Neelam Stone

By wearing a perfect gemstone according to astrology people gets some relief in their life.

Neelam is the gemstone of Saturn (Shani Grah). It is also known as Blue Sapphire. Neelam should be worn with utmost caution. This appealing gemstone is composed of Aluminium Oxide and it belongs to the family of the mineral Corundum.

Neelam Stone can be shows instant impact that includes rise in wealth, solution for troubles, and an increase in confidence A Neelam Stone is found in three hues, namely, Green, Purple and Violet. The royal look carried by this gemstone make it irresistible to own and wear. Neelam Stone is that the birthstone for the month of September. It is additionally counseled for fifth, twenty third and forty fifth centenaries.

If the world Saturn/ Shani happens to be very weak or Delapilated (neech) in keeping with your horoscope, then the gemstone blue sapphire is your good gem for you. Neelam Stone helps scale back the malevolent effects of Saturn (Shani) in one’s horoscope.

The Neelam stone is best for people of Capricorn zodiac sign (Makar Rashi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi). Apart from that, anyone who also wants to reduce the negative effects of saade-saati can wear Neelam stone. The main source of Neelam Stone is Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka, Kashmir (Jammu) mines and Burma (Myanmar) mines.

As per as the astrological belief, when a gemstone embedded ring is worn by a person, this enables the gemstone to heal and benefit the person in a better way. This is because while wearing a ring, the back of the gemstone comes in direct contact with the skin of the finger of its wearer. While wearing Neelam Stone Rings, people have been benefited in such astonishing ways which makes this gemstone one of the four most important gemstones along with Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds.

Neelam Stone Price in India

Neelam Stone is one of the most expensive gemstones and when you buy Neelam Stone online, you may get to see attractive deals. Depending upon the quality of stone, which includes CUT COLOUR CLARITY CARAT WEIGHT (4C’s) AND ORIGIN (source) of the Neelam stone price in India may vary.

Natural Neelam stone Price range starts at around Rs 2000/- per carat in India (as per current year 2018 market trend). If you see a cheaper price in online then you have to be cautious. While wearing Neelam Stone for astrological purpose, one must ensure that the stone should not have Cracks, Black Spots or any other dosh in the stone. Neelam Stone available online are evaluated based upon the purity of their primary hue.

Color – ‘Accurate Blue’ or Royal Blue is the most desirable color in Neelam stone. In addition, tone, saturation and color consistency carry considerable influence on overall value. A bright, pure blue and vividly saturated piece draws much higher price in the market than sapphires that are too dark or too blue or gray.

Clarity – Finding an eye clean original Neelam Stone is exceptionally rare since almost every original Neelam stone contains inclusions in the form of rutile needles (Silk). Also, location, volume and nature of inclusions can be influence Neelam’s cost.

Given their gemological composition, inclusions are usually acceptable in Neelam Stone. Visible inclusions in Neelam Stone usually exist as fine silk (needles), fingerprints and color bands. Natural Neelam Stone without visible inclusions is rarely found and hence are exorbitantly expensive. However, it is always advisable to buy certified Neelam Stone whether online or from reputed dealers to ensure a fair purchase.

Carat Weight – It is quite rare to come across an original, flawless Neelam Stone above a few carats because color and clarity are highly unlikely to co-exist on the same scale. Unsurprisingly, for such a piece, Neelam price in India or anywhere can range in millions.

Cut & Shape – A finely cut Neelam Stone fetches good money in the market as it can enhance the brightness of the stone and conceals the visible inclusions. If quality remains same, rounder or oval shaped Neelam Stones are cheaper than square or other custom shapes because of the stone wastage incurred in the process.

Treatment – Neelam Stones are heat treated to enhance color and remove color zoning. Natural, unheated Neelam Stones are usually more valuable (depending on other factors) than heated or chemically altered stones. Lab created Neelam Stones are often sold as genuine pieces but are neither worthy nor astrologically significant.

