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Ruby (Manik)

Ruby (Manik)

The king of gemstone Ruby is a very beautiful pinkish to reddish colour gemstone which represents the sun. Ruby is known for improving relationships, love, wealth in vedic astrology.

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  1. Ruby - 7.95 Carats
    Origin : Mozambique
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Ruby Gemstone:

The dazzling bright red stone that can fascinate anyone’s heart is a ruby gemstone. Just like every gemstone, Ruby has a planetary representation. Ruby represents the power of the sun. The sun is considered as the power of the soul of an individual. Ruby, also known as Manik, belongs to the corundum family. As the gemstone has become a lucrative aspect of the business, one can find the various quality of a ruby in the market. The astrological importance of ruby has made it one of the most popular gemstones all over the world, and thanks to the availability of it on the digital jewellery shops, one can easily buy ruby gemstone online.

Ruby is known as “Ratnaraj” in Sanskrit, which means the “king of all gemstones.” According to Vedic astrology, Ruby is related to the sun, the strongest luminary in our universe. Sun is a representation of power, courage, authority, and dignity. According to astrology, the sun is responsible for influencing the reputation of a person. Moreover, Ruby acts as a wealth-controlling gemstone for some specific zodiac signs

The energy field of a person can be influenced by wearing a ruby. The thought process of a human being can be influenced by the subtle energy of the gemstone and consequently leading to actions that can build up a reputation. The dazzling gemstone, ruby is considered as the epitome of love. It is also believed to stir the feelings of love, warmth, and passion in the mind of its wearer. The aura of a ruby can help in resolving problems in any relationship. However, a gemstone should be adorned only when it is advised after analyzing horoscope. Ruby stone is recommended when one has the “pitar dosh” in his/her birth chart. If any astrologer suggests buying ruby stone online then first, you have to verify the online site is genuine or not.

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Ruby Stone Properties

What are the properties of Ruby?

Mineral Class: Corundum

Color: Red, Deep Red

Hardness: 9 (In Mohs scale)

Refractive Index: 1.766 to 1.774

Birefringence: -0.008

Specific Gravity: 3.9 to 4.0

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Ruby Stone Benefits

Ruby enhances the confidence and power in the wearer. There are several instances where ruby has been recommended for politicians, leaders, contractors, celebrities, and other government officials holding higher posts.

Improve your mental strength with ruby stone:

Since the ruby gemstone links with the sun, it refers to the king of gems. The stone improves mental health and amplifies the mobility of the person. According to Vedic ruby stone astrology, it defines the Navel Chakra inside the body.


It enhances the chakra to remove depression and self-doubt from the mind of the wearers. A person who wears ruby feels a boost in their self-confidence.

Enhance your paternal relationships:

The ruby gemstone improves the paternal relationships of wearers. It removes the barrier between the family members. Some people have weak relationships with their parents. They should wear the ruby stone.

A person following ruby stone astrology will get enough name and fame from the outer world. The gemstone also encourages creativity. It is a significant factor that helps to succeed in life. It helps if you reaped the benefits of ruby stone.

Effect on health:

Diseases related to bone, blood pressure, heart problems, weak eyesight, rheumatic pains, etc. can be regulated by adorning a ruby as it is believed that all these occur due to the weak sun in a birth chart. If you have Vitamin D deficiency, a ruby embedded with copper can come to your aid. It is also believed to reduce the psychological and physiological effects of menopause as well as regulate the proper menstrual cycle. The aura of a ruby helps in developing a stronger immune system. A gemstone may not cure a disease completely, but ruby can be a regulator in such cases as the property of healing is one of ruby gemstone benefits.

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Ruby is an auspicious gemstone that can drive the wearer closer to greater power, dignity, and authority. Its aura boosts the confidence of the individual who has adorned it. A ruby gemstone ensures that you shine just like the sun, its representative luminary. Not only in astrology but also in numerology, ruby or Manik is considered as a lucky gemstone that can push away all the negativity, pacify the malefic effect of sun and instil confidence in the wearer to achieve financial stability, recognition, and success in his life

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1. How does Ruby work?

