Astrological Natural Gemstone

The tradition where people buy natural gemstones in India is quite popular for a long time. The fame of gemstones is not only due to their magnificent brilliance but also for their aesthetic and spiritual properties in strengthening one’s life and healing one’s soul.

On the basis of Vedic Astrology, gemstones hold a great deal of importance as they are said to be influenced by the planets in our solar system. It is important to check the suitability of a natural gemstone with a person, as an adoption of the wrong kind of gem can lead to a disastrous result. It is also recommended to buy natural certified gemstones from trusted companies as these gemstones can play a huge role in making our life tolerable.

Do I need to wear gemstone regularly?

The Vedic Astrology recommends the consistency in wearing gemstones throughout the day as the mechanism through which the gemstone works is made through the skin-gem connection. In order to have beneficial properties as a result, one should continue wearing the assigned gemstones throughout the day as gemstones do their work by rectifying the weakness in your energy field, and for that they are needed to be in direct touch with your skin.

But fret not as it does not mean that you cannot remove them at all. It is okay to remove them for a short period like a few hours as it does not affect much with its properties and after reconnecting with it you will receive the same kind of results that you were receiving before. As it is expected that due to various reasons we are required to remove them occasionally, so you have your question answered, that you can, only if it is meant for a short period of time!

The purchase of gemstones has also become much easier with the emergence of stores all across the web where you can buy certified natural gemstones online. There is no need to move our limbs anymore or drive to any physical gemstone store because the virtual world has got it covered now with a wonderful collection of certified natural gemstones online!

Can we wear gemstone once removed?

Yes, you can remove a gemstone and wear it again if you are using it for a long time now. If you remove it for a short duration of time, then you would not require waiting for any kind of muhurta at all. Plus, the benefits you have received so far would not be ousted. But for this, make sure that you shop for natural gemstones as authenticity plays a great role in ensuring beneficial properties.

Removal of the gemstone for a long time may lead to a gradual reduction of the benefits received. And to wear the ring once again, you will need the muhurta. You can also use the help of salt water in which you can soak your gemstone to revive its powers again.

There are those kinds of actions that tend to damage a gemstone such as using chemicals in the daily chores or rigorous workout sessions in gyms. It is wiser to save your gemstone from these issues by removing it before engaging with the chores and sessions.

There are people who are highly sensitive to the energy fields around them. Since gemstones engage with energy fields, they feel more comfortable with removing them at night for a good night’s rest. However, there are some gemstones that have a calming property. These provide with rest and calmness to the wearer.

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Do we need to wear the astrological gemstone in a particular finger only?

Each of the five fingers is believed to be related to the planets of our solar system. And since the gemstones are also influenced by these planets, they are required to be worn on designated fingers only.

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