known as Moti Ratna in astrology terms. In this article, you will read about the various types of Pearl gemstones, the benefits of Pearl, Rituals, or Wearing Methods of Pearl, and how you can buy a high-quality gemstone. Moon is the ruling planet of Pearl. Many people wear the Pearl Stone ring as it enhances their outer beauty. Let's talk about the various and different aspects of Pearl gemstone.

Types of Pearl Stone

There are two primary varieties of Pearl stone available – freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater Pearls grown in human-made lakes and Saltwater Pearls gemstones are found in the sea. Saltwater Pearl is considered the best and high-quality gems.

White pearls are the third most popular and expensive type, but this stone is also available in blue, silver, and gold color. Most people prefer white pearl stone. Black and a golden shade of Pearl Stone are also very well-known among Gemstone jewelry lovers.

1. White Pearl

White Akoya, white south sea, and white freshwater are three types of this stone. White pearl stone can be as small as 1-0-2.0 mm seed pearls, and the very largest size of this stone is 20.0 mm sizes. In astrology, the white color of Pearl stone is associated with purity, honesty, and respect. White pearls are ideal in pearl jewelry. The white pearl stone necklace has been a hallmark of beauty and perfection.

Benefits of white pearl stone

· For mental stability

· Fertility power

· Eyesight

· For children

· Strong and Healthy Heart

2- Black Pearl

Dark and exotic black pearl stone has captured

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Benefits of Wearing Basra Moti

Basra Pearl

Basra Pearl is originated from the Basra region of the Persian Gulf and is considered as a highly precious variety of natural gemstones. The marine biological system of this area got exhausted in the mid-nineteenth century which made a stop in the normal pearl creation in the Basra district. Basra ka Moti has gained enough popularity due to its smooth surface and color which further expanded with its rarity. A Basra Pearl Gemstone is made out of calcium carbonate, which is released by a shellfish after it encounters an irritation.

Regular Pearl Gemstones, however inconsistently found, are seen as the most perfect of pearls. Basra pearls Gemstones are especially found in the Indian Ocean and are generally called Basra pearls. Finding a Basra Pearl Gemstone was very remarkable and incredibly inconvenient. The Basra Pearl Gemstone is noted for its light dispersing effects and its virtue. It's connected to the Zodiac sign Cancer. Wearing a pearl makes one regard his unique character and calms down one's emotions.

Properties of Basra Pearl:

  • Its chemical formula is CaCO3.
  • The colors of barsa pearl are white, pink, yellow, cream, silver, and brown.
  • It is fine in luster and it is has a bright transparent appearance.
  • The Mohs scale of Basra Pearl is 3.0.

Astrological benefits of Basra Pearl Stone

There are many pearl stone benefits. It is famous for healing activities.

Let us look at some of the astrological advantages of wearing this gemstone:

  • Pearlstone is suitable for people suffering
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The Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

Beauty could be found at every corner of nature, but some things say "elegance" like nothing else. Pearl gemstones are one of them. Also known as "Moti", pearl gemstones are different from the long list of gemstones due to their organic origin. They are literally like the gift of the ocean to you, which is why they have more appeal than most other items in the list of gemstones.  

However, natural pearls are very rare, hence the natural pearl price is quite high. The ones you see often in the market are produced in lakes under human supervision, called "cultured" pearls. And then, there are many others that are simply faked. So, how do you figure out the real from the fake?

Well, here is the guide for buying pearl gemstones:

  • Natural pearls are extremely rare and becoming rarer every day, so natural pearl price is extremely expensive too. Unless you want to spend lots of money, you would do well with cultured pearls.
  • When you buy gemstones, look for the nacre, the layer surrounding the pearl. Both cultured freshwater pearls and natural saltwater pearls have solid nacre, but cultured saltwater pearls instead have layers of nacre around a central nucleus.
  • The colour of the pearl might also influence your choice. Most pearls are white in colour but have an overtone of other colours like rose-red or gold. Furthermore, cultured pearls might be dyed to develop pearls of any colour You can find more about the colours of pearl gemstone online.
  • The price of the pearl is usually determined by its weight. The pearl price per gram is not standardized and ranges significantly according to the quality. Generally, freshwater cultured pearls are cheaper than
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