Gemstones As Pendant

The most common way of wearing a gemstone is like a finger ring but a large population of people that buy gemstones doesn't t want to wear it on their finger ring. There are a number of issues that people don't prefer wearing a gemstone on ring finger such as they are engaged in some kind of work that will damage the stone or at times they shy away from people. They don t want people to see that they are wearing a gemstone. Every gemstone from the list of gemstones requires trust and respect to show results. But if you are wearing a gemstone as a fashion like people love to wear opal colour, there is no issue. So, whatever is the issue if you want to wear it as a pendant you can buy gemstones online but respect the gemstone to get good results.

Why wear gemstones as a pendant?

There are little light reflections and absorption in comparison to that occur when you wear the gemstones like Neelam stones on your finger ring. If you are in a profession that requires hard work you must buy gemstones but wear it as a pendant. Army men, doctors, and people who do tough labour must go for the pendant as the best option to prevent scratches and damage to a gemstone. You must buy a gemstone according to your horoscope and the problems you are facing. Also, don t forget to seek an advice from an astrologer.

How to know the best one?

There is a list of gemstones that include the same number of gemstones as the number of planets. An astrologer will tell the right gemstone for you as per your horoscope and scope of improvement. They will tell you not only the gemstone but also the metal with which it will prove to be the best for you. And accordingly, you can buy a gemstone and metal.

When should you wear the gemstone?

There are specific ways and timing to wear Neelam stones, opal colour stones, ruby stones, and other gemstones. You need to pronounce some mantras too which your astrologers will explain to you while suggesting which gemstone to buy. You can also check the timing and procedure for the gemstones online.

Where to wear?

Wear anyone from the list of gemstones at the right place for better effects. If you want to wear any gemstone as a pendant like Neelam stone, make sure you wear it right near the thymus gland for the best results. Benefits There are different benefits of different gemstones like emerald is for love. Similarly, Neelam stones, ruby stones, opal colour stone and every other stone has its own benefits. Overall benefits of wearing the gemstone as a pendant are related to health ailments, boosting immunity, and curing certain diseases. You can buy gemstones from astrologers or from the market, plus you can also search for gemstones online. You can find the complete list of gemstones online with the price ranges per gram.

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