Flaunt your look with dazzling yellow sapphire!

If there is one gemstone that has carved a special place for itself, it is the Pukhraj Stone. Also known as yellow sapphire, it is one of the most auspicious and sought-after stone amongst the Navratna’s. Hailing from the family of corundums, this beautiful stone is easily available in online and offline stores. Buying yellow sapphire online helps in exploring options with the click of a mouse and then getting the pieces delivered right at your doorstep. In addition, one can also expect discounted rates and avail offers from time to time, making online channels a preferred mode of buying these precious stones.

Dazzling gemstone with superb structure

Before you plan to Buy yellow sapphire online, here are some facts about the stone that will help you make a better choice. Yellow sapphire is known for its sturdiness, durability and strength which makes it convenient to be cast into different jewel formats such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Pukhraj stone is basically based on three planes which are in equilibrium and has four specific axes, giving the stone a trigonal crystalline type of structure. The three axes are placed in a format which aligns them at 60 degrees to one another and the last one is perpendicular to the other three. Such an arrangement gives a distinct glossiness to the gemstone hence giving it a dazzling appeal.

This amazing piece of gemstone owing to its lavish glossy appeal has found popularity amongst the people. One can easily buy Pukhraj online and wear it in a format that best suits them.

Colour Therapy of Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj:

Pukhraj stone which is the yellow sapphire has a very clear yellow tinge which gives the gemstone a unique fervour. According to colour therapy it is believed that every colour brings with it s

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