Emerald or green stone is a precious gem that belongs to beryl mineral family. It is one that belongs to the most reputed gemstones in according to vedic astrology that is worn for achieving success in business, jobs, being creative, or knowledge seeking and intellectual pursuits ventures. Who should wear Emerald stone? Greenstone or Panna stone has an association with planet Mercury. According to Indian Astrology, people highly recommend wearing the stone to get rid of negative influences that weaker Mercury causes in a person according to his horoscope.

This stone is best for Mithun and Kanya Rashi. According to Western Astrology, Emerald stone is the birthstone for people with a Cancer zodiac sign. Also, people ascendants of Libra, Taurus, Aquarius, and Capricorn can wear this stone. How can you get the best Emerald stone? Consider the quality of Emerald stone hue. Hue is the purity in emerald. It is the one primary criterion to consider the colour quality of the green stone. Most of the stones have a tint of yellow and green in it.

The most valuable stone is with intense shade. It must be as pure green as it could be without even becoming dark. Look for a deep tonal: Here, tonal refers to darkness and lightness of the green Emerald. Naturally, the shade of emeralds is from very light to very dark. The most valuable ones fall on the darker end. However, for high-quality emeralds, the best one is medium green to intense green but always be sure that it is not oversaturated. Pick the one with intense saturation: Here, saturation means the strength of shade of emerald.

Moreover, it is right to consider this fact for more brilliance. It means emerald has a better property to reflect light. If it is weaker saturated, then it will turn dull and flat. Consider the cut: Well, one shape is not always valuable than the other. However, it is a property that some shaped cuts have the strength to reflect light very quickly.

The rectangular

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