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Opal is also considered a remedy for infertility, sexual disorders, gastric problems, and bowel diseases so wearing an opal will remedy such conditions.

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  1. Opal - 4.18 Carats
    Origin : Australia
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Bring in all your good luck with the beautiful opal gem

The planet has beautiful surprises for us. Like, the various and innumerable gemstones that it produces. Each of the gems has stunning hues and are majestic in their ways. And, along with their gorgeous colours, they have truckloads of benefits to give upon us all. But, stones benefit only specific people with specific sign requirements. And some stones present their beneficiaries on anyone who wears them.

And, when we are talking about stunning hues and innumerable benefits, one stone that can top the list is the opal stone. It has several fantastic colours and also loads of benefits to bestow on the bearer.

Opal Stone Astrology:

You may be attracted by the opal’s iridescence and wear it on occasion. However, according to Vedic astrology, wearing the gem every day is beneficial. You will get 100% genuine gemstone guarantee if you buy opal stone from our shop.

The sign Taurus is governed by Venus or Shukra. Therefore, those with Taurus and Libra as their signs will benefit by wearing opal in a ring or in a bracelet. Especially those with weak Venus will gain benefits. So it is time to buy opal stone to get its advantages.

Opal is also considered a remedy for infertility, sexual disorders, gastric problems, and bowel diseases so wearing an opal will remedy such conditions. So always consider to buy Certified Opal Gemstone from authorized stores such as Dhanshree Gems.

How to wear opal is a question people often ask. Opal is the best set in silver or any white metal like platinum or white gold. It should be worn on the index finger on a Friday after appropriate pujas and mantra chanting by an experienced pundit. Explore Dhanshree Gems to buy opal gemstone online with guaranteed satisfaction.

If you choose an opal for an astrological purpose, make sure the stone is of the right size and weight and free of cracks or defects. White colored opals are recommended instead of darker ones. If you buy opal stone online from our shop, we assure you to provide the certified opal gemstone.

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Opal Stone Origin

The opal stone has its discovery in the mines of the following places- Ethiopia, Mexico and Australia. But, the Australian opal stone is the most popular, beautiful and precious gemstone. It is because of its saturated colour and concentrated fire. The next in preference is the stone from Ethiopia and then Mexico. About 95% of this gemstone has its origin in Australia. And thus, these stones of Australian origin are more valuable than the rest.

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia and that continent can proudly boast of some of the finest opals in the world and also of being the largest supplier and when you want Opal Stone Buy Online, it should be done after consultation of expert astrologers. Some of the finest opals such as crystal opals matrix opal and black opal are from Australian mines and are known as Australian opal. Ethiopian opal does not lag behind and its opal from the Wollo province is known for its striking colors. You can check the different types of opal online.

Mexico is the source of the Mexican fire opal that ranges from transparent to translucent, but they do not exhibit iridescence. Another type of opal, the Mexican water opal, has a golden or bluish internal sheen. Nevada, in the US, is the source for fire, lemon, white, black and crystal opal whereas Idaho is known for its white opal. Other sources that account for smaller amounts of opal are Turkey, Brazil, Slovakia, Honduras, Guatemala, Canada, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

To buy opal gemstone online you also need to know about the different varieties of opal gemstone.

  • The Andean opal has a blue-green translucence not found in other opals. 
  • Boulder opals have a strong brown tint with sparkles of color inside.
  • Ethiopian opals look very attractive since the spread of colors inside the stone is more uniform. 

There are varieties of Opal Stone Buy Online in our certified shop.

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Opal Stone Price

Opal Stone Price in India

If we talk about opal stone price in India, then there are different ranges such as it starts from Rs 900 per carat to 5000 depending upon the quality of the stone. You can check opal online also, as there also you will find a variety of opal stones in the different price range. Opal that comes in synthetic color can come at fewer prices. But as we all know that opal is widely famous for its fire, so if an opal has a deficiency of fire, then this type of opal is known as a non-gemstone category. Only buy certified opal gemstone that has been tested by the government authorized lab. If the opal has a crack presence in its structure then it shows that it is gradually losing its moisture, brightness and consequently it could be broken.

Talking about opal stone price, you can easily get the price quote from Dhanshree Gems. We have reputed gemstone provider in Delhi and there is a wide range of Opal loose gemstones and opal natural gemstone so that you can buy it and wear it according to your horoscope and stars. When you buy opal gemstone online, sometimes you do get a good discount as well. But it is completely your preference, whether you buy opal online or you buy it from the jewelry stores or certified stone providers in the market.

