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Monthly Archives: September 2023

6 Best Substitute of Ruby Gemstone

What causes our hearts to flutter when we hear “Ruby”? 

You hear it and instantly imagine something or someone classy and worth looking at, right? 

Ruby gemstone is no different. Its crimson hue is enough to melt hearts and make eyes pop, having captivated the world for centuries. From adorning royal crowns to symbolizing love and commitment, Ruby has held a special place in our culture. 

Then why the need for a substitute of Ruby stone? 

Even though the stone is a breathtaking vision in red, its exorbitant prices or incompatibility with the birth chart can be a hurdle for gemstone lovers.  We’ve compiled a list of 6 Ruby substitute stones you can explore to spruce up your jewelry collection and usher positive change in your life. 

Do Substitutes Work?

Before we move on to Ruby alternatives, a valid question is, “Do Ruby substitutes work?” 

The answer

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How to Choose Right Gemstone for Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you feeling lost in life? 

Are you facing the brunt of failure despite giving your best? 

Is mental chaos due to life’s turbulence forcing you to give up? 

It will not make you feel better, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our growth journey is lined with hurdles to make us comfortable with change. Sometimes, you need external support to navigate those changes.  

And gemstones can be your ideal partner. 

Before you shop for random crystals, read this blog till the end to answer the most common question- “Which stone should I wear?” and learn how to choose the right gemstone for your zodiac sign. 

You might ask, “Is the zodiac sign important for gemstones to work?” 

Our answer is yes. The compatibility of your birth chart with the gemstone is essential to harness only positive energies. Even though we recommend you consult

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5 Best Gemstone Combinations To Wear

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Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye Stone

If you ask us to summarize the astrological benefits of a Cats Eye stone in one line, we’ll use the most common statement passed down through generations:  

Amidst the accelerated pace of technological innovations, a part of the world still thrives on tradition. And this stone occupies a special place in many traditions. The Cat's Eye Stone, or "Lehsunia" in Hindi, is a gem that has captivated hearts for centuries with its charm and power. 

Apart from being considered a mystic powerhouse, this gem is also known for its unique chatoyancy, a striking "cat's eye" effect that dances across its surface when it catches the light. This makes the stone a fashion statement that the world appreciates. 

If you’re here, we’re assuming your interest is in the benefits of

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