Blue sapphire Ring

Neelam stones are basically the Ratnas, which is called Gemstone in English. Ratna is a Sanskrit term, which basically means the most valuable asset; something which is rare or the rarest. Moreover, these are absolutely enduring in nature as well. Ratna can be referred to as the most attractive gemstone in English. As Neelam stones meet all these qualities, it too falls into the category of Ratna. However, there is another more specific definition of Neelam stones as well; i.e. the Blue Sapphire Gemstone. People often inquire about the price of blue sapphire. But, importance should be given to its effects, rather than simply price. 

What is Neelam Ratna or Neelam gemstone?

From an astrology point of view, Neelam stone is considered the Ratna of Saturn(Shani). Shani effect on the human body and mind is related to the Karma that one has done. Hence, Neelam stone is recommended to those who have the Shani Dosh due to their karmas. Wearing a blue sapphire ring or Neelam stone can be extremely effective for such people. Neelam stone is considered the most powerful way of avoiding Shani Dosh in modern times or in Kalyug. In fact, the best quality Blue Sapphire ring can give instant results as well in this regard. 

Who should wear it?

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