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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstones

Opal Stone benefits majorly drive its sales in various countries. According to research published in Opal Auctions, it reads that the website has sold an approximate of three hundred and thirty thousand opal stone to an approximate of a hundred and eighty-four countries in 2017.

Opal benefits are major factors for its demand. In a sample size of forty thousand opal stones approximately, around sixty-one percent amounted to the sales of Australian opal stones and around thirty-nine percent amounted to the International sales of the stone.

Benefits of Opal Stone?

This particular gemstone works as a medicine against all intestinal disorders such as indigestion, acidity, or stomach flu.

Wearing this gemstone in the form of rings or pendants shall also help in boosting the immunity of the user.

Benefits of Opal Gemstones also include improving the love factor for the user. It implies that those individuals have difficulty in finding love or marriage alliances can wear this stone to gain stability in their relationship.

Fire Opal Stone benefits mainly those individuals who have or might face a bad relationship. This also means that this particular gemstone is highly capable of curing the trauma of rape victims and those who have faced abusive relationships mostly in the context of intimacy.

Rings and bracelets made out of this beautiful stone are worn by many individuals without considering astrological factors like date of birth or zodiac sign.

Individuals belonging to a certain set of professions like journalism, traveling, or tourism shall benefit from the use of this stone.

Opal gemstone benefits also include in connecting with the Universe.

According to research, Australia is known as the number one producer of the

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7 Awe-Inspiring Gemstones Rings For You

Gemstones have been long been admired by the people all over the world for various reasons since the ancient period. Some like it for its fashion statement abilities, and some believe that these hold in special spiritual powers and energies which can help us live in a perfect and healthy lifestyle, without being affected by any sort of emotional, spiritual, mental, physical anomalies. This article will describe about some of the most famous and astrological benefits of some of the well-known sapphires and other gemstones.

Yellow Sapphire - the Stone of Jupiter

Based on the context of Vedic Astrology, Jupiter has been assigned as the Raj Guru, who is the possessor of knowledge, intelligence, fortune, and ethics. Pukhraj stone ring is assigned to a person when their Jupiter is found to be maleficent or not strong enough. It is generally prescribed to people belonging to the horoscopes of Sagittarius and Pisces, but Leo, Cancer, Scorpio can wear them too. You can buy the yellow sapphire gemstone ring online from the trusted online stores as it is quite a convenient way of possessing these amazing stones.

Blue Sapphire- Neelam for Shani

Saturn is somewhat the most mischievous planet to sit on our birthchart. For those having a good position of Saturn in their horoscope chart thrive in life, but this dragon spits fire over the life of those where it cannot find the perfect place to sit. To minimise this effect of Saturn, Neelam stone ring is asked to wear by an astrologer. Blue sapphires are a wonderful antidote to the malicious Shani and it helps in bringing peace and bliss into the life of the person. Blue sapphire gemstone ring is available both offline and online stores, and strive to buy the authentic ones to receive the benefits.

Emerald- the Green Wonders

Emeralds are also known as Panna or Markatmani.

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Blue Sapphire Attractive Rings For Women

Blue is the most attractive color in Sapphire; it symbolizes the sign of royalty and boldness. Talking about the most beautiful cut pieces in jewelry; rings are always positioned on top for both married and unmarried women. The Sapphire color which is always in demand is Blue gemstone; it is a very good combination of classy as well as eye-catching accessories. You can order blue sapphire gemstones ring in different shape and size.

Most popular designs:

Some most popular designs of 2019 are:

• Blue Sapphire Heart Shape Ring

• Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

• Blue Sapphire Silver Ring

• Neelam Stone Ring

• Blue Sapphire stone Ring

• Crown Shaped Blue Sapphire Ring

Whether you are searching an engagement ring or latest accessories, the trendy piece of blue sapphire rings is available in national or international market. The fine cutting or beautiful designs are also available at online stores. Neelam stone ring in Delhi is equally the same as buy blue sapphire stone ring online.

Gemstone which mesmerizes everyone:

Attractive pieces of Jewelry are always considered as the best friend of every woman. Considering about colored gemstones Blue Sapphire is in trend nowadays. You must have noticed celebrities’ ring finger candy or colored sparkle rings look beautiful or enchanting. Blue is always considered as the sign of purity; hence the mesmerizing composition of aluminum oxide is speechless.

No doubt your jewelry is the only thing which can jazz up your outfit or enhance your floral beauty. The fusion of western dresses with blue Sapphire Gemstones ring is not less than elegance or subtle glimmer. It symbolizes your standard or classy behavior which keeps you on top always. In traditional language, it is also known as neelam stone ring.

Delicate tinge or blue sapphire looks amazing when

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Never Too Late For A Blue Sapphire

Belonging to the family of Corundum mineral, Blue Sapphires are a gorgeous and brilliant gemstone, which in India, also is popular by the name of neelam stone. Blue Sapphires are a part of the navaratna stones and holds a score of a superb 9 on the Moh’s Scale of hardness. Blue Sapphires symbolise fortune, serenity, bliss, and wisdom, and hold a great importance in the realm of the ancient vedic astrology.

Blue Sapphires: A History

Blue sapphire gemstone was also very famous in the ancient times. The name Sapphire has also been derived from the Greek word Sappheiros. The people of ancient Greece and Rome used to consider this stone as a protective talisman. The ancient people considered these sapphires to be the representation of romance, royalty, truth, and faithfulness. Blue sapphires are very famous among the aristocrats and clergy, alike. Moreover, the Persians also believed that the earth is a giant ball of blue sapphire and the colour of the sky is a mere reflection of it. Even, till the middle ages, clergymen used to wear this gemstone and considered it as a symbol of Heaven.

Sources of Blue Sapphire

Natural blue sapphire gemstones are mined at various locations all across the globe, such as India, Ceylon, Burma, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Africa, and Brazil. Mainly, these stones are primarily mined in Australia and Thailand. However, the best Blue Sapphires are found in Burma and then Ceylon.


Blue sapphires have been assigned as the birthstone for the September babies, and is worn by those mainly who belong to the house of Taurus.

It is the stone which symbolises the planet Saturn.

The name “Sapphire” can be roughly translated into “Dear to Saturn”.

Sapphires hold the position of being precious since 800 BC.

Blue Sapphires have been described by a poet

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