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crystal healing

How To Cleanse and Charge Healing Crystals?

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The healing crystals aren’t a recent fad that has captured the attention of the masses. It has fascinated people for thousands of years. Be it India, Egypt, Greece, or North America, every part of the world used these healing crystals in one form or another. The popular uses (in addition to wearing them as exquisite jewelry) include aura cleansing, chakra balancing, physical and emotional healing, manifestation, crystal grids, and the list continues. 

And anything with such extensive applications needs maintenance. So, before answering how to charge crystals, you need to understand why cleaning and recharging healing crystals is vital. 

Why Clean and Charge Healing Crystals?

Do you know how calm and energetic you feel once you’ve cleared the clutter in your wardrobe? Cleaning and recharging

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Benefits of Wearing Yellow Topaz Stone

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Yellow Topaz's radiant hues and inherent charm have captivated civilizations throughout history. Also known as Golden Topaz or Imperial Topaz, the crystal brings spiritual balance and harmony to your life.

From the depth of folklore to the realms of alternative healing, people revere it for its unique qualities, symbolic significance, and breathtaking beauty.

The benefits of Yellow Topaz are visible in its symbolism as a protection crystal by Romans and Greeks. Apart from Egyptians treating Yellow Topaz as a symbol of their God Ra, mythological records suggest that Topaz was present in Aaron’s Breastplate.

Yellow Topaz (called Tapas in Sanskrit) embodies Surya(Sun) in Vedic culture. Like Sun, Yellow Topaz radiates positivity and life-giving energy.

These multi-religious references are a glimpse

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