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Cat's Eye (Lehsunia)

Cat's Eye (Lehsunia)

Astrological Approved Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye stone helps you achieve spirituality.

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  1. Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) - front view
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    Cat's Eye - 8.13 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
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About Cat's Eye Gemstone


Enjoy the Brilliance of the Cat's Eye Gemstone

There are thousands of gemstones on this planet. Some of them show vibrant hues. At the same time, some of them have splendid shapes. But, the most stunning appearance is that of a cat’s eye stone. Its name reflects its appearance. It has a stunning appearance which is similar to that of the eyes of a cat. It has a fine dark stroke in the middle of it, with its overall colour resembling cats' eye. There is more about this stone. It does not end with its unique appearance. There are numerous benefits that this stone can offer to the bearer of it. Thus, let us know more about this stone to benefit most effectively from it.

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Cats Eye Origin

The origin of the cat’s eye stone is mainly in Sri Lanka. They have the best mines for this stone. The other places of origin are Orissa and Africa. The place of origin of this stone in Sri Lanka is Ceylon. The stones of Sri Lankan origin are of superior quality. It is because of the fineness of the colour and also the negligible inclusion visible to the eyes. After Sri Lanka, the next place of origin is India. And it is the second preferable place of origin for these stones. The origin of the name of this stone is from its appearance. The stone looks like the eyes of a cat. And that is how its name originated as a cat's eye.

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Cats Eye Prices

Cat’s eye stone price has a large range. It is because of the scarcity of this stone. The gemstone is quite rare and also exotic. You will be able to understand as soon as you take a look at it. Its stunning appearance makes it rare and valuable. However, certain factors influence the cats eye stone price per carat. And, the factors are in the following list:

  • Appearance: The cat’s eye stone has a unique appearance. It resembles the eye of a cat. And this makes it unique. Its uniqueness causes it to have higher prices. This appearance occurs because of a phenomenon. The phenomenon is called "Chatoyancy". It appears because of fine lines in the stone that reflect in it.
  • Colour: There are several colours available for this stone. The most common ones are cheaper. And the rarer ones are more expensive. Such as the black cat's eye stone has a great colour and lustre. And that makes it considerably pricey. Also, there is the cat's eye alexandrite that shows colour changes. It makes them one of the most expensive stones.
  • Clarity: The stone has astrological purposes. And, for that, the stone must be devoid of any blemish or spots. Thus, it will be expensive if the stone is free from any blemish, spots or scratches. Also, if the stone has less colour or less colour saturation, the stone will be of lesser clarity. And consequently, it will be less pricey.
  • Quality: The better the colour, the higher will be the vaidooryam stone price. If the stone has a good lustre, polish and clean surface, it is of good quality. And, that means the stone will be of higher prices. Also, if the colour is unique and has ideal saturation, the stone is of great quality. And as a result, it will be highly-priced.


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Cats Eye Benefits

This stone has many benefits to shower on the bearer. Thus, the cat's eye stone benefits are present in the following list:

  • Financial benefits:
    The cat’s eye stone is beneficial in bridging financial gaps. You may be a business person, a person with a family or even a housewife. When you wear this stone, it helps you free yourself from financial debts. Thus, this stone relieves you financially. It brings wealth into your life. And along with wealth, it also attracts prosperity in your life.
  • Helps fight the ill effects of Ketu:
    Ketu is a celestial body. And, if anyone has its influence on their horoscope, it is responsible for evil effects on that person's life. Thus, it is essential to find a way to eliminate or reduce the ill effects of Ketu in your life. And, this stone can help to do so most effectively. Ketu has its ill effects that are of the worst intensity. And, these evil effects last upto a period of 18 long years. And, this gemstone can ideally help you get rid off of all the evil influences of this celestial body from your life.
  • Facilitates your marriage:
    Many astrologers and experts recommend cat’s eye stone for marriage. It is because this stone is effective in attracting love and affection back in your marriage life and your relationship with your partner. If you have been facing issues in your marriage, this stone is ideal for you to wear. It will be successfully bringing back the lost love and connection in your marriage.
  • Nurtures spirituality:
    You face a certain difficult situation because of the influence of Ketu in your horoscope. But, the chrysoberyl cat's eye helps you overcome all those situations. And you gain spirituality. You travel the spiritual being residing in you. Thus, through spirituality, you attract peace and harmony in your life.
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Cat's eye is a stunning gemstone. It is going to bring loads of positivity to your life. You will experience a healthy and happy marriage. Thus, to enjoy all the benefits, opt for the best quality of cat's eye gemstones.

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1. Is there any substitute for Cat's eye?

Yes, there is a substitute for a cat's eyes. Tiger's eyes stone is very similar to the cat’s eye stone. And is a perfect substitute for it.

2. Which metal should I prefer for wearing a cat’s eye?

The most suitable metal to wear with this stone is silver. Or, it can also be panchdhatu. You can readily wear the stone in the form of a pendant, a ring and the like. You can choose one of the cat-eye stone ring designs and wear this stone in silver metal for optimum benefits.

3. Which origin cat’s eye is best for astrological purposes?

The cat's eye, which is of Sri Lankan origin, is best for astrological purposes. It has the name Ceylonese Cats Eye.

4. Is cat’s eye stone expensive?

The price of this stone has a wide range. The starting prices are quite affordable. At the same time, the greater quality stones or the ones of rarer colour are quite expensive. Therefore, the expense of this stone varies with its quality and features.

5. Who should wear cat’s eye?

The cat’s eye gemstone shows effective results for specific people who wish to fight and reduce the evil influence of Ketu. Ketu is a celestial body that may have adverse influences on some person. If anyone, a businessperson, a homemaker or a family man, wishes to be free from financial debts, this stone can help them. The zodiac signs also influence the wearing of this stone. Some people have Aries as their zodiac sign. And, if Ketu is present in their 5th, 6th, 9th or the 12th house, they can readily wear this stone.

6. How to wear a cat eye stone?

One can wear it in the form of rings, bracelets or pendants. But, it is recommendable to take astrological advice from an expert before wearing this stone.

7. Which finger is the best for wearing cat’s eye stones?

The finger in which you should wear this stone in the middle finger. And it must be the middle finger of the working hand. There is a specific time for wearing this stone. The perfect time to wear this stone is on the morning of Tuesdays. And, it should be before the rising of the sun, during descending pf the moon. The descending of the moon has the other name of Krishna Paksha. According to the zodiacs mentioned, the stone shows its benefits most effectively when you wear it on the right hand and finger and according to the zodiacs mentioned.

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