7 Astrological Gemstones that will Change Your Life

During some time, we face difficulties and obstacles in our path. A lot of efforts & hard work gives us zero results. As per the Vedic astrology, it happens due to our weak horoscope which results in negativity and failure to our work. Yet, each person has a different zodiac sign which is ruled by a specific planet. However, these problems can be solved by these 7 gemstones as they start protecting our weak planet. Though, you need to visit or consult a credible astrologer who is liable for their words. The astrologer will tell you a suitable gemstone according to your horoscope. These below given 7 gemstones will resolve you all problems.

1. Yellow Sapphire:

Ruling Planet-Guru or Jupiter

Zodiac Sign-Pisces & Sagittarius

Yellow Sapphire is also known as Pukhraj Ratna or Pukhraj Rashi Ratna. According to the astrology, this gemstone can be worn by a native of Pisces and Sagittarius. Yellow Sapphire is the most auspicious and rare gemstone which brings fortune to us. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Also, it is a symbol of wisdom, health, money, marriage, luck and children. If someone is suffering through financial issues, poor health, failure in career, unhappy marriage then Yellow Sapphire will reduce the impact of negativity.

2. Blue Sapphire:

Zodiac Sign-Aquarius & Capricorn

Ruling Planet- Saturn or Shani

Blue Sapphire is called as Neelam in Hindi which brings the fastest results. When the Saturn sits at the malefic position the person starts facing difficulties in his/her life. Saturn is the symbol of Karma and it can make as well as break the individual’s fate. Wearing Blue Sapphire at the right time by the right person can bring the wealth, name and good luck which can lead him/her to the success. Importantly, never give your gemstone to any other person. Secondly, never wear a crack gemstone which makes Shani more aggressive and one can face the consequences.

3. Ruby:

Zodiac Sign:Leo

Ruling Planet:Sun

Ruby gemstone or Manikya in Hindi is the most powerful stone amongst the 7 gemstones. As per astrology, sun indicates the power, dignity, courage and if the planet sun well placed in the horoscope then the person will get the royalty and respect in his life. The person needs to wear Ruby when his/her the ruling planet is placed at the malefic position along with the negative planet such as Rahu, Ketu, Shani.

4. Emerald:

Zodiac Sign- Virgo & Gemini

Ruling Planet- Mercury

Emerald is known as Budh Ratna in Hindi which represents the intelligence or wisdom. A native of Virgo & Gemini can wear this gemstone to nullify the negative impacts of the weak planet. As per the ancient astrology, Emerald enhances the level of creativity and imaginations. An artist, media person and writer can wear this gemstone to improve their imagination power. This is the symbol of Budhi which gives intellectuality and wisdom to the person.

5. Pearl:

Zodiac Sign-Cancer

Ruling Planet-Moon

Pearl symbolizes the state of mind which represents the Manahsthiti. Pearl gemstone should not be worn without the consultation of an astrologer as it can affect negatively as well. If your ruling planet moon sits at the malefic position then a person can face depression, tuberculosis, blood pressure and other health problems. The right position of the moon in the horoscope gives the beauty, prosperity and generosity. It also keeps a married couple happy and heals all the health problems.

6. Red Coral:

Zodiac Sign-Scorpio & Aries

Ruling Planet-Mars

Red coral is known as Lal Moonga in Hindi and it represents the physical strength, vitality and energy. Wearing Red Coral nullifies the malefic effects by protecting the person from evil spirits and enemies. In the assembly of nine planets, mars are placed being a commander-in-chief. If a native of Scorpio and Aries has weak horoscope then Red Coral gemstone can resolve these negative impacts such as health troubles, delay in marriage, confidence and energy.

7. Cat’s Eye:

Zodiac Sign-Libra

Ruling Planet-Ketu

Lehsunia or Vaiduria are other names of Cat’s eye gemstone. A wearer of Cat’s Eye gets discipline and self-control in his/her life. And it also called as second mars because of its similar influences like ‘ Mars’ Cat’s eye bring instant wealth, luck, mental health along with the positivity in life. On the other side, a negative position of Ketu in the horoscope can lead to financial loss, bad luck and sudden accidents. Cat’s eye also cures these diseases including paralysis and mania.

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