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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire also known as Pukhraj belongs to the planet Jupiter (Guru). Yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone that helps the wearer in blissful marriage, wealth and health, and wisdom.

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Yellow Sapphire Stone | Pukhraj Stone

Yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj Stone) is a pure and auspicious stone remarkable for its excellent benefits and positive results. The rock ruled the planet Jupiter and entailed prosperity, harmony, wisdom, wealth and peace in the wearer life. This stone is also known as Pukhraj, Guru Ratna, Pushparaag, Peetmani, Gurupriya, Guruvallabh, Vaschas pati Vallabh and Pitman.

The stone's wearer blessed with prosperity, wealth, wisdom, spiritual knowledge, diseases free body and enjoyed a successful professional life. On the other hand, several people doubt the stone benefits and hardly believed it. If you are also sailing in the same boat, then we suggest you try a yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj) ring once and see its results after 15 days but please make sure that the stone is genuine and you do not belong on the malefic planet.

Looking for the genuine yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj), then your search ends here. Explore yellow sapphire stone ring and yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj) price with Dhanshree Gems, the trusted seller of pure and natural gemstones.

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Yellow Sapphire Properties

Properties of Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj Stone)

Several properties helped you to differentiate between the real yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj) and a fake one.

Are you ready to explore the Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj) properties? Then here it is.

  • Clarity:

The clarity of the stone plays a crucial role in identifying the stone's quality. It is evident that each stone has its features and quality, but the belief is that the more the stone's transparency, the better the stone.

  • Color:

There may be inclusions in pukhraj stone. Any visible inclusion is it a black spot or a transparent one is considered inauspicious for the wearer. A clear transparent pukhraj stone or yellow sapphire stone, free of any inclusion, is ideal for the wearer and is considered to be of premium quality.

  • Cut:

The stones are available in various shapes, and each form has its features and benefits. The stones cut into oval and round are less expensive, while the faceted shaped Pukhraj stone is expensive.

  • Carat:

The measurement unit of the gemstone is the carat. The gemstone cost increases if the carat is higher, and said that the gemstone's large size brings real contamination moreover if the size of Pukhraj stone is more significant, than the price will hike up too.

  • Treatment:

There are several stones that quality diminishes during the process of making it shinier and brighter. The stone that is glass-filled and designed in a lab or synthetic stone is inexpensive, while the original one is precious and expensive.

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Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone

Prosperity, new opportunities and a harmonious married life this Pukhraj stone does not have these limited benefits. However, there are many more, or we can say the stone is a package of endless miracles.

From health to wealth, yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone overcomes all the problems and entice better financial status and good health.

Let's disclose the other benefits of the Pukhraj stone:

  • Health Benefits:

This auspicious stone has healing energy that provides relief from joint pain, cough, piles and lung diseases. Moreover, wearing the yellow sapphire stone ring will protect you from various illnesses such as jaundice, throat infection, liver infection, lungs diseases, ear problems, blood circulation dropsy, flatulence, dyspepsia, pancreas disorder, tumour, skin woes, cerebral congestion, circulation of blood in the arteries and obesity. The stone will keep all these woes away from you.

Moreover, if your mouth smells terrible or you have dire breathing woe, this auspicious stone eliminates these issues. It would be best if you put gravel in your mouth and overcome the bad breath problems.

  • Financial Status:

This stone's wearer is blessed with better wealth, promotes new income sources for more wealth, encourages prosperous life, and prevents poverty.

Keep you safe from the wicked spirit and negative energy

This auspicious stone protects the wearer from the evil spirit and encourages positive energy in the aura for a better life. Besides this, the stone works wonders for the academic students as it opens new opportunities and enhances the wearer's wisdom

  • Delayed Marriage:

This auspicious stone is not just used as jewellery but excites the peaceful and joyous married life of a couple and promotes harmony and balance to strengthen the couple's love and bond. It believed that if a boy or girl faces difficulty searching for an ideal match, then yellow sapphire stone mitigates all the obstacles and soon finds their perfect match.

