Red Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral is also known as Moonga. It is found under the sea (The greater the depth, the lighter the coral colour). Corals come in mainly red colour and other colours for coral are orange and white. Precious Coral is typically translucent to opaque and its shape is cut in cabochons due to its softness and opacity. According to Vedic astrology, coral is associated with the planet Mars.

Associated planet: Coral is associated with the planet Mars.

Mining area: Italy, India or Japan.

Benefits of wearing Coral gemstone:

~ Coral gemstone is beneficial for health-related purpose physical or mental both.

~ It gives energy, hope, the courage to the wearer and also overcome fear and nervousness.

~ The energy of mars gives necessary courage to overcome fear towards enemies and ensures the victory of the wearer.

~ Coral is beneficial in the career-related field.

~ Coral is the powerful gemstone of the ruler planet Mars so it contains the healing characteristics of mars.

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