The opal stone price has an extensive range. And, there are reasons for it. We must understand the factors that influence the cost of the stone. They are as follows:

Colour: There are many colours of this stone. And, brighter and more intense colours demand higher prices. Fire opal is one of the most brilliant colours for these stones. And thus, it is of the highest values. But, white opal stone price is the lowest. It is because the white colour is pale and not so alluring as the different glowing colours.

Origin: The opal stone of Australian origin is the most heavily priced one. Then slightly less expensive than them is the stone from Ethiopia. And then the stones from Mexico follow the list. The stones from Australia are of the highest value because of their rich colour and quality.

Clarity: Transparent gemstones are less expensive, like white Opal. Stones have a cloudy background, opaque colour and visible blemishes are inexpensive. On the other hand, the stones that are transparent and clear are highly priced. The presence of any pits, spots, or milky background brings down the price of these stones.

The intensity of fire and patterns: The more fiery stones are more expensive. If the stone has a more extensive play of bright colours, their fire intensity is more. It makes them more appealing and beautiful. As a result, they become more expensive. In contrast, stones with dull patterns or less bright colours are cheap.

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Opal Stone Benefits

Benefits of wearing Opal stone

There are many benefits that this stone has to shower on you. This stone has another name in Hindi, which is, Dudhiya ratan. But, the Opal Ratna benefits in Hindi is the same as that of its name in English.

The following are the benefits of this precious gemstone:

Physical benefits:
This gemstone is effective in treating problems relating to your eyes. It assists in keeping your eyes healthy. Other than that, it keeps your immune system healthy also. It also looks after any issues relating to your kidneys and your stomach. It frees you from any liver troubles and blood-related issues. Thus, these stones help you live healthily. It also ensures that your body is fit and ideally functional.

Spiritual benefits:
The fire opal is associated with Chakras. This stone is related to Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. It makes them active and functional. It assists you to live your present moments. The stone is responsible for bringing new opportunities into your life. Thus, it inaugurates joy, truth, wisdom, creativity, intentions and inspiration.

Wordly or materialistic benefits:
The fire opal stone benefits are related to worldly benefits in your life. It relieves you from your traumatic past love experiences. Thus, you get to enjoy your present relationship. And, your private binding fills with passion and warmth. Your relationship blooms with positivity. Lastly, this stone can also effectively bring finances into your life.

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You may be willing to experience the best relationship with your partner, along with financial stability and good health. Then get yourself this beautiful fiery opal gemstone. Opal stone for ring can be the best choice as it would look stunning in that form. Follow the guidelines to determine the quality. And ensure the authenticity of the stone.

Find if Opal is suitable for you using our Free Gemstone Recommendation Form

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1. What is the difference between opal and fire opal?
Double-sided opals have fire strokes that are more intense than fire opals. Their strokes extend all the way and are visible from both sides.

2. Is Ethiopian Opal good to wear astrologically?
Yes. It is more effective for the Taurus and Libra zodiacs than the others. And it is recommendable to wear this stone after seeking astrological advice.

3. Is the colour of fire related to the planetary effect?
The colour of fire in the stone is due to the reflection of light. The spectrum of reddish-orange is dominant. And, thus, the stone appears to have fire strokes as a result of the reflection of the spectrum.

4. Which origin is best to wear?
The Australian origin is the best to wear because of the finest colour and the stone's quality.

5. Will Opal suit me? / Should I wear an Opal gemstone?
To get white opal benefits, it is important to know that whether this stone is suitable for you or not. Firstly, you should consider getting advice from gemmologist and astrologer. And when you have the chance to get Opal Stone Buy Online, make sure you are buying from the reliable shops. They will see your horoscope and if your horoscope is compatible to wear this stone, then you can easily wear it.


6. Who Should Wear Opal Stone?

Well, natural opal gemstone needs no identification; this stone is an opaque stone and multiple colors are visible sometimes. It is said that if this gemstone is worn with silver, then it will give the blessing of Venus Planet. It provides stillness and perfection in married life.

There are many precious stone accessible in different online stores and buying certified opal gemstone is always a big concern however, when you know that the Dhanshree Gems is always here to give you quality assurance, so there is no need to worry. But when it comes to talking about opal stone which is having a white color and which comes from silicate mineral family. It becomes a fruitful alternative of diamond and people wear it to get possible results on the creative front, social reputation, personal relationship, good health, and royal lifestyle. For original opal gemstone browse Dhanshree Gems to buy opal gemstone online at reasonable price.