  • Descendants

If you are thinking of expanding your family, then wearing this stone helps you increase your family. Moreover, there is a belief that if an infertile woman wears a yellow sapphire stone ring, then she also blessed with progeny and became fertile.

  • Unite separate lovers

The stone has highly infamous for united lovers. After wearing it, a couple could themselves have seen the yellow sapphire stone benefits as the stone builds harmony, balance and joy in the relationship and ensure to make the bond more robust.

  • Improve your courage and intelligence with yellow sapphire stone

Yellow sapphire stone is also called pushparagam stone in India. It defines intelligence and courage. People highly demand the stone as it brings prosperity to the life of the wearer. Different types of sapphire stones are present in the market with another specialty. Multiple yellow sapphire stone benefits can help a person.

  • Enhance your pleasure with Pukhraj stone

Increasing pleasure in a person's life is among yellow sapphire stone benefits. It is because it brings happiness, prosperity and protection to the wearer. People facing financial issues must wear this gemstone. It improves the wealth of a person. The stone also helps in attaining a peaceful and sound mind.

  • Reduce physical and mental stress

Pukhraj stone reduces mental stress and pressure. The gemstone has positive effects on the human body. It also develops the health and intelligence of a person. In turn, wearing the stone makes a person more loyal. Pukhraj stone benefits also include bringing prosperity and stability to the relationships. Since the gemstone is linked with Lord Ganesha, it helps a person to succeed in life.

There are immense benefits of wearing yellow sapphire stone. Make sure to dip the stone in pure water or milk before wearing it. It helps to remove the impurities. Follow proper procedures to feel the effectiveness and strength of this gemstone. Get a certified yellow sapphire stone from the buyer.

Do your relationship is not working right, then wear a yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone ring to develop harmony and peace in the relationship.

Should go with the Dhanshree gems offered genuine yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone price in India and renders various shape of the stone such as oval, rectangular, cushion, emerald cut and round.

Whatever you prefer, at Dhanshree gems our team strive persistently to deliver top-notch and Pure Yellow Sapphire Stone

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1. How to identify the functionality of yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone?
If you are the wearer of the fake stone, then the stone will not show any benefits. The phoney stone made up of yellow glass and has tiny bubbles inside the stone. Must check these things whenever you shop the stone; otherwise, shop it with genuine and trusted shops.

2. Which colour's shade of yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone is the best?
The colour of the real yellow sapphire stone is right, but it is believed that brighter and pure yellow colour is considered the best yellow sapphire stone.

3. Which is the famous shape of a yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone?
There are several shapes available in the market, but all are not roses; so for the best and popular form of the yellow sapphire stone ring, choose the Round and Emerald cut stone as they both are the infamous shape of the yellow sapphire stone.

4. Which finger is the best to wear the yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone?
The gem is promising, and just wearing it is not enough to reap yellow sapphire stone benefits. If you wanted to garner all the stone's blessings, then wearing a yellow sapphire stone ring in the Index Finger on Thursday with useful metals that work great with it is considered the best.

5. When does the right time of wearing yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone?
The gemstone is the ruler of the planet Jupiter, so Thursday that arrived in the Shukla Paksha is the best day of wearing a yellow sapphire stone ring on the index finger between 6 am-8 am. All you need to follow the proper rituals before wearing yellow sapphire stone for a prosperous life. If you are unaware of it, then seek guidance from an expert astrologer. The stone should always in contact with skin whenever you wore.

6. How to identify that the yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone is Fake?
To check its originality, all you need to do is the heat test; this is the proven method to identify the real stone. In this heat test all, you need to apply heat to the stone; if the stone started melted, it's evident that the stone is fake and if the yellow sapphire stone standstill, then it is the pure one. Therefore, if you ever doubt the realness of the yellow sapphire stone, then you must follow the heat test. This test will acknowledge the authenticity of the stone.

7. Is yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone is harmful?
The answer is No, but if you wear the damaged and faded yellow sapphire stone, the stone will work adversely and bring grief and sorrow. If your stone cracked, has black and white spots, faded colour, and then removed the stone because all these properties mitigate the yellow sapphire stone benefits and make it harmful. So, be careful, and if any of its shows on your stone, then stop wearing it.

