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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Advantage Of Wearing Cats Eye Gemstones

Cats eye gemstones

Cats eye gemstones are one of its kind and a gem that is intriguing and distinctive amongst the other gems. Ranging from its appearance to its mystical powers, these Cats Eye Gemstone have their own compelling stories to narrate. These stones have astrological importance and have great planetary energies which bring positivity to the wearer. You can easily buy cats eye online and recover from your lost health and many more negative energies that you are surrounded by.

Benefits of wearing a finger ring studded with a Cats eye gemstone There are numerous advantages of wearing cat eye gemstone. You can easily buy cats eye online and this gemstone is associated with one of the most influential planets known as Ketu planet which is known to have great impacts on our lives. These gemstones online are available in offbeat colours and are worn by people to avail of various benefits. Some of the advantages of wearing cats eye gemstone is listed below:-

Safety from accidents: People prefers to buy this gemstone amongst the long list of gemstones available in the market to keep themselves safe from accidents and mishaps. A large number of people give preference to buying cats eye online.

Luck and fortune Buying cats eye online or offline promises good luck and fortune for the wearer. People like to wear these gemstones in order to be bestowed with good destiny.

To be a winner: Cat eye proves to be lucky in the event of gambling as well. It proves to be a mascot and helps in winning the game. It is also believed that people enjoy a good fortune in trade and share markets

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9 World Famous Gemstones: The List Of Gemstones With Superior Power

The 9 famous gemstones are linked to 9 adequate planets in our solar system. Astrologers suggest people buy gemstones to get numerous benefits linked to their health, career, education, relationship, etc.

9 World Famous Gemstones

Here is the list of gemstones with the powers they have.

9 World Famous Gemstones:

  • Ruby (Manik):

The first in the list of gemstones is ruby which gets its powers from the sun. Ruby is said to offer fame, power, distinctive features, warmth and the potential to command to its consumer. When we talk about diseases, ruby facilitates the cure of peptic ulcers, fever, rheumatism, gout, and many others. It is a warm stone and the colour is red. Ruby price varies as per its quality. 

  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj):

The yellow sapphire gemstone is an attractive stone of light yellow colour. This stone is extraordinary and very famous amongst people, especially ladies. They get classy yellow sapphire stone embedded in various rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Same as ruby, the yellow sapphire price also varies as per quality. Check gemstones online at our site for the price.

  • Blue Sapphire (Neelam):

Blue sapphire or Neelam stone is one of the powerful gemstones in the list of gemstones that offers excellent outcomes to the wearer. They can attain massive achievements in life via this gemstone. Blue sapphire is the gemstone of saturn and has all peculiarity of saturn. If you are a person who can perform tough jobs go for it and you will get maximum benefits for your efforts with Neelam

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Top 6 Benefits Of Wearing Ruby Stone

Top 6 Benefits Of Wearing Ruby Stone

Sun has an influencing position in our culture. Sun is considered as the soul of the universe and it nurtures and feeds the universe with continuous energy. Ruby gemstone, which is inspired from the sun and it inhibits all its powers from it, thus wearing ruby is considered beneficial in our tradition. Ruby gemstone is known to have maximum powers among all stones and ruby stone benefits are large in number. Astrologers suggest wearing ruby as per your zodiac sign in different metals. Here are the benefits of wearing ruby stones on your finger. 

1. Be a leader with a ruby stone

Today is the world of competition where everyone wants to be a leader. It is believed that ruby wearer gets leadership qualities naturally. According to astrologers people who wear ruby get a great support from authorities in every field. So, if you want to become a leader, consult an astrologer and buy ruby gemstone online or offline as per your convenience.

2. High confidence level

Sometimes people suffer the problem of lack of confidence. They have knowledge but they can t express it due to nervousness. Ruby benefits are amazing in this case also. The people who feel like they are ignored or their opinions are not considered can buy gemstone ruby to overcome such situation. After wearing ruby you will find great confidence in yourself. 

3. Passionate lovers

According to astrology ruby wearers are passionate lovers, they care for their lovers deeply. Ruby benefits include the power to enhance warmth and compassion for their lover in the heart of

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Wearing Gemstones As Pendant

Gemstones As Pendant

The most common way of wearing a gemstone is like a finger ring but a large population of people that buy gemstones doesn't t want to wear it on their finger ring. There are a number of issues that people don't prefer wearing a gemstone on ring finger such as they are engaged in some kind of work that will damage the stone or at times they shy away from people. They don t want people to see that they are wearing a gemstone. Every gemstone from the list of gemstones requires trust and respect to show results. But if you are wearing a gemstone as a fashion like people love to wear opal colour, there is no issue. So, whatever is the issue if you want to wear it as a pendant you can buy gemstones online but respect the gemstone to get good results.

Why wear gemstones as a pendant?

There are little light reflections and absorption in comparison to that occur when you wear the gemstones like Neelam stones on your finger ring. If you are in a profession that requires hard work you must buy gemstones but wear it as a pendant. Army men, doctors, and people who do tough labour must go for the pendant as the best option to prevent scratches and damage to a gemstone. You must buy a gemstone according to your horoscope and the problems you are facing. Also, don t forget to seek an advice from an astrologer.

How to know the best one?

There is a list of gemstones that include the same number of gemstones as the number of planets. An astrologer will tell the right gemstone for you as per your horoscope and scope of improvement. They will tell you not only the gemstone but also the metal with which it will prove to be the best for you. And accordingly, you can buy a gemstone and metal.

When should you wear the gemstone?

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The Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

The Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

Beauty could be found at every corner of nature, but some things say "elegance" like nothing else. Pearl gemstones are one of them. Also known as "Moti", pearl gemstones are different from the long list of gemstones due to their organic origin. They are literally like the gift of the ocean to you, which is why they have more appeal than most other items in the list of gemstones.  

However, natural pearls are very rare, hence the natural pearl price is quite high. The ones you see often in the market are produced in lakes under human supervision, called "cultured" pearls. And then, there are many others that are simply faked. So, how do you figure out the real from the fake?

Well, here is the guide for buying pearl gemstones:

  • Natural pearls are extremely rare and becoming rarer every day, so natural pearl price is extremely expensive too. Unless you want to spend lots of money, you would do well with cultured pearls.
  • When you buy gemstones, look for the nacre, the layer surrounding the pearl. Both cultured freshwater pearls and natural saltwater pearls have solid nacre, but cultured saltwater pearls instead have layers of nacre around a central nucleus.
  • The colour of the pearl might also influence your choice. Most pearls are white in colour but have an overtone of other colours like rose-red or gold. Furthermore, cultured pearls might be dyed to develop pearls of any colour You can find more about the colours of pearl gemstone online.
  • The price of the pearl is usually determined by its weight. The pearl price per gram is not standardized and ranges significantly according to the quality. Generally, freshwater cultured
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