When we talk about gemstones, the most common question pops up is what birthstone month is opal stone suitable for? 

  • It is the birthstone for the people who are born in October
  • Zodiac signs, too, play an essential role in finding who should wear this gemstone. The opal stone is for libra and Taurus zodiacs. 
  • The other zodiac signs that can wear this gemstone with advice from an astrologer are Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius. 
  • This stone is importantly recommendable for the ones who have Mahadasha or Antardasha of the planet Venus.
  • People who suffer from impotence, infertility or any such problems can wear this stone. One should wear this astrological gemstone only if recommended and specified. Or else, it may show adverse effects on the bearer and bring down bad luck.

7. How to identify Fake and Genuine opals?
Be careful when you buy opals and buy them only from a reliable gemstone dealer who provides a certificate. This is because you can easily be given a synthetic opal that is indistinguishable from the real one unless one takes a close look. The market is also full of doublet and treated opal stones and if you need to buy opal gemstone online you should check Dhanshree Gems.

Some manufactured opals include glass and plastic. The doublet is an opal in which a thin opal of high quality is glued to a bottom layer of the cheap layer. A reputed gemstone seller will always provide a gemmological laboratory certificate. If you want to buy opal online, do check the reviews and also whether the seller is certified or not.

8. How to Care For Opal?
Taking Care Of Opals

As stated above hydrated silica is the chief constituent. Moisture content, on average, is around 10% or more. Therefore, if you let it dry out by placing in the sun or in an air-conditioned cold place, the stone dries out and it will lose all its charm. Immersing the stone in water from time to time improves its looks.

9. What are the benefits of opal stones?
Best Benefits of Opal Gemstone

  • Wearing natural opal gemstone brings financial stability, strength, and beauty in wearer life. 
  • These enhance sixth sense and help the wearer to influence others easily. 
  • This is beneficial in getting a stable position in life and winning possibilities of court cases. 
  • In many cases, we have seen a person desire to have an unlimited source of money and need prosperity in wedding life, and if have worn opal stone, they get satisfactory results. 
  • Those people, who are intensively involved in the business of import/export, travel and tourism, they will get many benefits of this stone but before that you must buy opal gemstone online to get all benefits.
  • That ascendant who is born on the October month should wear this stone because it will bring an ample amount of loving married and personal life.

But make sure that the opal gemstone you are buying is a certified opal gemstone; else it will be of no use.


10. What factors determine the quality of an Opal gemstone?

The Quality of Opal Stone

Certain factors determine the quality of this stone. The Opal Ratna price also depends on the quality of the stone. The superior the quality, the more will be the price of it. The following list highlights the factors determining the quality of the stone:

The colour plays an essential role in determining the quality of this stone. The stones that are white with fire are the best quality stones. Pure white stones blended with the fiery hues of black, green, orange, blue and pink are of great quality. And, the black opal gemstones are the best and most highly-priced ones.

The stones that originate in Australia are of supreme quality. They have the most elegant colours and the ideal fire intensity. The stones from Ethiopia are next on the list. They are also of great quality, but slightly lesser than the ones from Australia. Then, the stones from Mexico are also of good quality. But marginally lesser than Ethiopia's.

Clarity can be a synonym for quality. Opals are generally an opaque stone and opaque opals must have a polished and clean surface. Also, some opals have transparency. In those cases, they should be blemish-free, dendrite-free and have better fire. It would determine that the stone is of great quality.

On the other hand, the opaque crystals, like the white and the black ones, must have no It defines their clarity and quality. In general, the absence of sand particles, dead spots, potch strands, webbing and dendrites determines the superior quality of these stones.

Fire intensity
The presence of strokes of fire-like features on these stones makes them most attractive and eye-catching. Thus, if the strokes are bright and the fire-like intensity is more significant, the stone is of more outstanding quality.

There are many features in precious Opal stone such as it has many colors like white, yellow, brown, blue, green, black, red and colorless also. Get opal stone buy online only at Dhanshree Gems which is giving 100% quality assurance. It is a mineral which is also known as hydrated silica and it often considered as the surface that has multiple color changing features. Certified Opal Gemstone is a soft stone and it has a toughness scale between 5.5 to 6.5. Opal is amorphous in nature that eventually means that it has no crystal construction. You can buy opal online only at Dhanshree Gems because we are the Best Gemstone Shop in Delhi. Being the certified gemstone seller, you can trust them on getting opal online also.


