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Do Gemstones Really Work?

Do Gemstones Really Works?

Gemstones have been prized by people throughout history for a variety of reasons. They have played amazing roles throughout human history, from adornments to religious symbols, and amulets to lucky charms. Often, before wearing these beautiful gems people wonder, do gemstones really work? The answer is not a simple yes or no. Gems have been a representation of prestige, riches, power, and supernatural support. In short, gemstones mean a piece of cut-and-polished mineral crystal that is used to create jewelry or other ornaments.

Natural gemstones, in particular, have a long history of use in Indian astrology. Every Indian knows of Aryabhatta, an eminent 5th-6th century astronomer. His only known surviving work, Aryabhatiyam, which revolutionized astronomy, used gemstones in his research. 

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are the Rashi stones extracted from the earth's natural soil that

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What Determines the Price of Gemstones?

Gemstone Pricing

Gemstones, regardless of anything, can have different shapes, sizes, cut, color, quality, etc. Amongst all these choices, ever wondered how would an expert decide what should be the gemstones prices? Whether quoting a value would be worth the gemstone price?

Welcome to the world of magic - where fantasy and spark are the ones in the spotlight.

Cost of gemstones, therefore, depends heavily on how the buyer sees the gemstone value. Have you also thought about knowing exactly from one article all about these precious stones and precious gems?

There are a variety of gemstones. For instance, there is ruby, diamond, sapphires, etc. However, we can not deny the fact that the thing about some over-the-top premium gemstones like rose quartz, opal, and aquamarine still stands out. These gemstones are valued differently. For example, valuation like gemstone price per carat or gemstone price per ratti.

Sapphire price per carat, for example,can range ₹ 3 lakh per carat

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Importance of Gemstones in Astrology


In Vedic astrology, gemstones are particularly significant for therapeutic reasons. Many monarchs and other royal people have worn these as jewelry or treated them as gorgeous ornaments since ancient times.

Healing is the primary benefit of wearing gemstones. It has been embraced for healing and religious ceremonies throughout history. The power that gems bestow on their wearers is what makes them so valuable, even though they are uncommon and have positive qualities. A gem transmits cosmic energies when it comes into contact with the body.

Depending on their usage, gems can either show their power positively or negatively. Every Rashi stone or gem has some degree of magnetic strength. The majority of gemstones are useful to humans for their therapeutic treatments. They unleash waves and vibrations that could have a significant impact on our lives.

Vedic astrology gemstones

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