8. How many days Yellow sapphire stone takes to show results and where is the stone’s origin?
A research stated that you would see the effects after wearing yellow sapphire stone within 10-15 days. The origin of the stone is Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand.

9. Which metal is considered best with Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone?
Three metals are suitable for this metal, such as Gold Ring, Ashtadhatu and Panchdhatu but if we talked about the best metal, then yellow sapphire stone with Gold recognized the best and Gold is considered the best metal.

10. Does wearing Pukhraj is beneficial for better health?
Pukhraj Stone or yellow sapphire stone, wearer of this stone encourage better health as well as wealth. This auspicious stone holds the blessings of Dev Guru Brihaspati will protect you from all these health woes such as jaundice, throat infection, liver infection, lungs diseases, ear problems, blood circulation dropsy, flatulence, dyspepsia, pancreas disorder, tumour, skin woes, cerebral congestion, circulation of blood in the arteries and obesity.

11. How to wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) stone?
To reap pukhraj stone benefits, the wearer should follow the rules. The stone must be covered in silver or gold. People say that the weight of the stone determines its effects on the wearer. Thursday morning is the best time to wear the yellow sapphire stone.

12. Where can I get genuine yellow sapphire (pukhraj) stone in India?

Looking for the genuine yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj), then your search ends here. Explore yellow sapphire stone ring and yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj) price with Dhanshree gems, the trusted seller of pure and natural gemstones.

Dhanshree Gems is a one-stop answer for all your gemstone requirements. It is perceived as the foremost supplier of yellow stone sapphire and managing different gemstones. Regardless of whether you are searching for an armband, ring and prophetic gemstone, we render all and guarantee that every one of our clients will get the best and expert help.

Buy yellow sapphire stone at a reasonable expense and welcome thriving, abundance, prosperity and amicable life.

Wondering for the original yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj) price in India, keep in touch with us and shop for the natural and astrological gemstone at an affordable cost.

In the era of digitalization, we understand that you hardly believed in the power of gemstone. Still, ancient time acknowledged its benefits and confirmed that this stone holds such energy to cure diseases and bring prosperity and happiness to the wearer life. Facing hard times in your life and getting fed up with disappointment, why not try this auspicious stone that holds several benefits. This eminent and precious stone is not limited to astrological benefits but also renders health benefits and treats several diseases.

13. How much stone will suit you?

The stone has immense benefits related to the planet of Jupiter. It is a giant planet existing in the solar system. The earth brings financial assurance and stability to the life of the wearer. It helps in building a person's fortune. The minimal weight of this gemstone is 3.5 carat. The wearer can equip more heavy yellow sapphire to reap better effects. It is better to contact a professional astrologer before purchasing this stone.

14. Why You Should Wear a Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone Ring?

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone is one of the prominent gemstones that entices good health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and hold several other benefits too.

Several financial and health problems arise after the pandemic, and if you wanted to get rid of these problems? Looking for new opportunities and ways that will enhance health and wealth and allow you to live a prosperous and joyous life, then go with this precious and auspicious gemstone that holds the capabilities of fulfilling all your desires that you wanted to achieve.

This auspicious stone is available in various colours, shades and shapes. The stone blessed with the Dev Guru Brihaspati and ruler of the planet Jupiter. The person who wore this stone is blessed with prosperity, health, wealth, wisdom, spiritual knowledge, name, fame, honour and develop a reputed name in the society. If you think about the yellow sapphire price, then book it with Dhanshree gems and acquire the best and pure yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone.

Get the fine and well-designed yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone ring at Best gemstones store in Delhi, one of the gemstone's trusted and legitimate traders. At Dhanshree, all our gemstone is pure, fine quality and astrologically designed to bring happiness in the wearer life.

