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Hessonite (Gomed)

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Hessonite Stone Facts

Hessonite is the stone of Rahu and is considered a powerful stone relating to the destructive power of Rahu. It can be a game changer in anyone’s life- either it can destroy everything or protect from every destruction. The power of this gemstone is feared by many. The honey coloured gemstone have attained its importance aesthetically as well as astrologically.

Who should wear Hessonite Stone?

Hessonite is the gemstone that represents Rahu, also known as dragon head. Rahu along with its enemy planets Sun, Mars and Saturn is known for its destructive power. Hessonite is of astrological importance to anyone having Rahu Mahadasha in his/her birth chart.

  • Kumbha Rashi is advised to adorn Hessonite according to Vedic astrology
  • Hessonite (Gomed) is considered as a birthstone for Gemini as per Western Astrology
  • This gemstone is also assigned for Libra and Taurus
  • Benefits of Hessonite (Gomed)

    As Hessonite is related to Rahu, its power is said to be immense. After analysis of Birth chart and Horoscope, One should adorn Gomed if suggested. There are several benefits that can be availed to by wearing a Hessonite gemstone, only if it suits.

    Instant Profits: The energetic Hessonite gemstone can be related to financial gains if adorned by the correct person.

    Influencing Ability: As Rahu rules Hessonite, the wearer attains the influencing and manipulating power.

    Enhanced Power and Position: Rahu is well known for its destructive power, Hessonite enhances the ability of the wearer and this leads to recognition and improvement in position.

    Clarity and Confidence:Gomed neutralises the malefic effects of Rahu and clears the mind of any confusion and thus providing stability leading to a boost in confidence in the wearer.

    Health Benefits of Hessonite Stone

    A weak Rahu invites a lot of diseases that are difficult to diagnose. Conditions like asthma, sinus infection, epilepsy, leprosy etc. can be regulated by a Hessonite. Due to the malefic effect of Rahu, a tendency of suicide may be observed which can be overcome by adorning a hessonite. It is also believed to relieve gastric and other respiratory problems.

    Factors to consider while buying a Hessonite

    Colour:The colour of a Gomed generally ranges from honey-yellow to deep reddish brown. It generally resembles the colour of a cow’s urine or honey.

    Origin:The primary sources of Hessonite are mines in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Austria and Thailand. The most superior quality of Gomed is Ceylon or Saloni Hessonite which is known for its excellent saturation. The black Gomed, also famous as Indian Hessonite has low value both astrologically and aesthetically due to its low lustre and black inclusions obstructing its clarity.

    Clarity: Clarity plays the primary role in judging the quality of a hessonite gemstone. There may be inclusions in a Gomed; it may be visible black inclusions or oily invisible inclusions (only visible under a microscope). Not just the type of compositions but also the position of the inclusion matters. A superior quality of Hessonite gemstone is expected to be transparent, colour saturated and almost inclusion free.

    Weight:Just like every other gemstone, the weight of hessonite is measured in carats. The value of a Gomed depends on the weight not only financially but also astrologically. The weight of Hessonite to be adorned is determined by analysis of birth chart and horoscope. It is usually suggested that one should wear a Hessonite of weight which is one-tenth of one’s weight.

    Price: The price of a Gomed depends on colour, clarity, quality and weight of the gemstone. In India, The price of Hessonite gemstone ranges from ₨ 125 per carat (2$) to ₨4,600 per carat (70$).

    Treatments:The gemstone may undergo cold or heat treatment while processing the primary product. However, the natural untreated Gomed holds a higher value than artificially manufactured synthetic Hessonite.

    Cut: A gemstone is cut and polished to be embedded in a ring or pendant. There may be wastage of Hessonite while carving out the desired shape. This is the reason why the faceted out cut Hessonite is of higher value than normal round or cabochon Gomed if the quality remains the same.

    The material of Ring: Hessonite is best accompanied by the silver ring to maximise the astrological effect of the gemstone. A hessonite should be adorned in the middle finger of the working hand.

    Mode of Purchase: Indians prefer to buy genuine gemstone from their trusted jewellers. However, as we are moving towards digitalization, a part of the population thinks online purchase of gemstone is also safe and believable. In fact, a gradient report provided along with the gemstone backs up the fact that the gemstone is genuine. Moreover, information such as colour, weight, treatment process etc. is provided in the gradient report.

    A clear Hessonite, if adorned by the right person, will bestow financial gains as well as wellness in health and mind.

    How to choose an excellent gomed stone?

    There are many varieties of gomed stone available. The best varieties are medium to dark orange and brown, orange shade to brown yellow with different shades. The garnet hessonite gemstone, a real gomed stone, gets its original and natural colour from mineral manganese or trace element iron. Gomed price in India is fixed, and you must adequately survey before purchasing one.

    Qualities of a good gemstone

    Some signs show the quality of a well-groomed stone.

    • The colour of the stone is similar to the colour of cow urine.
    • Freedom from different layers.
    • Waxy adamantine finish and polished and even surface.
    • Uniform coloration throughout the stone.
    • Transparency and high specific gravity.
    • Attractive size and shape.

    These are some qualities that differentiate a quality gomed stone from a fake piece.

    Which day is suitable for wearing gomed stone?

    You must know the proper rules and regulations before wearing a gemstone. Before wearing gomed stone, you must adequately wash it with fresh milk and water and chant the mantra, “Om Ram Rahave Namaha”. Two days are preferable for wearing this gemstone- Wednesday and Saturday. You must wear this stone two hours after the sunset to reap its benefits.

    How do I know if gomed stone suits my body?

    People say that Rahu or this gemstone rules the bones and skin of the wearers. Thus if you are having any problems related to bones, gomed gemstone will be the best choice. It is also known for healing rashes and allergies on the skin. You need to check where Rahu is placed. Then wear gomed stone depending on the requirements.

    Price of Gomed stone

    There are different varieties of this gemstone available in India. Therefore, Gomed price in India also varies. It ranges from 125 rupees per carat to 4200 rupees per carat. The best quality gomed stone that are available in India originates from Sri Lanka.


    If you wish to check the originality of this gemstone, you can dip it in cow’s urine for 20 minutes. If the colour of the urine changes, then know that the hessonite is original. Beware of fraud people. Many sellers are selling fake gomed stone.