Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

Beauty could be found at every corner of nature, but some things say "elegance" like nothing else. Pearl gemstones are one of them. Also known as "Moti", pearl gemstones are different from the long list of gemstones due to their organic origin. They are literally like the gift of the ocean to you, which is why they have more appeal than most other items in the list of gemstones.  

However, natural pearls are very rare, hence the natural pearl price is quite high. The ones you see often in the market are produced in lakes under human supervision, called "cultured" pearls. And then, there are many others that are simply faked. So, how do you figure out the real from the fake?

Well, here is the guide for buying pearl gemstones:

  • Natural pearls are extremely rare and becoming rarer every day, so natural pearl price is extremely expensive too. Unless you want to spend lots of money, you would do well with cultured pearls.
  • When you buy gemstones, look for the nacre, the layer surrounding the pearl. Both cultured freshwater pearls and natural saltwater pearls have solid nacre, but cultured saltwater pearls instead have layers of nacre around a central nucleus.
  • The colour of the pearl might also influence your choice. Most pearls are white in colour but have an overtone of other colours like rose-red or gold. Furthermore, cultured pearls might be dyed to develop pearls of any colour You can find more about the colours of pearl gemstone online.
  • The price of the pearl is usually determined by its weight. The pearl price per gram is not standardized and ranges significantly according to the quality. Generally, freshwater cultured pearls are cheaper than saltwater cultured ones, while natural pearl price is the highest. 
  • The smoothness of a pearl is a primary factor in deciding the pearl price per gram. Pearls that have a smooth and high finish are valued the most. Small spots and bumps might slightly affect the price. However, cracks on the surface greatly diminish the value.
  • Another important factor that decides the price of a pearl is its size. Since the cost depends on the pearl price per gram, bigger pearls have more weight and are costlier. Hence, you should look for the size that fit your needs without being too expensive.
  • While purchasing a pearl gemstone, it must be kept in mind that pearls are soft and porous, susceptible to scratches and cracks. Even the best-quality pearls can get damaged if treated roughly. Thus, you must take the utmost care of them once you buy gemstones. Try reading some guides about the maintenance of pearl gemstone online.
  • You can also buy gemstones online. Online vendors are usually authentic since they need to get approval from concerned departments. The advantage of purchasing pearl gemstones online is that you are able to view the list of gemstones and have enough time to research and make an informed choice.
  • Once everything is finalized and the purchase is complete, do not forget to get the certificate of authenticity from the seller. This achieves two things: a guarantee that your pearl is authentic, and proof of pearl price per gram.

After considering factors like pearl price per gram, list of gemstones, distinguishing features and catalogue, it is safe to assume that you will make the right choice.  

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