Emerald gemstone is a naturally occurring gemstone found usually in igneous rocks and in alluvial deposits. Emerald is a precious gemstone related to the family of Beryl. It is known as Panna in Hindi. Emerald is a transparent and clean gemstone with natural inclusions. Emerald comes in beautiful green colour. According to astrology, the emerald gemstone is related to the planet Mercury. It brings progress, intelligence and powers to its wearer. Also, it enhances one’s creativity, the presence of mind and decision-making ability.

Associated planet: Emerald is associated with the planet Mercury.

Mining area: Zambia, Columbia, Brazil, Pakistan and others.

Benefits of wearing Emerald Gemstone:

~ Wearing an emerald gemstone brings progress, intelligence and powers that better understanding of life.

~ It may provide better communication skills, creativity and ability to innovate better. 

~ It has the ability to provide skills, knowledge and confidence. 

~ This gemstone improves decision making capability and presence of mind. 

~ Emerald gemstone plays a role in improving health problems of the wearer.