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Peridot stone is luscious greenstone it look-alike Emerald. In astrology, Peridot is assigned as a gemstone for those born in August.

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    Peridot - 7.85 Carats
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About Peridot Gemstone


Peridot stone is a luscious greenstone it look alike of Emerald. It is also called Olivine and Zabarjad. Another fancy name given to this beautiful stone is “evening emerald” as it is considered as an alternative to emerald. In astrology, peridot is assigned as a gemstone for those born in August.

Peridot Properties

What are the properties of Peridot?

Hardness (in Mohs scale): 6.5-7

Nature of Solid: Transparent crystal

Refractive Index: 1.65-1.69

Birefringence: 0.035-0.036

Specific Gravity: 3.27-3.28

Peridot Prices

The price of a peridot stone depends on the clarity, color, cut and weight of the gemstone. The more intense the color of a peridot, the higher is the price. Any visible inclusion in a peridot pulls down the value of the gemstone. The olive-green peridot holds the highest value while the brownish one is the cheapest. The price of peridot ranges from $50 per carat to $ 450 per carat depending on the cut and the quality.

Peridot Benefits

What are the benefits of wearing Peridot stone?

Peridot has several astrological benefits that becomes the reason why peridots are not so popular yet important part of the gemstone family.

  • Stirs your creativity: Adorning a peridot stone enhances the creativity of the wearer and the wearer is able to discover innovative ways in his daily life.
  • Healing Power: Peridot plays a regulator in asthma, sinus and digestive ailment. Since peridot stimulates the heart chakra, it helps to fight depression and mental ailments as well.
  • Shoo away Negativity: The relation of peridot with heart chakra is the main reason that keeps negativity away from the wearer. A peridot can help if one is haunted by bad dreams.
  • Boost Immunity: Peridot strengthens the immune system of our body, reducing the appearance of illness in the wearer’s life.
  • Power of nature: the green color of peridot represents the Earth’s power. Anyone who adorns a peridot accepts the power of nature and the mother Earth.


What is the most desirable color of Peridot?

The color of Peridot ranges from pure green to yellowish green to greenish yellow. Usually a peridot stone is transparent and clear but in some older ones, there may be milky inclusions which are obviously undesirable and brings down the quality of the gemstone. A pure olive-green peridot free of any inclusion is considered the most desirable one. The finest quality of green peridots has their sources in Pakistan and Myanmar. The brownish peridot stones are considered the most inferior quality.