15. 3 Things To Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

The crisp and bright brilliance of the yellow sapphire stones shines like the Sun. Fancy collections of these stones are not only beautiful but cheap. Over the last decade, the popularity of pukhraj stone as engagement rings have increased. This gemstone is the best alternative for yellow diamond stone. There are factors to consider that determine the yellow sapphire stone price.

Choose the proper shade of yellow sapphire stones.
Like all other gemstones, Pukhraj also has many varieties. From lemon yellow to natural light yellow, every combination is excellent. Colour is always a factor, and you must choose the proper colour combination. If the sapphire has a purer and brighter colour, then know that the stone is original. Make sure that the colour of the stone does not fade away. It is because the colour of the original sapphire stone does not fade.

Importance of the cut
The cut of the stone is an important factor that determines the shine of the stone. Cut of the sapphire stones is not related to the shape of the stone. Rather they are linked with the facet that allows passage of light and allows the stone to sparkle. The yellow colour variant of the stone is less priced than the pink colour variety. A good cut on the stone is essential if it has a light colour.

Purify the stone before wearing
Since the stone travels through many hands before reaching the wearer, it must be purified properly. It is essential to follow the processes of Vedic astrology and reduce or remove the impurities. You must keep the yellow sapphire stone on a metal bowl and add the following respectively.

  • Ganga Jal
  • Indian basil leaves
  • Unboiled milk of cow
  • Honey followed by Ghee

Once all the Vedic processes are followed, the wearer must wear the ring on the index finger. It will help the person to enjoy the positive benefits.

It is better to contact a professional astrologer before purchasing the stone. They can guide you properly to prevent frauds. Try to follow all the rules related to this gemstone. The yellow sapphire stone price varies in the market. Research before buying the stone.


16. How to identify an original yellow sapphire (Pukhraj)?

The colour of the yellow sapphire is a beautiful thing that draws the attention of the wearers. Its appreciating colour and subtle sparkle make it popular in the family of gemstones. The yellow sapphire stone appears excellent in necklaces, bracelets and rings. Due to the emerging world of fraud, it is difficult to identify the original yellow sapphire stone. We have listed some of the effective ways on how to identify yellow sapphire stone.

4 Ways to Identify Original Yellow Sapphire

  • Comparing with glass
    You must compare this gemstone with glass before purchasing them. Although, both of them look similar. In reality, the yellow sapphire stone is rich and high in clarity. The stone is very hard. A fake gemstone would be softer than an original piece. For your safety, make sure that the hardness of the stone you purchase range between 5 to 6 MOH.
  • Check for tiny bubbles
    The gemstone does not possess any tiny particles inside it that can be seen through naked eyes. But if you can see some bubbles inside the stone with your naked eyes, know that the stone is fake.
  • Look for scratches
    Yellow sapphire stone is a rigid stone. Therefore, on rubbing it against any hard surface, scratches should not appear on the ring. If any scratches appear on the ring, then it is fake. It is an essential factor that determines how to identify yellow sapphire stone. You can contact an astrologer before purchasing one. They can guide you well.
  • Watch for fillings inside the stone
    Due to excess characteristics, it is difficult to obtain this gemstone without impurities. Some fillings appear on the stone. It is used to enhance the appearance and colour of the stone. While looking for inclusions, some holes might appear on the stone. Trusted jewellers will not remove the hole in it. Untrusted jewellers try to fill the hole with borax. Make sure to check it before purchasing.

Original yellow sapphire gemstone is warmer than normal sapphire stone. Nowadays, it has become difficult to distinguish between real and fake sapphire stones. Here we have listed some effective ways to help you find a fake sapphire—research before purchasing this gemstone.

Looking for the original and pure sapphire stone and wondering about the yellow sapphire stone price in India and yellow sapphire (Pukhraj Stone) price in Delhi.

Then get the genuine stone at a cost-effective price with Dhanshree gems, the proficient and remarkable crafter and provider of the astrological yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone ring.

Keep yourself safe from the fraud seller and crafter of gemstone that easily fooled you by showing the synthetic gemstone and charge the cost of real ones. So, shop your stone smartly and spend your hard-earned money wisely.

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