Remove All of Your Obstacles with Perfect Gemstones

A time comes in everyone’s life where we see no hope, no growth in short “Obstacles in our path”. We all are examined at some point by our destiny where failure becomes a part of it. Yet, always remember that failure is temporary and will go away. Once the obstacles encounters by these gemstones, you will never turn back and reach to the success. People with weak horoscope can nullify the negative impacts of their respective planets which give the obstacles and barriers in your life. Today, we will be telling you the specialty and astrological benefits of powerful gemstones such as Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Coral, Cat’s eye, Hessonite Garnet, Opal, Pearl and Turquoise.

You can buy online the govt. lab certified gemstones in Delhi. Buy gemstone online in Delhi after consulting a trustworthy gemologist because it is important that the stone suits you. There are variety of Gemstones and should be worn after the consultation. Are you tired of trying hard and hard but still no result? Then go for astrological gemstones which bring good fortune to the wearer within an hour, week & month. The person must wear it after performing all the required rituals to activate the energies of gemstones.

1. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Pisces & Sagittarius

Ruling Planet - Guru or Jupiter

As per Indian astrology, Yellow Sapphire Gemstone or Pukhraj Ratna represents the planet Jupiter. If a person wears Pukhraj Stone then he/she will definitely witness the success. Peela Pukhraj helps to remove the obstacles in your career, marriage or marriage life. The positive energy of Yellow Sapphires gives you wealth, fame and prosperity to the wearer. People who are facing difficulties in business, career, marriage or marriage life then they are highly advised to wear Yellow Sapphire stone. During this time, you can buy variety of Pukhraj Ratna online in Delhi such as Burma yellow sapphire stone, Sri Lanka Pukhraj and Ceyloni Yellow Sapphire stone.

2. Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign- Capricorn & Aquarius

Ruling Planet- Saturn (Shani)

Blue Sapphire stone works miraculously on the negative effects of Shani Dasha, Shani Sade Sati or Dhaiya. The malefic position of Shani in your horoscope can drag you from rich to rag. Without a second thought, consult a knowledgeable astrologer to show your birth chart. Neelam gemstone removes the unexpected calamities, accidents and dangers from your path. The planet Saturn gives you equally whether it is success or failure and everything depends on the position of Shani in your birth chart. Neelam Ratna will enlighten your fortune and also neutralize the ill-fate of Shani, Rahu & Ketu. With the help of Blue Sapphire stone you can achieve the popularity, good omen and achievements in their life.

3. Ruby Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Leo

Ruling Planet - Sun

Ruby Gemstone or Manik Ratna represents the planet Sun. The person with the blessings of planet Sun always sees the heights of success. Yet, the Ruby stone will help you during the malefic position of Sun in the horoscope. If you are having obstacles in relationships, career and personality then you must start wearing Manik Gemstone. If you want to boost up your leadership qualities, status, relationship and self confidence then nothing can be better than Panna stone. You can achieve everything by working so hard but the malefic position of planets can lead to the failure.

4. Emerald Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Gemini & Virgo

Ruling Planet - Mercury (Budh)

As per Vedic astrology, Emerald stone represents the planet Mercury. The people in the field of medical should carry Emerald stone for the better results. However, the students who are weak in study and not able to obtain good marks must wear Emerald stone as it enhances the capacity of learning & concentrating. It is also beneficial to increase the artistic skills and creativity by the wearer. Emerald Panna stone will improve the stammering or confidence problems so that he/she can communicate publically without the interruption. Emerald gemstone also heals the bad past & experience faced by you, if you are not able to overcome it.

5. Coral Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign- Aries & Scorpio

Ruling Planet - Mars

Coral gemstone is known by two other names which are Praval & Moonga. Coral Gemstone represents the planet Mars or Mangal Grah. This planet has a vital role in our life as it commands the armies of god. If Mangal Grah is placed at a malefic house then a person can lose success, wealth, happiness and face delay in marriage as well. To dislodge the negative impacts of Mars from your life then consult an astrologer & gemologist so that they can advise you the suitable Coral gemstone which suits you. The wearer will get the courage, victory, health and money for the lifetime.

6. Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Libra

Ruling Planet- Ketu

Cat’s eye stone is the gemstone of planet Ketu and if you want to exit from all the negative impacts of Ketu. Then you should give a chance to Cat’s eye stone for the betterment of your life. A plenty of benefits are provided by the Cat’s eye stone to the wearer that will amaze you. The negative position of Mars can give you instant financial loss, trauma, depression and ill-fate. Lehsuniya stone brings back good luck and happiness which lost due to the Mangal dosh. It is believed that Cat’s eye stone nullifies the upcoming disaster from the wearer’s life.

7. Hessonite Garnet Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Anyone

Ruling Planet - Rahu

Hessonite Garnet stone protects the wearer from the harmful impacts of Rahu as this stone represents the planet Rahu in the horoscope. The positive & soothing vibes of Hessonite stone calms the mind of the person. May be we are surrounded by lot of difficulties but a calm mind can make the situation under control. It will give you number of benefits including happy marriage, peace in your life, prosperity, financial growth and many more. Even, Hessonite Garnet stone is also helpful in severe health disease such as cancer, leprosy, heart disease & blood related problems.

8. Opal Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Taurus & Libra

Ruling Planet – Venus

Opal gemstone is the gemstone of planet Venus which provides you the luxury and comfort of life. You will get everything if your planet Venus is positioned at the right place in your horoscope. Though, the negative position of Venus can be proven tough for you as it will take your wealth, health & happiness. Not to worry, whose planet Venus is weak they must wear Opal stone to avoid obstacles. Negative impacts of planet Venus can give you poverty, sexual disorder and infertility. Opal stone is blessed with positive vibes which can bring luxurious life, wealth and romance to your life.

9. Pearl Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Ruling Planet - Moon

Pearl gemstone is also known as the queen of Sea which represents the planet Moon. The planet Moon is the symbol of calm mind, peace and meditation. If the position of planet Moon is right in the birth chart then the person will receive all the success and reputation. People with such issues need to wear Pearl Stone which are depression, sleeping disorders and discord between couple. It is believed by the astrologers that our emotions are controlled by the planet Moon. Pearl stone is surrounded by the numerous positive vibes which removes the barriers from your path.

10. Turquoise Gemstone:

Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius/ Dhanu Rashi

Ruling Planet: Venus/Neptune

According to the Indian astrology, the people who are native of Saggitarius zodiac can wear Turquoise stone. Firoza or Turquoise stone has no side-effects and it can be worn by anyone. A person who dreams for a faithful married life with his/her partner is recommended Turquoise stone. It will bring money and fame to the wearer due to its magical power. Turquoise stone is also beneficial in acidity and stomach related problems. The most important thing is that Turquoise gemstone does not have any negative impact on the wearer and can be worn by any of the zodiac sign. Buy 100% original Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, Neelam Ratna, Pearl stone, Hessonite Garnet stone, Turquoise stone and Cat’s eye stone in Delhi. Do not run after fake stones & gemstones which can show you the unexpected harm to you. Always buy Govt. certified natural gemstones which are available across India, UK, U.SA, New York & Canada.

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