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Aquamarine (Beruj)

Aquamarine (Beruj)

Aquamarine evokes the purity of water and the color itself provides a calming and soothing effect.

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  1. Aquamarine - 3.41 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  2. Aquamarine - 3.45 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  3. Aquamarine - 3.69 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  4. Aquamarine - 3.79 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  5. Aquamarine - 3.94 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  6. Aquamarine - 4.1 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  7. Aquamarine - 4.13 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  8. Aquamarine - 4.15 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  9. Aquamarine - 4.17 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
  10. Aquamarine - 4.29 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
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About Aquamarine Gemstone


Aquamarine evokes the purity of water and the color itself provides a calming and soothing effect. March’s birthstone provides the wearer with a bunch of blessings which includes the marital bliss and protection from mishaps.

Aquamarine Properties

What are the properties of Aquamarine?

Color: greenish blue, light in tone

Hardness: 7.5 to 8.0(In Mohs scale)

Nature of Solid: Hexagonal crystal

Refractive Index: 1.577 to 1.583

Birefringence: 0.005 to 0.009

Aquamarine Prices

Unlike the other gemstone, the carat size of aquamarine is inconsequential in determining the price. Instead, it is the color that matters. The transition of bluish green to greenish blue influences the price of this gemstone. The price of aquamarine stone in india starts form 500 INR and goes upto 20000 INR per carat.The color of an aquamarine stone can be intensified by heat treatment but the results of heat treatments are unpredictable and it may even result in discoloration and can thus lower the value of the gemstone.

Aquamarine Benefits

What are the benefits of wearing an Aquamarine stone?

The gorgeous Aquamarine stimulates the chakras of the body leading to a number of effects in the body.

  • Healing Properties: Aquamarine is a stone that regulates respiratory and throat ailments. The subtle energies of aquamarine can cure eye problems, skin diseases and allergies. In deep connection to the sea, it is no wonder that aquamarine aids to those troubled with sea sickness.
  • Enhance Spirituality: This powerful gemstone aids meditation and help in attaining higher level of consciousness.
  • Calming Effect: This effect of aquamarine increases concentration and also sways away anxiety problems.
  • Protection: It is known as sailor’s stone as it protects the wearer from any mishap while traveling in the sea.

Aquamarine has the power to empower the wearer and balance the energies of the body by stimulating the throat chakra of the body. This beautiful stone has been in high demand in the field of gemstone. Moreover, its affordable price due to its abundance makes it a popular stone among the gemstone enthusiasts.


1. What is the most desirable color of Aquamarine?

The color of aquamarine as its name goes reflects the color of sparkling ocean water and varies from greenish blue to pale bluish green. The intensity of green color in an aquamarine stone depends on its iron oxide content. However, the blue color of the stone can be intensified by the heat treatment. The soothing transparent pale blue crystal with a tint of green is the most desirable color of an aquamarine gemstone.

2. Things to check while you Buy Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine stones catch all eyes with their gorgeous blue color and shiny appearance. Besides its outer appearance, it has several benefits for the health of human life. They bring health, humble nature, and calmness to one's life. But, aquamarine stone prices are high in the market. Thus, while buying aquamarine stones, you must check the following factors.

  • Cut: The cut of any stone is an essential factor in determining its purity. Thus, for aquamarine stones too, the reductions reflect the quality of the rocks. You must opt for stones that have unique cuts. This is because individual cuts belong to the rare aquamarine stones.
  • Colour: The most attractive feature of the aquamarine stones is the beautiful blue color. Moreover, its color can reflect how rare and pure the stone is. The weight and color of these stones relate. The darkness and weight of the aquamarine stones are proportional to each other. Getting help from a jeweler or an experienced person is a great choice. It helps while searching for the most fabulous color of the aquamarine stones.
  • Weight of the carat: The weight of a stone determines its purity and value. It has an impactful influence on the importance of the stone. When the weight of the rocks is enormous, then the stones appear darker in color. The light stones appear lighter in colour.
  • Opt for trusted jewellers: Because these stones cost, many fake jewelers are trying to fraud the customers. Moreover, Light Blue Topaz stones resemble the aquamarine stones in their appearance. People often confuse them as aquamarine stones. Thus, you must buy these stones from renowned and trustworthy stores. The aquamarine stone prices at online stores are cheap. They provide trusted services for many years.

These are the key factors that you must look after when you buy aquamarine stones. These gems bring joy and health to your lives. Purchase the best quality and rare gems at reasonable prices. Bring these aquamarine stones to your life and welcome the several joys of life through them.