Yellow Sapphire Buying Guide

Yellow Sapphire, a highly precious gemstone of Corundum mineral family. One of the most recognized gemstones in vedic astrology, the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is worn for professional success, marital bliss, improved willpower and healthy progeny making it of great worth and importance. Pukhraj, this gemstone is the twin of the blue sapphire and the red ruby. The varying presence of iron is the reason for the presence of tinge of yellow in this sapphire. It is also known as Pukhraj in Hindi.

Being one of the precious gemstones and belonging to the Sapphire corundum family, it also shares the space with other precious gemstones like the Blue Sapphire locally called Neelam and the White Sapphire locally called Safed Pukhraj. The pukhraj has its own astrological importance.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Astrological Benefits of Pukhraj

The Vedic Astrology states that the yellow sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. Considered as one of the most important, gorgeous and useful stones out of all the gems, the pukhraj has a vital importance. As the name suggests, it is a yellow colored and a most expensive gemstone worn to get blessings of Jupiter. The all alluring powers of this planet resides inside it; hence wearing yellow sapphire gemstone will convey the enrich properties of the planet Jupiter in the lives of its wearer.

If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope, and giving the good results you can wear it. If you are facing financial problems or having loses in your business, you must wear the yellow sapphire, but it is very important to escort an experienced astrologer before wearing it as if in your horoscope, the planet Jupiter also plays an elegant role considering the harm is done instead of giving you useful and beneficial results.

Wearing the Original Yellow Sapphhire gemstone can be highly beneficial for ladies who are having problem in selecting their life partner or in getting married. However the wearer of this stone must ascertain its suitability for them from a learned astrologer or a Gemologist to draw maximum benefits out of it.

What Is The Best Colour Of A Yellow Gemstone?

From bright, sunny colours to deep golden hues, there are a number of colours available in a Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. Overall the most popular yellow gemstone ever looked for is citrine, the modern November birthstone. The excess presence of quartz in the Earth's crust is the only reason why it's an inexpensive option. However it varies from yellow to orange or brown. Moreover with the gemstone world boasting over 100 different types of yellow stones, Yellow diamond tops the list. It is the most common and affordable of all colored diamonds.

The presence of traces of nitrogen present during the formation of the stone is the reason how they get their colour. Known for their brilliance and fire, the yellow gemstone has a beauty of its own. Due to their excellent durability, these beautiful diamonds are ideal for engagement rings. Excluding themself from the characteristics of diamonds being somewhat brittle, hardness level is of 10 on the Mohs scale. They are also extremely scratch resistant and are very easy to maintain adding to their list of importance.

Natural Yellow Sapphire

Fancy Vivid is the best colour for yellow diamonds. The tints of a secondary color may affect the value of the stone. If the secondary tints are greenish, the price of the diamond increases while brownish tints can drag the price down. Yellow gemstones are the most expensive and prestigious of all the gemstones. If durability and status are priorities, yellow diamond is ideal for you. However other Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Citrine, Yellow Chrysoberyl, Yellow fire opal, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Sphene and Yellow Tourmaline are other most beautiful yellow gemstones.

How To Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online?

If you are attracted by the beauty and the astrological importance of this gemstone, you won’t regret buying it. If you are looking to buy the yellow sapphire gemstone. There are many online sites from where you can order your precious Certified Yellow Sapphire. You can Buy Yellow Sapphire Online on, which is highly suggested instead of buying from some new online site. There are still many stores in India from where you can buy it.

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