Pukhraj Stone

Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone is a valuable gemstone of yellow color. The rare yellow color enhances its beauty. The perfect cuts can also enhance its beauty. This gemstone hails from the family of Corundum minerals. Due to its color and benefits, it is used for astrological purposes besides as jewelry.

What makes the Pukhraj so valuable and benevolent?

The main reason of Pukhraj’s auspiciousness or greatness is its association with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and it is held as the most auspicious among the nine planets. This planet can influence the lives of people to great extent. It can bring good luck and fulfillment in every aspect of life. Jupiter is a significant symbol of wealth, prosperity, good luck, happy marriage, and good fortune.

According to the Jyotish Shastra, the benevolent rays of the planet Jupiter can be caught by the yellow sapphire. Therefore, the beneficent planet’s roles are engrossed in this stone and wearing it can be very helpful to increase the wealth, prosperity, luck and having a good marriage.

The benevolent stone can be purchased from the shops or one can choose to look for Pukraj stone online.

The benefits of having a Pukhraj

There are numerous benefits of wearing the Pukhraj or the yellow sapphire. Some of them are listed below.

•This stone can be worn to increase wealth. If anyone is facing any difficulties in the wealth-related matters, then this stone can revive the wearer’s luck.

• Luck, fortune, and opportunities can be increased if someone wears the stone.

• Having a happy marriage can be initiated by this. If any unmarried person is having trouble in getting engaged or married, then the stone can use its benevolent powers to ward off the negative energies.

• Those couples, who are trying to have a baby, can wear it so that the chances can increase.

• Psychological pressure and stress can be a great burden on anybody and the yellow sapphire can reduce the negativity from life.

• Happiness in the family relationships and marriage can be increased if the person chooses to wear the Pukhraj.

• Depression and any other kinds of mental illness can be cured by this stone.

• Those who are facing challenges in professional life can use this stone to bring back luck.

• Several serious diseases like joint pain, piles, and lung diseases can be healed with the help of Pukhraj.

• Those who are suffering from stomach ailments are likely to be benefitted from this stone.

• Liver problems, blood circulation problems, throat infection can be a major reason of tension for many. Wearing this stone can be helpful here.

• Chest pain, cholera, heart diseases can be cured easily if the patient wears this stone.

The people residing in the capital region can be benefitted from the stone by purchasing this stone and while buying, they should keep in mind the Pukhraj stone price in Delhi.

How to wear this stone for the maximum benefit?

There are several problems in a person’s life which can be addressed with the help of the astrology. The astrologer can suggest the perfect stone for someone according to their problems or ailments. Every stone needs to wear in a special way and on a special day. Not maintaining these rules can cause more and more problems.

If the astrologer prescribes wearing the Pukhraj, then it should be bought with great care so that the stone can be authentic. Pukhraj stone price can vary from stores to stores and it is the wearer’s duty to find the perfect stone.

As the stone represents Jupiter and Jupiter is represented by Thursday, then this stone should be worn in the Thursday of a ShuklaPaksha. The ceremony should be held in the morning to optimize the powers of the stone.

The stones are to be worn on the correct finger to enhance the effects. The wrong finger can be fatal to the wearer. This gemstone is to be situated on the index finger of the right hand. However, the women can wear this stone on their left hand as well.

The stone should be embedded in a gold ring. The stone should be placed in such a manner so that it touches the skin of the wearer as it will increase the benefits.

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