Uniqueness - Neelam Stones – Sapphires are known to exhibit ‘asterism’ in a six-ray star like fashion. A Neelam Stone producing such an effect is called Star Sapphire. They have been discovered in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, Thailand and certain parts of Africa and South- East Asia. Being opaque, Neelam Stones price depends on luster and perfection of the star print which is best viewed under direct sunlight by tilting the stone at different angles. A well-aligned six-ray radial can drastically increase Neelam Stones’ value.

It is recommended that Neelam stone can wear the person who is you suffer from nightmares & bad dreams and also to people who have Saturn & Jupiter aligned in adverse ways in their birth charts. Problems in conceiving a child, the health of the children are also not proper obstructions in education and career Disharmony between the family members.

Thus the Neelam Stones has become a colour which fits in with everything that is constant and reliable. That is one of the reasons why women in many countries wish for a Neelam Stone on their engagement. The Neelam Stones symbolises loyalty, but at the same time it gives expression to people's love and longing.

Neelam Stone Ring


Benefits of Neelam Stone

Neelam Stone has benefits in numerous ways. It is known to bring in good luck, mental peace, gain in wealth, and problem resolution, an opportunity and promotion in work. It is a stone for Saturn planet. When Saturn is weak, the person gets slow results for his efforts. The success is always delayed and it requires tremendous hard work to achieve what the person deserves. Saturn makes the person discouraged and Lazy. On the other hand, if the Saturn be strong, the person gets accreditation, Fame and Popularity. A strong Saturn ensures financial growth and motivation.

Since Neelam Stone is a very powerful stone, it shows results in a few days. And is considered as very auspicious if you are suffering from financial loss. It helps the individual calm of their mind and lets you focus. It helps in releasing unwanted thoughts and tensions. Neelam Stone is very effective stone for sorting disputes like criminal cases, Divorce cases etc. It makes the person motivated and hardworking.

It is a highly protective gem and can shield you from evil eye, enemies and black magic. It will bless you with name, fame and reputation. So, wearing a Neelam Stone can strengthen Saturn and give you favourable results. It helps in protection from evil eye, enemies, hexing, jealousy etc.

Method of Wearing

Neelam Stone should be wear atleast 5.25 ratti (weight) in Punchdhatu, gold or silver ring. It should be worn on Saturday Evening to middle finger. Better quality will leads to the stronger astrological effects. The studded ring can be wear only after performing puja under the guidance of astrologer. It is advised that this stone should be worn under the strict advice of expert astrologer otherwise it can prove harmful.

A word of caution

A sapphire, especially a Neelam Stone, should first be worn only after trial. Even a perfect stone is sometimes unlucky and will cause trouble to the user. To test a Neelam Stone one can wear the gem wrapped in a blue cloth bound around one’s arm for a week. One can also place it under their pillow for three nights. If there is any bad effect, the Neelam stone should be rejected.

Neelam Stones are touchy gems; even when they are worn by the proper people, they can bring negative effects on occasion. This is because some gemstones are unlucky. Therefore, Neelam Stone should always be worn for a trial period to ascertain whether the particular stone you have purchased will do harm. Be careful on buying Neelam Stone online.


We always believe in making online shopping fun and spontaneous, that is why we take care of everything else.

The fine quality gemstones encompass fewer inclusions compares with earlier category stone standard Neelam stone. Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or communicate with us for more options to buy a perfect neelam stone from us. It is barely possible to find inclusions in the fine category Neelam stone with bare eyes. Buy only certified Neelam Stone for Astrological benefits. Natural Gemstones give best astrological results. We fully guarantee that all Neelam stones are untreated, unheated and Natural Gemstones.

Transparent Neelam Stone of Ceylon will give best results. Make in gold or silver ring with Neelam Stone and wear it in the morning of any Saturday during Shukla Paksha, wear it in the middle finger. Buy Neelam Stone and live more happily with peace of mind.

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