Opal is also known as “play of colours” and opallios in Greek. It is a national gemstone of Australia. In Europe, it was a gem prized by royalty. Opal is mainly found in white, green or black in colour. The other kind of common opal is milky opal & greenish blue opal. It is a birthstone for the month of October and belongs to the planet, Venus.


Mining Area: There is two mining area of Opal that is Australia and Ethiopia. Australian Opal is best for an astrological purpose.

Associated Planet: Venus planet is associated with the gemstone Opal.

Birth Stone: October


Benefits of wearing opal gemstone:

~ Opal gemstone provides great luck, good status and reputation in society.

~ Opal gemstone is related to the planet Venus so it brings benefits of Venus to the wearer.

~ It may give attractive personality to the wearer.

~ Opal gemstone also gets rid of the problem in your home and household.

~ It is also beneficial for the health and wealth of the wearer.