9 World Famous Gemstones

The 9 famous gemstones are linked to 9 adequate planets in our solar system. Astrologers suggest people buy gemstones to get numerous benefits linked to their health, career, education, relationship, etc.

9 World Famous Gemstones with Superior Power

Here is the list of gemstones with the superior powers they have:

1. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj):

The yellow sapphire gemstone is an attractive stone of light yellow colour. This stone is extraordinary and very famous amongst people, especially ladies. They get classy yellow sapphire stone embedded in various rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Same as ruby, the yellow sapphire price also varies as per quality. Check gemstones online at our site for the price.

2. Blue Sapphire (Neelam):

Blue sapphire or Neelam stone is one of the powerful gemstones in the list of gemstones that offers excellent outcomes to the wearer. They can attain massive achievements in life via this gemstone. Blue sapphire is the gemstone of saturn and has all peculiarity of saturn. If you are a person who can perform tough jobs go for it and you will get maximum benefits for your efforts with Neelam stone. If you want to buy, explore gemstones online. 

3. Emerald (Panna):

The emerald stone is respected for its incredible recovering forces. This treasured gemstone arrives in green color and has a huge exhibit of medical advantages. Famously called panna, the emerald gemstone is attached with the prophetic planet mercury or buddha. Like every stone in the list of gemstones, it is also available online and you can buy gemstone emerald online.

4. Ruby (Manik):

The first in the list of gemstones is ruby which gets its powers from the sun. Ruby is said to offer fame, power, distinctive features, warmth and the potential to command to its consumer. When we talk about diseases, ruby facilitates the cure of peptic ulcers, fever, rheumatism, gout, and many others. It is a warm stone and the colour is red. Ruby price varies as per its quality. 

5. Opal (Dudhiya):

The opal colour gemstone is known for its beauty and it is the birthstone of October born people. It is the stone of planet venus which is known for its positive effects on a conjugal life and richness. Buy gemstone for an improved stamina and great well being of the wearer. 

6. Pearl (Moti):

This extremely beautiful stone derives its powers from the moon and it is the most attractive gemstone in the list of gemstones. Pearl stone brings peace of mind, intellect, and clarity of thoughts for the wearer. It is a perfect gemstone for your jewellery also it takes care of your health.

7. Red Coral (Moonga):

Red coral is one of those gemstones online which can be reputable for someone s therapeutic earnings. This is a spectacular natural gemstone, structured by using the skeletons of coagulated marine creatures known as polyps. This is the best gemstone in the list of gemstones if you have mangal dosha in your Kundli. 

8. Hessonite Garnet (Gomed):

The hessonite garnet gemstone is known for its powerful energy that gives one intellectual comfort. You will find yourself capable of getting rid of fears on wearing it. Gomed stone will help you in clearing your thoughts and you will be able to see the straight path leading towards your goals. The best part is you could now easily buy gemstone online whether it is hessonite or any other. 

9. Cats Eye (Lahsuniya):

Cats eye must be worn only after consulting an astrologer. In Vedic astrology, from the list of gemstones cat's eye is the gemstone for the mythical planet 'Ketu'. Cat's eye is worn to nullify the malefic outcomes of ketu in one's horoscope. You can buy the gemstone online but confirm from an astrologer before that.

This is the list of gemstones with their powers. Consult your astrologer and buy gemstone that perfectly matches your horoscope. Keep the trouble of spending time in the market away and buy gemstones online.

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Other Famous Gemstones:

There are innumerable gemstones on this planet. And a handful among them is the most renowned ones. So, in the following discussion, we will be discussing the three most famous gems you will find.

The Hope Diamond:

The Hope Diamond is the most graceful and attractive gemstone. It has a unique blue hue. And the size of the stone unravelled information about how the diamonds form. The diamond is 45.52 carats and is dated the 17th century.

The Taylor-Burton Diamond:

The Taylor-Burton Diamond is a 68-carat diamond. And it gained its fame in 1969, and the famous actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor bought the diamond. The stone is unimaginably beautiful as well as expensive!

The Star of India:

It is also called the Star Sapphire. It has an unparalleled size, and as its name suggests, it has a wonderful design that denotes a star. Its design is not just an ordinary star, and the pattern is glowy, and this gem is the largest gem-quality blue star sapphire globally. It weighs 563.35 carats.


What is the most famous gemstone?
Diamond is undoubtedly the most famous gemstone in the world. Each of us knows how precious, attractive, and precisely this tone is. And, it equally offers many benefits to the wearer.