Everyone in this world wishes some luck on their way to success cause after all, everyone knows it’s not just labour but also luck. In modern times, life has turned out to be an unending struggle and perseverance. It may seem like nothing you try works and that efforts go in vain. If you have tried your hand at a certain venture, given it all you had and even then, failed, you know how demoralizing and heart-breaking this feels and if this happens at everything you try your hand at, life becomes more frustrating. Since the earliest of civilizations, man has tried seeking a solution to get luck in his favour, and one of the areas of focus has been gems.

For ages, people have believed that certain natural materials are powerful enough to generate good energy and luck as they bring their own energy to the chi. If you always feel out of luck and can see that your efforts are going in vain, it is time to find a solution in Gemstones.

As per astrology, luck is the outcome of strength of certain planets in a native’s birth chart. To strengthen the power of these planets, gems are used. “Garud Purana” “Indra Purana” have mentioned 9 gems which are supposed to play a dominant role in determining the role of one’s luck. 3 of them are – Sapphire (yellow and blue), Emerald and Ruby.

Sapphire has forever been known for its effects on planet Jupiter and Saturn . It is available in every colour of the rainbow. However only two of them are known to have planetary effects- Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj, as it is commonly known, is a powerful gem linked to the planet Jupiter. It is an expensive gem made up of corundum mineral and is yellow or greenish yellow in colour. Yellow Sapphire is generally effective in –

- General state of well being
- Spiritual knowledge and progression
- Cure disease like diarrhoea, arthritis, gastritis, rheumatism and jaundice.
- Good academic and learning career.
- Health, wealth, fame and honour.
- Fertility problems

Blue sapphire is the gemstone for Saturn or Shani . it is worn to inculcate the promising effects of this planet in the day to day life. Saturn is the planet of karma. So this gemstone brings the desired and 100% results of our deeds and they don’t go in vain. Blue sapphire can bring huge gains such as wealth, fame etc. It brings upon destiny’s best results. One can simply buy both blue sapphire online as well as Yellow Sapphire Online Emerald or Panna as widely known, has been a gemstone for fascination for over six thousand years now. It even more priceless than Diamond. It has been believed by many civilizations to be a stone with magical powers and immensely powerful. Astrologers suggest people with weak mercury planet in the birth chart to wear Emerald.

Benefits of Emerald-
:- Astrologic Benefits - Good fortune is one of the best outcomes of Emerald.
:- Professional Benefits – Wearing emerald along with a combination of other stones brings good fortune in competitive exams, lift depression, boost intellect, improve memory. It helps people in government jobs as well as ones running their own private organisations.
:- Prosperity and overall happiness are a definite outcome of wearing Emerald.

Ruby - Ruby or Manik, as it is commonly known, is highly precious and extremely beautiful stone. The governing planet for ruby is Sun and therefore it is related energy and positiveness.

There are a lot many benefits of wearing Ruby. Few of them are-

:- Overcome timidity. People feel conscious and nervous which hinders them from making themselves heard. For such individuals ruby works wonders.
:- Authoritarian support- people wearing Ruby can easily get the support from organisations, governing bodies, political parties etc.
:- Confusion- people having a lot of confusion in their decisions are advised to wear ruby.
:- One can simply buy Ruby Stone Online at any of the credible sites in the desired carats.

These some of the key Gemstones along with their benefits. These gemstones are to be worn in combination and proper weights and purity for best results. Any issue in life can be solved by wearing gemstones as everything happening right now around us is but a forecasting effect of planetary revolutions. Hence the gems which actually draw power from these planets can cast deciding effects.