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Iolite Stone Facts & FAQ

A look like Blue Sapphire, Iolite is known to be the birthstone of the Virgo sun sign. It can also be worn by Capricorn and Aquarius as a substitute of Neelam (Blue Sapphire). This beautiful blue-violet gemstone carries the spirit of dream and intuition.

What are the properties of Iolite Stone?

Color: Light to dark blue, purplish-blue, brown, yellow, gray. Rarely red to brownish-red

Hardness in Mohs scale: 7-7.5

Nature of Solid: Transparent or opaque crystal

Refractive Index: 1.542 to 1.551

Birefringence: 0.008 to 0.012

Specific Gravity: 2.6-2.7

What is the most desirable color of Iolite Stone?

An iolite stone can be light to dark blue and can appear brown, yellow, grey, red and brown by reflecting the light at different angles. An ideal iolite is soft, saturated blue-violet color. The quality of Iolite decreases with a fading violet color to white or transparent. A fragile Iolite with white spots or minor cracks is considered as the worst quality of Iolite stone.

What is the price of natural Iolite?

The price of Iolite depends on the quality (color, cut, shape) and weight of the gemstone. A rich blue-violet colored Iolite free of inclusions are most valued. The Iolite gemstone price in India varies from Rs 300 per carat ($4.25 approx) to Rs 900 per carat ($12.74 approx) depending on the quality of the gemstone in India.

What are the benefits of wearing an Iolite?

Iolite stone is said to be “guidance stone” and has gained importance in the field of gemstone due to its beneficial effects.

  • Source of Inspiration and Motivation: Adorning an iolite stone helps a disoriented person by releasing energies to motivate them and organize their life. It acts as a source of inspiration for them.

  • Improve Intuitive power: Those involved in the occult, astral travel and out of the body experience should adorn Iolite to enhance intuition and perspective powers.

  • Remove Negativity: The Yin and Yang energies of Iolite shoos away the negativity in the mind of the wearer. It also removes nervousness and increases the objectivity of the wearer.

  • Boost Immunity: Iolite stimulates the chakras of the body to boost the immunity of the body.

  • Regulate Sleep Cycle: The Aura of an Iolite stone improves the sleep pattern and regulates the sleep cycle of the wearer.

  • It also enhances liver regeneration.

Iolite (Neeli) stone is also known as “water sapphire” and is known to be as powerful as Blue Sapphire.

Feel the healing power of iolite gemstone

Iolite gemstone is also called Neeli in India. It is the blue sapphire stone that has immense benefits. The stone is linked with the planet of Saturn. The chakra healing iolite makes the crown chakra. It is a pleochroic gemstone. The stone possesses much power to exhibit pleochroism. It is one among neeli stone benefits. The stone ranges in many colors. It displays purplish-blue, violet-blue, grey, and yellow colors when viewed from different positions.

Enhance your idea values

The stone refers to the Saturn planet. It is mighty in its benefits and results. The gemstone impacts higher consciousness, knowledge, realization, and values. It is because the stone directly affects the crown chakra. Insomnia is a disease that can be treated by wearing neeli stones. The stone has a positive effect on the sleep cycle and biorhythm. It also improves the quality of sleep and rest.

Increase your power of perception

For people who love astral travel or occult, neeli stone is suitable for them. It increases the perception powers and fixes the intuition. The stone protects the wearer from diseases by boosting immunity strength. It also provides strength to the person in the auric field. You can contact an astrologer before purchasing neeli stone. It has some precautions that should be followed to reap its positive benefits.

How to wear a neeli stone?

There are immense neeli stone benefits. The middle finger of the right hand is preferable for wearing this stone. It is because the middle finger of the right hand is related to Lord Saturn. Saturday is ideal for wearing neeli gemstones because Saturday is a lucky day for Lord Saturn. Wear this stone only if a professional astrologer prescribes you. It will prevent the negative impacts from harming you.


The neeli stone exhibits intense purplish, violet, or light blue color. The stone is free from any chemicals. Check if there are any scratches on the sides of the stone. Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish an original neeli stone from a fake piece. Keep the stone in milk water for some time to check if the color fades. The color of the original neeli stone never fades. Apart from these, the gemstone possesses many benefits on the life of a person.