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Returns & Replacements

In the return and replacement policy, we will return you the amount plus provide the facility of free replacement of the product within 8-10 days of the invoice date of delivery of the product, in the following conditions-

  1. If you changed your mind to buy the item, you ordered
  2. If we received the product in weak, damaged or mutilated condition, we would not accept it any condition
  3. If the product is excellent and is same as what we sent you then, we can quickly return or replace it
  4. An original product certificate must accompany the product and copy of the original bill, packaging, documentation, lab certificate, discount-coupon, etc

Important Things-

  • Product replacement is only possible for products that you received in a wrong or damaged situation or when you incorrectly received another product, which is different from what you ordered.
  • Shipping charges, Vat, and duties are non-refundable on goods returns under the 5-day return policy.
  • We will only accept the product in proper packaging, along with original gem certificates and sales invoices.
  • When we receive the product back and verify its packaging or condition properly, then we will begin the return or replacement process for your money/product within 8-10 working days. No returns will be allowed after five days.
  • We will process refunds on the same account from which we receive the payment. It can take about 2-3 business days to reflect the amount in your account.

Commonly Asked Queries-Returns and Replacement Policy

1. When does the 10-day return period begin?

The 10-day return period begins the day you receive your product, as displayed by our courier records. Note that any custom jewelry that is rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. can't be returned for money. But, you can place a return request on our website.

2. I ordered two gemstones, and I like one of them, can I return the other one?

Of course, on our 100% money-back gemstone, under our no-questions return policy, you can return other gems within the time of 5 days within one condition that the gemstone is what we sent you.

3. If I lost the lab certificates plus the original packaging of the product then, can I still return the gemstone?

We require complete original product certificate, invoice, documentation, lab certificate, plus packaging, etc., that are with the gemstone. In the lack of any of these things then, you are not suitable for a 100% money-back guarantee. Though, you may still be eligible for complete or maybe incomplete replacement. Please reach out to our customer support unit with your accurate summary so that we can help you better.

4. How can I send returning gemstone?

If you are returning or replacing any gemstone then, please follow these steps-

  1. Contact our Customer Support plus get Return Support
  2. Make sure you keep each original item with gemstones such as original product certificate, invoice, documentation, and packaging, etc.
  3. Pack the thing nicely and send it to us within a reliable courier with insurance for the package. Choose courier tracking information plus share it with us so we can know about it.
  4. We suggest you send the product back to your nearby DTDC branch within the DTDC Plus service. The service guarantees to deliver on the next business day also reduces the chance includes linking to delays, loss, and theft.>