The beauty, power, and royal aura of an Emerald gemstone aren’t unknown to a soul. But until now, high-quality Emerald was exclusive to Colombia. However, the 1970s was a revolutionary decade that brought the world’s focus on Zambian Emeralds. The Kafubu area became a ground of worship for the business people involved in gemstone trading. Today, Zambia occupies the 2nd spot for producing the highest quality Emeralds after Colombia. 

In fact, India is one of the top countries that receives these beauties. 

What Makes Zambian Emeralds Special?

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Zambian Emeralds checks quite a few boxes, making it a new favorite of Emerald lovers. 

  • The iron content in Emeralds from Zambia is higher than other varieties, which increases the hardness. As per Moh’s scale, they lie on a scale of 7.7-8, close to Sapphire and Ruby. 
  • Unlike other Emerald varieties, the ones from Zambia have a blue undertone and is darker.
  • They are less brittle and more durable. 
  • The stone has fewer inclusions than other varieties, making it a visually strong choice. 
  • They hardly need any treatment for appearance enhancement. The emphasis on natural beauty makes it a catch. 
  • As for its price, you’ll be surprised. Due to its late entry into the market, the Zambian Emerald price is relatively lower than Colombian varieties. 
  • A high-quality stone at a low-quality price. It can’t get better than this, right? 

What to Remember before Buying Zambian Emeralds? 

1. Color

color of zambian emerald

The primary attribute to evaluate is the color. Because the stone has a blue undertone, you should choose a vividly saturated and not too dark stone. And if you’re worried about blue color making an Emerald look cheap, this one leaning toward the mysterious blues is like owning a fragment of the ocean's secrets.

2. Clarity 

While Emeralds are known for inclusions, choose one where these inclusions enhance the stone's character without overtaking its beauty. Usually, Emeralds from Zambia have minimal inclusions. Even if they do, the natural "flaws" become a part of the gem's story, making each Zambian Emerald gemstone a unique piece of art.

3. Carat 

Like any other gemstone, larger Zambian Panna is rarer and, consequently, more valuable. Your choice depends on the weight of your aspirations and your budget.

4. The Certificate of Origin

Don't forget to obtain a certificate of origin. This certificate of authenticity is more than a mere proof that your purchase is secure. Each Zambian Emerald gemstone has its unique tale to tell, and this certificate is a portal to that history.

5. Transparency

Transparency of Zambian Emerald

Ensuring you have all the information about your Zambian Panna is key to making the experience even more fun. An informed customer is hard to fool. With so many fake gemstone businesses ruining people’s expectations, it’s important you spend your hard-earned money on a jeweler you trust. 

6. Cut

faceted cut of zambian emerald

These Zambian beauties are versatile and give you the space to experiment. Cut is a crucial element of how your gemstone will look like. Sharper cuts like square and pear are generally considered unsuitable for an Emerald. Make sure you spend enough time and narrow a design that doesn’t waste the stone’s beauty. 

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Benefits of Zambian Emerald 

1. Mercury-Linked Communication:

Zambia Emerald, with their vibrant green color and exceptional clarity, is effective for individuals born under Mercury-ruled signs such as Gemini and Virgo. They improve your communication skills, boost self-confidence, and helps you articulate your thoughts more effectively.

2. Emotional Harmony:

They symbolize your heart chakra and have a calming and harmonizing influence on emotions. They help individuals find emotional balance and experience a sense of inner harmony. This emotional equilibrium can lead to better relationships and well-being.

3. Mental Clarity and Focus:

These gemstones clear mental clutter, allowing for more efficient thought processes and decision-making. If you’re an ambitious soul who’s unable to focus their over-enthusiasm on their goal or if you have been in a creative rut and are overwhelmed with your overthink, Zambian Emeralds can be a good option for you. 

4. Heart-Centered Spirituality:

Zambian Emeralds, as heart-centered stones, promote a deep connection with the heart chakra and heart-centered spirituality. Wearing a They help you open yourselves to the power of unconditional love, compassion, and heart-centered experiences, fostering spiritual growth and emotional healing.

5. Abundance and Growth:

There’s a reason why Emerald is called the King of Gemstones and was a beloved choice for royalty in ancient times. Their rarity and lush green color attract prosperity and growth opportunities. 

Final Thoughts

If we were to describe Zambian Emeralds with a single tagline, it would be “Connecting you to the nature you were born in.” The modern world’s chaos forces us to disconnect from our inner selves and focus on everything but ourselves. This stone energizes you just like an early morning walk on dewy grass.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the price of a Zambian Emerald? 

In India, Zambian Emerald price start from ₹900 and go to lakhs depending on clarity, cut, and color. 

Is Zambian Panna good? 

The benefits of Zambian Panna, as listed in the article, are multi-faceted and allow you to experience a fulfilled life. So yes, Zambian Panna is a great choice.