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Gemstones are one of the most wondrous things. They are full of stunning features. First is their colour. Each of the gemstones has unique shades. And each of the shades is equally eye-catching. And some among them are absolutely heavenly. Next, come to their cuts and shapes. When a mineral solidifies, it becomes crystals. And then the gemstone experts or the like give proper cuts to them. This makes them crystals form beautiful gemstones. The precise cuts and edges are also worth mentioning. The last feature is the most important one. It is about the benefits of gemstones. Surprisingly, the gemstones carry cosmic energies in them. And this blesses the wearer with numerous benefits. Physical health, mental health, career and relationships improve with specific stones. If this isn't divine, then what is?

But, these benefits become null because of just one factor. And that is the authenticity of the stone. If your gemstone isn't genuine, you will gain no benefits from it. And one of the most beneficial gemstones is the Emerald stone. You might need it. But ensure that it should be one of the Genuine Emerald Stones whenever you buy this stone. But, how can you buy certified gems without hassles?

If you buy your gems from Dhanshree Gems, you need not worry. Because this store has been serving stones of the finest quality and genuine since 1992. And people from all over the world demand gemstones from here. The stones here are certified by the most popular institution. Also, the customers receive professional help from gemstone experts in Dhanshree Gems.

There are many other aspects related to buying an authentic gemstone. And it becomes quite a hassle to buy authentic gemstones in a vast city like Delhi. We will also be mentioning it. So, let us know all about the different aspects of buying authentic emerald stone without further ado.

How to determine that the emerald stone is authentic?

Before knowing where to Buy Authentic emeralds, we should know this. What makes the gemstone authentic? There are many factors that determine the authenticity of the emerald stone. So, let us know what they are.

☑️ Flawlessness

The first feature that determines the emerald is real is its flawlessness. Inclusions are certain unwanted things. They enter into the stone during their formation. Generally, an emerald is a stone that includes loads of inclusions. But, these inclusions are invisible to naked eyes. One can see them under magnifying glasses. Jeweller's loupe is the device that helps one to see these inclusions. The inclusions are miniature lines. They appear as veins in the stones. So, check under the Jeweller's loupe while buying the emerald stone. If you find these inclusions, your stone has more chances of being genuine.

☑️ Presence of fire or sparkles

Generally, we all know that if gemstones or sparkles, it is genuine. But, this is not the case with emerald gemstones. And thus, this becomes a major factor to check while buying this stone. You may hold the stone in sunlight. A real emerald will never sparkle or shine. Also, there will be no fire in it. So, if you see that your stone is not shining, then the chances of it being real are high. Even if the stone shines, it will be with dull fire.

Moreover, there will be no rainbow formation. We often see rainbows when a stone is held against the sunlight. But, in emerald stone, no rainbow flashes form.

☑️ Colour

Each gemstone has its original colours. However, some stones may have similar shades. But, the shade of green that emerald stones have is unique. No other gemstone can possibly have this shade. Also, this makes it easier for you to understand whether your stone is a genuine one or not. You may not be aware of this. But, the genuine emerald stones do not have a complete green colour. Their shade is more like bluish-green. But, often, one may find brown or yellow tints present in the stones. And that is the indication of the stone not being genuine.

☑️ The Price

You should know that emerald stones are pretty expensive. When you want to Buy Authentic Emerald, the range will be high enough. This stone has numerous benefits. But, since the price is high, many people can not afford it. But, they may need this stone urgently to improve their marriage. Or for physical health conditions. Here, they search for less-priced stones. And fake emerald stones are comparatively much cheaper. Thus, they end up buying a fake one. So, if you find that the stone price is too low to be of a real stone, be sure that it is a fake one.


What is the ultimate proof of authentication for emerald stones?

The aspects that we have mentioned above were some of the ways. They can alert you to some extent about whether the emerald stone is real. But there is one method that is the ultimate proof for authenticity. If you need an emerald birthstone, this factor is a must. It is the certification of the stone. Yes, gemstones come with certificates. And these certificates are the most important proof of your stone being real.

When you have the certificate for your emerald stone, be worry-free. Because, when you have the certificates, it is sure that your stone is genuine. Also, the certificate offers all the necessary information about your emerald stone. Stones may vary in carat weight, size and shape. Every minute detail is there in the certificate of the stones. So, having the certificates for your gemstone is the ultimate proof of them being real.

How can you get a certified and authentic emerald stone in Delhi?

Delhi is a vast city. And also one of the most important cities in India. So, the amount of fraudsters here is also quite large. Each one of us needs to be very attentive while buying gemstones. There are unauthentic emeralds everywhere. So, how will you Buy Pure Genuine Emerald in Delhi? The answer is that-from Dhanshree Gems.

Dhanshree Gems has been one of the leading gemstone providers all over the world. People from all over the globe buy gemstones online and offline from Dhanshree Gems. All the gemstones here come with certificates. And the certificates are from one of the most popular institutions. Also, one can get expert assistance to choose which stone would suit them the best.

So, if you are looking for places where you can Buy Certified Emerald, it is Dhanshree Gems. People have trusted this store since 1992. And Dhanshree Gems has continued serving its loyal customers with the finest quality authentic and certified stones. Additionally, they envision doing so globally in the future as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy an Emerald in New Delhi?

You can buy emeralds in Delhi from any gemstone store. But, it will be best if you choose the store wisely. Ensure that the gemstone store has a good reputation. Also, see if they provide certificates with stones because this claims the genuineness of the stone. And if you want to avoid all confusion, there is one solution. You can easily head to Dhanshree Gems. It is the best store for buying authentic and certified gemstones. You can also surf through their website if you want to buy online. So, if you want to buy an emerald and ensure it's high-quality, Dhanshree Gems is the perfect destination.


As a buyer of emerald stones, you must be very cautious. Especially in a city like Delhi. Emerald is a very precious stone. And its benefits are abundant. So, ensure to buy the genuine and the finest quality stones. And for that, visit Dhanshree Gems. You will not have to worry about anything. From the moment you place your order, the store will look after everything. So, when you want to Buy Certified Emerald, give this responsibility to Dhanshree Gems, and you will be served with excellence.

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