11. Where to Buy Opal Gemstone Online?
Buy Opal Gemstone Online

Are you looking for some beautiful and precious stones like opal stone online? There are other precious stones also like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. However, if you want a stone that is extraordinarily beautiful and one that enhances your style then there is nothing like an opal. Opal in Greek means a change of color. Zeus wept tears of joy when he defeated the Titans and the tears turned into opals that were believed to bestow prophetic and magical powers.

However, this is disputed, and some experts believe that the word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala’ which means precious. According to historians this precious stone was highly prized as long back as 250 BC and the best came from India. Apart from being a fashioned stone, the opal is also favoured as an astrological gemstone of high value. Make sure you are having Opal Stone Buy Online which gives you 100% quality assurance.

Natural Opal Gemstone

Natural Opal Gemstone is, strictly speaking, not a mineral but an amorphous mineraloid, a form of hydrated silica containing up to 21% water content. This semi-precious gemstone is usually mined from sandstone, limonite, basalt, marl and rhyolite deposits. You can buy opal stone online if you know how it looks and its authenticity. There is no risk in buying the opal stone online if you are buying from a certified seller. Here is how you can know that it is a certified opal gemstone.

  • Opal is commonly classified into two categories. One is precious, in which the stone has an internal structure made up of silica spheres arranged in a lattice that can cause interference and diffraction patterns. This can give a rainbow effect to the stone.
  • The natural opal gemstone, on the other hand, is milky in appearance with a bluish to greenish tinge or it may sometimes be yellowish, brown, grey or even crystal clear. Natural opal gemstone has a hardness ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale which means it is quite soft and vulnerable to scratches so if you do wear it in a ring or in a pendant in a necklace, you need to be careful.
  • Women love the diamond and here is a gemstone that beats the diamond. In beauty, it is a marvel because of its play of colors. You can look at it from any angle and it will display different colours. Some opals are greater in value than the diamond. It can be worn as an alternative for the diamond as per astrology.
  • The natural Opal stone is a very positive stone as well as prestigious. The famous English poet Shakespeare named it the ‘Queen of Gems’. It is the stone of the planet Venus, which is known as the planet of love. So if you are looking for love, happiness, good luck and positivity it is the perfect stone to wear. Bring Opal Stone Buy Online and fetch positive impact of the stone.
  • If you sport the natural opal gemstone you will enjoy a luxurious life, will have name as well as fame, your artistic streak will come to the fore. It will enhance your sexual power. It also alleviates indigestion and stomach issues. It helps get rid of any problems you have with your eyes. It will help you in litigations. If you are at a deadlock in life then it helps you get out of it. Wearing an opal will help you foresee minor illnesses by turning dull and grey.
  • To buy a natural opal gemstone you can go online as they are certified. Buying natural opal gemstone online is advantageous as you can buy it directly from the source. Also prices are competitive as sellers from all over the world use the internet as a platform to sell opals. However, some homework will need to be done on the part of the buyers. You will need to have knowledge about opals so that you buy the best. Always buy opals with guarantee.

So, educate yourself and buy quality natural certified opal stones online and enjoy them.


12. Opal Stone Certification:

Since these gemstones carry high demand and importance, there are frauds and fake stones everywhere in the market. It would be best if you were incredibly cautious while you buy the opal stone. Ensure that the stone has an authentic certification. In the present times, certificates can also be legitimate.

The guarantee of the stone is essential. Without a genuine gemstone, you will not be gaining the benefits it offers to the bearer. Thus, when you buy this gemstone, ensure that it comes along with authentic and genuine certification. And it must clearly state the stone's authenticity.


13. Purpose of buying Opal gemstone.

The purpose for which you buy is also an important consideration. If you are buying opals for ornamental use in jewellery and for fashion, then you can compromise on the type of opal as well as its size. Consumers often don’t have knowledge to get Opal Stone Buy Online, but it is important to find the authorized store. If fashion and style are your goals then you will find Australian black fire opals or Mexican fire opals can be quite dazzling, especially if you plan to embed these in gold or silver to go along with ceremonial dresses. On the other hand, cheaper corals may be embedded in silver for everyday wear and confer simplistic elegance. In that way, Dhanshree Gems is the credible shop to buy opal stone at best price in the market.

Given its various attributes, the opal is also prized as an occult gemstone and when you buy opal stone, you will see its benefit. In this case, you must follow guidelines about choosing the type of opal and its weight and the way you get it set in an opal ring or in a pendant or in a bracelet.

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