The saying beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder doesn't hold true when it comes to gemstones for their natural sparkles are captivating for every eye. The vibrant colours and different shapes are what makes a gem mesmerizing to one's soul and mind. Gemstones are not only dear to human beings but God and Goddesses as well due to their luring nature. Gems have been there since the inception of the Earth. We have read about gemstones in Vedas and Puranas.


Gems are usually classified into three parts i.e. Jaivik (creature), Vanaspatik (plant), and Khanij (mines). Corals, pearls and other such gemstones belong to Jaivik, whereas, Amber comes under Jaivik and the rest is covered by Khanij. This was about natural gemstones, lately more and more artificial, synthetic & man-made gemstones are making their way into the market.  

Gems have both positive and negative effects on a person s life. People still remain curious to know more about gemstones, how they work and how a gemstone can nullify the bad effects of a planet. The answer is very straightforward, gems act as a regulator and all the rays, coming from planets, is absorbed by them. The absorbed rays reach our chakras via our brain and make a room for peace, thereby, normalizing our senses. After all, it is really important for our minds to work smoothly to be successful.

This is the crucial reason that astrologers prompt you to go for natural gems instead of artificial gemstones. Natural gemstones take millions of years to form, thus have sufficient time to absorb the rays from different planets. They get completely charged to represent each planet. Whereas artificial gemstones are made in labs in a few days or weeks and have no power to represent a planet.

Gemstones really hold powers that can have a positive or negative effect on the wearer. They are famous for holding metaphysical properties, having spiritual powers, the power to alter one's mood and remedies for various ailments. Different gemstone reacts in different way for an individual. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult an astrologer before you buy one!  

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