Just like every other gemstone, there are many ruby stone benefits, and Ruby absorbs the radiation of the sun stimulating the chakras of the human body. Moreover, the vibrating energy of ruby is absorbed in an individual’s aura when it is worn as a ring or pendant. It is believed that a ruby can protect one from any obstacle coming in the way of success. It actually protects from any external negative energy.

2. Factors to Consider Before Buying Ruby Gemstone?

After analyzing the horoscope, if ruby is recommended, various factors that should be considered while you buy ruby Gemstone


The color of the beautiful ruby varies from magnificent red to light pink. However, a clear ruby is rare to find. Generally, a ruby is a transparent stone, cut and polished into an adequate shape to be made into a ring or pendant. If you want to buy ruby stone online, then you should choose the color of the stone very carefully.


In most cases, the origin of gemstone matters to the buyer. Africa and Madagascar are the leading producers of the ruby. Mozambique is the most important source of the ruby. While buying a ruby, the origin is disclosed to the buyer. However, the transparent red ruby from Burma is considered the most valuable one.


The weight of a ruby is measured in carats, just like all other gemstones. The weight may or may not be asserted in the horoscope. Greater the number of carats, greater is the value of the ruby. The weight of ruby should not be less than 4 carats or exceed 12 carats. While buying a ruby, the weight of the gemstone you are buying is mentioned in the certificate. Sometimes, the horoscope of an individual clearly depicts the weight of ruby to be adorned by the individual to receive the maximum effect of the subtle energy flowing through the ruby.

Mohs scale:

Mohs scale is a qualitative ordinal scale that represents the hardness of a gemstone. It also represents the ability of the gemstone to scratch softer materials. The ideal Mohs scale reading for ruby is 9. If the reading is 10, it becomes the hardest stone and cannot be cut or polished easily. Thus, a look at the Mohs scale reading when buying a Ruby is a factor to be considered while making the purchase. The Mohs scale reading is provided in the certificate accompanying the ruby to be bought. You can also buy Ruby stone online.


The monetary value of a ruby depends on its color, weight, and origin. Since the budget is always a constraint, a match of budget and the value of ruby should be the sole priority while planning regarding the purchase. You can buy a ruby at a minimum price of 4000 INR. The natural ones are costly while you may notice a decrease in cost in the case of a synthetic mixture. However, it is advisable to always buy a natural one. Certification provided while buying a ruby can assure this character. A standard 5.63-carat natural ruby stone price in India costs around 4000 INR while the range of price can extend up to 8.25 carats natural ruby for around 7500 INR. For convenience, compare and contrast the ruby stone price and buy after getting the one suitable for you. For purchasing ruby stone online, you need to be knowledgeable enough about the actual price of a ruby.

The material of ring/pendant:

According to astrology, the material used to bind the gemstone in a ring or pendant affects the subtle energy of the gemstone. To maximize the effect of ruby, one should analyze the horoscope to decide whether the ring or pendant should be made of gold, silver, brass or bronze in order to yield the best results of wearing the ruby. The ring is made according to the size of a finger of the wearer and the proper size of the gemstone is embedded in the ring. According to astrology, a ruby should be worn as a ring on the ring finger of the right hand. Ruby is ideally embedded in 18 carat Gold or copper or bronze ring. The choice of the material is depicted after analyzing the horoscope of an individual.

Mode of purchase:

A gemstone can be bought by visiting a trusted jewellery shop or making a purchase online. In both the cases, one should view the gradient certificate or report holding all the information such as weight, treatments, process, purity range, etc. about the gemstone to be purchased. In the age of digitalization, an online purchase is safe and believable in the case of buying a gemstone. In fact, it is easier to compare the colour, quality and ruby gemstone prices at the same page.

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