Opal is the birthstone for month October. Opal is a semi precious gemstone and it is a national gemstone of Australia. Another name of Opal is play of colors because it may vary in many colors depending on the situation in which they formed. Opal mainly find in white, green or black color. The other kind of common Opal are milky Opal and bluish to greenish Opal.

Associated Planet: Venus planet is associated with the gemstone Opal.

Mining Area: There are two mining area of Opal that is Australia and Ethiopia. Australian Opal is best for an astrological purpose.

Benefits of wearing opal gemstone:

~ Opal gemstone provides great luck, good status and reputation in society.

~ Opal gemstone is related to the planet Venus so it brings benefits of Venus to the wearer.

~ It may give attractive personality to the wearer.

~ Opal gemstone also gets rid of problem in your home and household.

~ It is also beneficial for the health and wealth of the wearer.