Types of Pearl Stones

Pearl Stone is a beautiful white gemstone, and it represents Queen in astrology. Pearl Stone is also known as Queen of Sea. The best thing about Pear stone benefits is that it does not give malefic effect to the wearer.

Pearl is commonly known as Moti Ratna in astrology terms. In this article, you will read about the various types of Pearl gemstones, the benefits of Pearl, Rituals, or Wearing Methods of Pearl, and how you can buy a high-quality gemstone. Moon is the ruling planet of Pearl. Many people wear the Pearl Stone ring as it enhances their outer beauty. Let's talk about the various and different aspects of Pearl gemstone.

Types of Pearl Stone

There are two primary varieties of Pearl stone available – freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater Pearls grown in human-made lakes and Saltwater Pearls gemstones are found in the sea. Saltwater Pearl is considered the best and high-quality gems.

White pearls are the third most popular and expensive type, but this stone is also available in blue, silver, and gold color. Most people prefer white pearl stone. Black and a golden shade of Pearl Stone are also very well-known among Gemstone jewelry lovers.

1. White Pearl

White Akoya, white south sea, and white freshwater are three types of this stone. White pearl stone can be as small as 1-0-2.0 mm seed pearls, and the very largest size of this stone is 20.0 mm sizes. In astrology, the white color of Pearl stone is associated with purity, honesty, and respect. White pearls are ideal in pearl jewelry. The white pearl stone necklace has been a hallmark of beauty and perfection.

Benefits of white pearl stone

· For mental stability

· Fertility power

· Eyesight

· For children

· Strong and Healthy Heart

2- Black Pearl

Dark and exotic black pearl stone has captured the mind of men and women. Black pearls are much rarer than other color pearl gemstones. Black Pearls are the rarest color of this stone. They have higher the luster of a Pearl Stone. According to mythology, black pearl is associated with prosperity and peace in life.

Benefits of Wearing Black pearl

· It is said that Black pearl stone brings good luck, fortune, and abundance in the life of the wearer. It protects from sudden death, accidents, and mishappenings.

· Women gain immense confidence and a sense of beauty after wearing this black stone. According to astrology, black pearls have healing properties to heal the illness or diseases within the human body.

- Golden Pearl Stone

Golden Pearl Stone is connected to Jupiter and Moon together. This stone will give the benefits of both the planets together. In ancient times, Queens worn golden pearl gemstone jewelry and still, their necklaces can be found in the museum. Emperors used this stone to serve the wine to the guests. Golden pearl is best for delay in marriage, marriage related problems, and conflicts between husband and wife.

Benefits of Wearing Golden pearl

· - Delay in Marriage

· - Marriage conflicts

· Increase love between husband and wife

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