Red Coral Stone Benefits

The way you behave, the way you act, and the way you are, is because of the orbital positions of your planets in the natal chart.

However, there may be certain instances when your planets may oppose the ideal orbital positions. In such a situation, the gemstones come to the rescue.

There are a number of gemstones gifted by nature, which can help you bring a balance to your lifestyle. But the most important one among them is Red Coral, also known as Praval or Moonga Stone, which stands as the ruling stone for the planet, Mars. Among the nine planets present in our solar systems, Mars is known for its powers of warfare and the commander and thus wearing a Red Coral will infuse the similar energies within you.

But it has several other benefits too:

  • 1. Brings a Change in The Attitude: Red coral possesses a great source of energy and thus, those who wear it, are also blessed with a positive attitude. Wearing a red coral also keeps the lethargic attitude at bay.
  • 2. Improves Mental Health: Those who are fighting with depression can wear red coral to fight the negative energies and help the positive vibes sustain. The high energies of red coral help to keep the negative energies at bay, and thus cures depression.
  • 3. Infuses Courage to The Individual: Not everyone is blessed with a great confidence spirit and extensive courage to face the outer world. The red coral encourages a feeling of confidence in the individual and brings a change in his attitude.
  • Heals Skin Problem: Those who tend to suffer a lot from dermatological problems can witness great benefits and see a lot of improvement in their skin.

  • 5. Controls The Anger: If you are someone who suffers a lot of temperamental issues, a red coral can definitely help you balance the level and handle the situations in calm.
  • 6. Removes Marital Hurdles: The energy of the red coral is high, which improves the feeling of attraction between the couples and thus improves the marital relationship.
  • 7. Gives Professional Benefits: The individuals who do not come across ample professional success might feel disappointed. But wearing a red coral can help you bring out the excellence at your workplace.
  • 8. Seek a Protection: Most of us have several difficulties in our horoscopes, which may seem quite difficult to overcome. However, a red coral possesses high energies and creates a shield around you that can protect you from the upcoming dangers.

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