Gemstones are very powerful stones and provides different effects on life. A large number of people in India buy gemstones due to their astrological powers. Gems can enhance the strength of planets in a person’s life and provides good vibes to a person .Gemstones are very expensive and people who buy it can wear it for their whole life but sometimes all things does not happen according to you and some fake sellers gives you artificial gemstones just to produce some extra bucks for them and convince the customer by showing them the fake color quality,shine and lusture of their fake gemstone.

Due to the high demand of gemstones in the market has led to people being duped into buying lookalike gemstones that come in the same color, shape and size as that of a real gemstone. Thus, to take advantage of the real benefits of natural gemstones, here is a list of things you have to keep in mind before purchasing a gemstone in order to spend your money on the right thing and avail the benefits of your gemstone. At Dhanshree Gems you get the real gemstones because we take care of your needs and valuable money.

DIY test to find out if the gemstone is real or fake:

The gemstones which are now widely sold in the market has some synthetic properties but real gemstones does not have any synthetic properties because they found in nature and synthetic gemstones are produced in laboratories. So, it is very difficult for the customers to make a difference from the real and fake gemstones and they end up spending a fortune on them.

As natural and fake gemstones have a very thin line difference because they are produce in the laboratories after so much tests so, there are some DIY tests than can be done by the customer to find the gemstone reality.

The initial step is to check for any consideration on the stone with the unaided eye. If you can't perceive any incorporations with your naked eyes, at that point utilize an amplifying glass of atleast 10X amplification to see whether the gemstone contains any considerations or not. Likewise search for any imprint or chipping to see whether the gemstone has been expelled from a ring or something like that. While real and transparent gemstones are elusive, search for any scratches and dark spots inside the gemstone before you focus in on your buy. Still if you are not able to find any difference and have doubt on your buy you can also consult with any gemologist.

You can also check the color of the gemstone. It should be vibrant and eye satisfying. Before buying any gemstone you should check the ratings and authenticity of the seller from where you buying the gemstone and you must consult from some persons who have good knowledge on gemstones before buying it.

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